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Week 18 '11-12 Wed 2/1-Sat 2/4

TeamCoach RatingMTWTTotal
#4 (8-8)
#3 (9-7)
Playoff Game 3rd place
POR@UTA3rd8:19J. J. Hickson Jump Field Goal Made, Nolan Smith Assist119.2-132.25
DAL@ATL1st11:59Joe Johnson Field Goal Missed-0.5-0
DAL@ATL1st9:40Joe Johnson Jump Field Goal Made10-16.8
DAL@ATL1st9:10Joe Johnson Defensive Rebound11.5-20.8
DAL@ATL1st8:00Joe Johnson Layup Field Goal Made14-32.3
DAL@ATL1st6:15Joe Johnson Jump Field Goal Made18.5-38.1
DAL@ATL1st4:10Joe Johnson Field Goal Missed22-48.1
DAL@ATL1st2:57Joe Johnson Jump Three Point Field Goal Made37.3-57.1
DAL@ATL2nd3:25Joe Johnson Jump Field Goal Made93.4-85.2
DAL@ATL2nd1:44Joe Johnson Turnover103.7-97.7
DAL@ATL2nd1:44Joe Johnson Defensive Rebound105.2-97.7
DAL@ATL3rd11:40Joe Johnson Defensive Rebound108.2-116
DAL@ATL3rd11:40Joe Johnson Turnover107.2-116
DAL@ATL3rd10:20Joe Johnson Dunk Field Goal Made111.7-123.75
DAL@ATL3rd6:54Joe Johnson Defensive Rebound125.2-138.55
DAL@ATL3rd6:54Joe Johnson Three Point Field Goal Missed124.7-138.55
DAL@ATL3rd4:55Joe Johnson Jump Field Goal Made138.8-153.35
DAL@ATL3rd4:00Joe Johnson Turnover140.3-155.85
DAL@ATL3rd3:31Joe Johnson Three Point Field Goal Missed139.8-155.85
NO@HOU2nd11:16Carl Landry Jump Field Goal Made, Greivis Vasquez Assist54.4-62.4
NO@HOU3rd7:21Greivis Vasquez Turnover Courtney Lee121.7-136.75
CLE@CHI2nd7:04John Lucas Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Joakim Noah Assist78.8-68.9
CLE@CHI4th7:01John Lucas Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Joakim Noah Assist161.6-196.25
DAL@ATL1st8:40Shawn Marion Field Goal Missed11.5-24.3
DAL@ATL1st8:40Shawn Marion Offensive Rebound11.5-25.8
DAL@ATL1st6:15Shawn Marion Field Goal Missed18.5-37.6
DAL@ATL2nd8:46Shawn Marion Field Goal Missed66.7-65.9
DAL@ATL2nd5:30Shawn Marion Jump Field Goal Made86.6-72.4
DAL@ATL2nd5:30Shawn Marion Defensive Rebound86.6-73.9
DAL@ATL2nd4:46Shawn Marion Defensive Rebound89.4-76.7
DAL@ATL2nd2:47Shawn Marion Defensive Rebound98.2-88.2
DAL@ATL3rd11:40Shawn Marion Three Point Field Goal Missed107.2-115.5
DAL@ATL3rd6:54Shawn Marion Free Throw Missed124.7-137.8
DAL@ATL3rd6:54Shawn Marion Free Throw Missed124.7-137.05
DAL@ATL3rd6:54Shawn Marion Defensive Rebound124.7-138.55
DAL@ATL3rd6:54Shawn Marion Turnover124.7-137.55
DAL@ATL3rd6:54Shawn Marion Defensive Rebound124.7-139.05
DAL@ATL3rd5:20Shawn Marion Layup Field Goal Made132-153.85
POR@UTA1st11:59Wesley Matthews Field Goal Missed, Derrick Favors Blocked Shot-0.5--0.5
POR@UTA1st8:12Wesley Matthews Jump Field Goal Made11.5-29.8
POR@UTA2nd3:45Wesley Matthews Jump Three Point Field Goal Made90.9-85.7
POR@UTA2nd1:02Wesley Matthews Defensive Rebound106.2-106.7
POR@UTA2nd0:40Wesley Matthews Field Goal Missed, Josh Howard Blocked Shot106.7-110.2
POR@UTA3rd10:38Wesley Matthews Free Throw Made109.2-118.75
POR@UTA3rd9:55Wesley Matthews Defensive Rebound111.2-124.75
POR@UTA4th11:10Wesley Matthews Free Throw Made149.8-182.2
POR@UTA4th11:10Wesley Matthews Free Throw Made149.8-183.45
POR@UTA4th9:54Wesley Matthews Defensive Rebound159.05-184.45
POR@UTA4th5:18Wesley Matthews Defensive Rebound161.6-201.05
