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Week 23 '12-13 Mon 4/1-Sun 4/7

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
#8 (4-17)
#7 (6-15)
Consolation Game
NO@PHO1st1:57Luis Scola Turnover Lou Amundson216.55-182.65
WAS@BOS2nd9:12Jordan Crawford Turnover Trevor Booker51.25-132.3
NY@OKC1st9:51Tyson Chandler Dunk Field Goal Made, Raymond Felton Assist0-1.8
NY@OKC4th11:47Tyson Chandler Dunk Field Goal Made, Raymond Felton Assist0-27.4
NY@OKC4th3:42Tyson Chandler Dunk Field Goal Made, Raymond Felton Assist0-34.2
WAS@BOS2nd9:27Jordan Crawford Jump Field Goal Made49.25-132.3
WAS@BOS2nd9:02Jordan Crawford Jump Field Goal Made53.75-132.3
WAS@BOS2nd6:42Jordan Crawford Defensive Rebound59.05-132.3
WAS@BOS2nd5:02Jordan Crawford Free Throw Made60.3-134.8
WAS@BOS2nd5:02Jordan Crawford Free Throw Made61.55-134.8
WAS@BOS4th10:50Jordan Crawford Three Point Field Goal Missed79.8-165.15
WAS@BOS4th7:26Jordan Crawford Turnover79.6-165.15
WAS@BOS4th5:29Jordan Crawford Turnover78.6-165.15
WAS@BOS4th7:50Jan Vesely Turnover Jordan Crawford80.6-165.15
UTA@GS1st3:47Stephen Curry Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Jarrett Jack Assist98.9-182.65
UTA@GS2nd11:33Stephen Curry Jump Field Goal Made, Jarrett Jack Assist117.2-182.65
UTA@GS4th8:11David Lee Turnover Derrick Favors172.15-182.65
NY@OKC1st5:36Raymond Felton Field Goal Missed0-9.8
NY@OKC1st5:36Raymond Felton Offensive Rebound0-11.3
NY@OKC1st1:04Raymond Felton Offensive Rebound0-14.6
NY@OKC1st1:00Raymond Felton Layup Field Goal Made0-17.1
NY@OKC2nd9:55Raymond Felton Defensive Rebound0-18.6
NY@OKC3rd11:09Raymond Felton Jump Field Goal Made0-21.1
NY@OKC3rd10:39Raymond Felton Free Throw Made0-22.35
NY@OKC3rd10:39Raymond Felton Free Throw Made0-23.6
NY@OKC3rd5:03Raymond Felton Jump Field Goal Made0-26.1
NY@OKC3rd0:00Raymond Felton Three Point Field Goal Missed0-25.6
NY@OKC4th8:40Raymond Felton Free Throw Made0-28.65
NY@OKC4th8:40Raymond Felton Free Throw Made0-29.9
NY@OKC4th7:50Raymond Felton Layup Field Goal Made0-32.4
NY@OKC4th2:08Raymond Felton Free Throw Missed0-33.45
NY@OKC4th2:08Raymond Felton Free Throw Made0-34.7
NY@OKC1st9:30Raymond Felton Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Iman Shumpert Assist0-8.3
WAS@BOS2nd7:32Kevin Garnett Jump Field Goal Made, Jordan Crawford Assist57.55-132.3
WAS@BOS4th9:25Kevin Garnett Jump Field Goal Made, Jordan Crawford Assist81.6-165.15
LAL@LAC1st10:30Pau Gasol Defensive Rebound2-40
LAL@LAC1st9:46Pau Gasol Defensive Rebound1-41.5
LAL@LAC1st8:16Pau Gasol Field Goal Missed3-47.25
LAL@LAC1st7:30Pau Gasol Defensive Rebound3-48.25
LAL@LAC1st7:11Pau Gasol Offensive Rebound3-49.75
LAL@LAC1st7:10Pau Gasol Field Goal Missed3-48.75
LAL@LAC1st6:23Pau Gasol Turnover3-47.75
LAL@LAC1st6:02Pau Gasol Layup Field Goal Made3-50.25
LAL@LAC1st1:15Pau Gasol Turnover12-49.25
LAL@LAC2nd11:46Pau Gasol Turnover15.5-48.25
LAL@LAC2nd7:02Pau Gasol Defensive Rebound19.5-49.25
LAL@LAC2nd6:19Pau Gasol Field Goal Missed19.5-50
