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Week 23 '12-13 Mon 4/1-Sun 4/7

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
#8 (4-17)
#7 (6-15)
Consolation Game
    Bonuses & Miscellaneous250.1-182.65
NO@PHO4th2:11Luis Scola Offensive Rebound250.1-182.65
NO@PHO4th4:35Luis Scola Defensive Rebound248.6-182.65
NO@PHO4th5:04Luis Scola Defensive Rebound247.1-182.65
NO@PHO4th5:58Luis Scola Layup Field Goal Made, Goran Dragic Assist245.6-182.65
NO@PHO4th6:07Luis Scola Turnover Eric Gordon243.1-182.65
NO@PHO4th7:09Luis Scola Jump Field Goal Made, Kendall Marshall Assist241.1-182.65
NO@PHO4th7:30Luis Scola Offensive Rebound238.6-182.65
NO@PHO4th7:58Luis Scola Turnover Brian Roberts237.1-182.65
NO@PHO3rd7:34Luis Scola Defensive Rebound235.1-182.65
NO@PHO3rd8:00Luis Scola Defensive Rebound233.6-182.65
NO@PHO3rd9:57Wesley Johnson Layup Field Goal Made, Luis Scola Assist232.1-182.65
NO@PHO3rd10:33Luis Scola Jump Field Goal Made230.3-182.65
NO@PHO3rd10:35Luis Scola Offensive Rebound227.8-182.65
NO@PHO2nd2:19Luis Scola Defensive Rebound226.3-182.65
NO@PHO2nd2:23Field Goal Missed, Luis Scola Blocked Shot224.8-182.65
NO@PHO2nd4:04Luis Scola Defensive Rebound222.8-182.65
NO@PHO2nd5:53Field Goal Missed, Luis Scola Blocked Shot221.3-182.65
NO@PHO1st0:52Luis Scola Defensive Rebound219.3-182.65
NO@PHO1st1:46Luis Scola Free Throw Made217.8-182.65
NO@PHO1st1:57Luis Scola Turnover Lou Amundson216.55-182.65
NO@PHO1st3:13Luis Scola Layup Field Goal Made214.55-182.65
NO@PHO1st4:41Luis Scola Jump Field Goal Made212.05-182.65
NO@PHO1st4:46Luis Scola Offensive Rebound209.55-182.65
NO@PHO1st5:41Luis Scola Layup Field Goal Made208.05-182.65
NO@PHO1st6:44P. J. Tucker Jump Field Goal Made, Luis Scola Assist205.55-182.65
NO@PHO1st9:33Luis Scola Jump Field Goal Made, Goran Dragic Assist203.75-182.65
NO@PHO1st10:01Luis Scola Jump Field Goal Made, Goran Dragic Assist201.25-182.65
UTA@GS4th0:36Jarrett Jack Three Point Field Goal Missed198.75-182.65
UTA@GS4th1:00David Lee Defensive Rebound199.25-182.65
UTA@GS4th1:21David Lee Layup Field Goal Made, Stephen Curry Assist197.75-182.65
UTA@GS4th2:38David Lee Offensive Rebound195.25-182.65
UTA@GS4th2:38David Lee Field Goal Missed, Randy Foye Blocked Shot193.75-182.65
UTA@GS4th3:00David Lee Defensive Rebound194.25-182.65
UTA@GS4th3:40Jarrett Jack Defensive Rebound192.75-182.65
UTA@GS4th4:03Klay Thompson Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Jarrett Jack Assist191.25-182.65
UTA@GS4th5:00David Lee Layup Field Goal Made, Jarrett Jack Assist182.95-182.65
UTA@GS4th6:09Jamaal Tinsley Turnover Jarrett Jack178.65-182.65
UTA@GS4th6:16Jarrett Jack Turnover Paul Millsap179.65-182.65
UTA@GS4th6:45David Lee Layup Field Goal Made177.65-182.65
UTA@GS4th7:00Klay Thompson Defensive Rebound175.15-182.65
UTA@GS4th7:33David Lee Defensive Rebound173.65-182.65
UTA@GS4th8:11David Lee Turnover Derrick Favors172.15-182.65
UTA@GS4th9:36Klay Thompson Jump Field Goal Made170.15-182.65