POR@UTA4th0:02Wesley Matthews Three Point Field Goal Missed164.6-213.35
POR@UTA4th9:19Wesley Matthews Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Jonny Flynn Assist158.05-190.95
POR@UTA1st7:37Devin Harris Turnover Wesley Matthews14-31.3
POR@UTA2nd2:31Wesley Matthews Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Nolan Smith Assist99.7-94.7
DEN@MIN1st3:20JaVale McGee Field Goal Missed29.8-53.1
DEN@MIN1st2:48JaVale McGee Defensive Rebound38.3-57.1
DEN@MIN1st1:55JaVale McGee Jump Field Goal Made44.6-60.6
DEN@MIN1st1:34JaVale McGee Field Goal Missed44.1-60.6
DEN@MIN2nd11:28JaVale McGee Field Goal Missed54.4-60.6
DEN@MIN2nd10:27JaVale McGee Defensive Rebound55.9-62.4
DEN@MIN2nd9:20JaVale McGee Dunk Field Goal Made57.4-66.4
DEN@MIN3rd5:26JaVale McGee Defensive Rebound129.5-151.35
DEN@MIN3rd4:44JaVale McGee Turnover139.8-153.35
DEN@MIN3rd2:06JaVale McGee Defensive Rebound141.3-161.65
DEN@MIN4th11:44JaVale McGee Dunk Field Goal Made147.3-180.95
DEN@MIN4th11:10JaVale McGee Dunk Field Goal Made149.8-180.95
DEN@MIN4th10:44JaVale McGee Free Throw Made155.05-182.95
DEN@MIN4th10:44JaVale McGee Defensive Rebound156.55-182.95
DEN@MIN4th10:44JaVale McGee Layup Field Goal Made, Jordan Hamilton Assist153.8-182.95
DEN@MIN2nd7:54JaVale McGee Dunk Field Goal Made, Ty Lawson Assist73.5-67.4
DEN@MIN1st3:41JaVale McGee Layup Field Goal Made, Andre Miller Assist28.8-53.1
DEN@MIN2nd9:00JaVale McGee Dunk Field Goal Made, Andre Miller Assist65.2-66.4
DEN@MIN2nd8:27JaVale McGee Layup Field Goal Made, Andre Miller Assist71-65.9
DEN@MIN1st1:34Andre Miller Defensive Rebound47.4-60.6
DEN@MIN1st0:46Andre Miller Field Goal Missed49.4-60.6
DEN@MIN2nd7:10Andre Miller Turnover77-68.9
DEN@MIN2nd6:08Andre Miller Defensive Rebound80.3-68.9
DEN@MIN2nd4:56Andre Miller Three Point Field Goal Missed89.4-75.7
DEN@MIN3rd1:15Andre Miller Turnover140.3-167.45
DEN@MIN3rd0:04Andre Miller Jump Field Goal Made144.3-174.45
DEN@MIN3rd0:02Andre Miller Three Point Field Goal Missed143.8-174.45
DEN@MIN4th10:20Andre Miller Jump Field Goal Made159.05-182.95
DEN@MIN4th9:28Andre Miller Turnover158.05-184.45
DEN@MIN4th9:04Andre Miller Free Throw Made159.3-190.95
DEN@MIN4th8:55Andre Miller Defensive Rebound160.8-190.95
MIA@WAS1st2:34Mike Miller Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Mario Chalmers Assist39.6-60.6
MIA@WAS3rd5:50Mike Miller Jump Field Goal Made, Mario Chalmers Assist128-149.55
CLE@CHI1st3:34Joakim Noah Defensive Rebound30.3-53.1
CLE@CHI1st3:10Joakim Noah Offensive Rebound31.3-57.1
CLE@CHI1st3:10Joakim Noah Field Goal Missed30.8-57.1
CLE@CHI2nd9:00Joakim Noah Defensive Rebound60.9-66.4
CLE@CHI2nd5:45Joakim Noah Free Throw Missed83.85-68.9
CLE@CHI2nd5:45Joakim Noah Free Throw Made85.1-68.9
CLE@CHI2nd5:45Joakim Noah Defensive Rebound86.6-68.9
CLE@CHI2nd5:09Joakim Noah Defensive Rebound89.9-75.7
CLE@CHI2nd4:15Joakim Noah Defensive Rebound90.9-76.7
CLE@CHI2nd3:13Joakim Noah Defensive Rebound98.7-85.2
CLE@CHI2nd1:25Joakim Noah Defensive Rebound106.7-103.7
CLE@CHI2nd1:25Joakim Noah Field Goal Missed, Tristan Thompson Blocked Shot106.2-103.7
CLE@CHI3rd7:46Joakim Noah Jump Field Goal Made121.7-132.25
CLE@CHI3rd7:02Joakim Noah Field Goal Missed121.2-138.55