LAL@LAC2nd4:16Pau Gasol Offensive Rebound19.5-56.25
LAL@LAC2nd4:13Pau Gasol Layup Field Goal Made19.5-58.75
LAL@LAC2nd3:32Pau Gasol Jump Field Goal Made19.5-61.25
LAL@LAC2nd1:28Pau Gasol Free Throw Missed19.5-68.75
LAL@LAC2nd1:28Pau Gasol Free Throw Missed19.5-68
LAL@LAC2nd0:45Pau Gasol Field Goal Missed19.5-67.5
LAL@LAC3rd11:40Pau Gasol Field Goal Missed19-67.5
LAL@LAC3rd9:33Pau Gasol Offensive Rebound24-68
LAL@LAC3rd9:32Pau Gasol Layup Field Goal Made24-70.5
LAL@LAC3rd7:27Pau Gasol Jump Field Goal Made23.5-75.5
LAL@LAC3rd5:06Pau Gasol Defensive Rebound25-80.5
LAL@LAC4th10:51Pau Gasol Defensive Rebound31-90
LAL@LAC4th10:38Pau Gasol Offensive Rebound31-91.5
LAL@LAC4th9:38Pau Gasol Defensive Rebound30.5-93
LAL@LAC4th2:49Pau Gasol Defensive Rebound36-95.5
LAL@LAC4th2:41Pau Gasol Offensive Rebound36-97
NO@PHO4th6:07Luis Scola Turnover Eric Gordon243.1-182.65
ORL@CLE1st11:01Tobias Harris Turnover38.5-98
ORL@CLE1st10:42Tobias Harris Defensive Rebound38.5-99.5
ORL@CLE1st8:25Tobias Harris Defensive Rebound38.5-101.5
ORL@CLE1st7:37Tobias Harris Jump Field Goal Made38.5-110.5
ORL@CLE1st5:07Tobias Harris Layup Field Goal Made40-114.8
ORL@CLE1st2:54Tobias Harris Defensive Rebound40.25-125.3
ORL@CLE1st1:46Tobias Harris Defensive Rebound41.75-126.3
ORL@CLE1st1:42Tobias Harris Layup Field Goal Made41.75-130.3
ORL@CLE2nd5:49Tobias Harris Free Throw Made59.05-133.55
ORL@CLE2nd5:49Tobias Harris Free Throw Made59.05-134.8
ORL@CLE2nd4:08Tobias Harris Layup Field Goal Made61.55-139.1
ORL@CLE3rd10:23Tobias Harris Offensive Rebound71.3-142.9
ORL@CLE3rd8:43Tobias Harris Layup Field Goal Made71.3-145.4
ORL@CLE3rd5:55Tobias Harris Layup Field Goal Made74.8-152.15
ORL@CLE3rd3:36Tobias Harris Defensive Rebound75.3-158.15
ORL@CLE3rd3:05Tobias Harris Defensive Rebound75.3-161.65
ORL@CLE3rd1:06Tobias Harris Defensive Rebound78.8-163.15
ORL@CLE3rd0:00Tobias Harris Three Point Field Goal Missed80.3-162.65
ORL@CLE4th11:04Tobias Harris Jump Field Goal Made80.3-165.15
ORL@CLE4th4:26Tobias Harris Free Throw Made82.6-168.9
ORL@CLE4th2:53Tobias Harris Offensive Rebound89.6-177.9
ORL@CLE4th1:13Tobias Harris Layup Field Goal Made92.1-181.4
ORL@CLE4th1:13Tobias Harris Free Throw Made92.1-182.65
ORL@CLE3rd5:12Tobias Harris Jump Field Goal Made, Andrew Nicholson Assist74.8-154.65
ORL@CLE1st4:01Tobias Harris Dunk Field Goal Made, Nikola Vucevic Assist41.25-117.3
ORL@CLE3rd8:12Tobias Harris Jump Field Goal Made, Nikola Vucevic Assist73.8-147.9
UTA@GS1st2:45Klay Thompson Turnover Gordon Hayward104.9-182.65
LAL@LAC1st9:34Dwight Howard Layup Field Goal Made1-44
LAL@LAC1st8:38Dwight Howard Jump Field Goal Made3.5-46.5
LAL@LAC1st8:38Dwight Howard Free Throw Made3.5-47.75
LAL@LAC1st7:37Dwight Howard Field Goal Missed3-46.75
LAL@LAC1st7:11Dwight Howard Field Goal Missed3-49.25
LAL@LAC2nd9:03Dwight Howard Free Throw Missed19.5-47.5
LAL@LAC2nd9:03Dwight Howard Free Throw Missed19.5-46.75
LAL@LAC2nd8:13Dwight Howard Defensive Rebound19.5-48.25
LAL@LAC2nd7:19Dwight Howard Field Goal Missed19.5-47.75