UTA@GS4th9:55David Lee Defensive Rebound167.65-182.65
UTA@GS4th10:09David Lee Free Throw Made166.15-182.65
UTA@GS4th10:09David Lee Layup Field Goal Made, Stephen Curry Assist164.9-182.65
UTA@GS4th10:39David Lee Offensive Rebound162.4-182.65
UTA@GS4th11:45David Lee Field Goal Missed, Derrick Favors Blocked Shot160.9-182.65
UTA@GS3rd1:22Klay Thompson Free Throw Missed161.4-182.65
UTA@GS3rd2:05Jarrett Jack Jump Field Goal Made162.15-182.65
UTA@GS3rd2:38David Lee Free Throw Made159.65-182.65
UTA@GS3rd3:23David Lee Defensive Rebound158.4-182.65
UTA@GS3rd4:57Klay Thompson Jump Field Goal Made156.9-182.65
UTA@GS3rd5:38David Lee Defensive Rebound154.4-182.65
UTA@GS3rd5:56Gordon Hayward Turnover Klay Thompson152.9-182.65
UTA@GS3rd6:56Klay Thompson Jump Field Goal Made, Stephen Curry Assist153.9-182.65
UTA@GS3rd7:32Klay Thompson Layup Field Goal Made151.4-182.65
UTA@GS3rd7:50David Lee Dunk Field Goal Made, Harrison Barnes Assist148.9-182.65
UTA@GS3rd7:56David Lee Turnover Paul Millsap146.4-182.65
UTA@GS3rd8:12Klay Thompson Three Point Field Goal Missed144.4-182.65
UTA@GS3rd8:43David Lee Layup Field Goal Made, Klay Thompson Assist144.9-182.65
UTA@GS3rd9:17Klay Thompson Layup Field Goal Made, David Lee Assist140.6-182.65
UTA@GS3rd9:32David Lee Defensive Rebound136.3-182.65
UTA@GS3rd10:32Klay Thompson Free Throw Made134.8-182.65
UTA@GS3rd10:32Klay Thompson Free Throw Made133.55-182.65
UTA@GS2nd1:40Al Jefferson Turnover David Lee132.3-182.65
UTA@GS2nd3:35David Lee Free Throw Made133.3-182.65
UTA@GS2nd3:35David Lee Free Throw Made132.05-182.65
UTA@GS2nd4:48David Lee Free Throw Made130.8-182.65
UTA@GS2nd4:48David Lee Free Throw Missed129.55-182.65
UTA@GS2nd6:15Klay Thompson Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Jarrett Jack Assist130.3-182.65
UTA@GS2nd7:31Jarrett Jack Turnover122-182.65
UTA@GS2nd10:25Jarrett Jack Defensive Rebound123-182.65
UTA@GS2nd11:02David Lee Jump Field Goal Made, Jarrett Jack Assist121.5-182.65
UTA@GS2nd11:33Stephen Curry Jump Field Goal Made, Jarrett Jack Assist117.2-182.65
UTA@GS1st0:10Jarrett Jack Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Stephen Curry Assist115.4-182.65
UTA@GS1st1:16Klay Thompson Jump Field Goal Made, Carl Landry Assist108.9-182.65
UTA@GS1st1:32Klay Thompson Defensive Rebound106.4-182.65
UTA@GS1st2:45Klay Thompson Turnover Gordon Hayward104.9-182.65
UTA@GS1st3:19Jarrett Jack Jump Field Goal Made102.9-182.65
UTA@GS1st3:25Jarrett Jack Defensive Rebound100.4-182.65
UTA@GS1st3:47Stephen Curry Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Jarrett Jack Assist98.9-182.65
UTA@GS1st4:25David Lee Layup Field Goal Made97.1-182.65
UTA@GS1st5:05David Lee Defensive Rebound94.6-182.65
UTA@GS1st5:45David Lee Defensive Rebound93.1-182.65
UTA@GS1st6:23David Lee Defensive Rebound91.6-182.65
UTA@GS1st8:48Klay Thompson Turnover90.1-182.65
UTA@GS1st10:47Al Jefferson Turnover David Lee91.1-182.65
ORL@CLE4th1:13Tobias Harris Free Throw Made92.1-182.65
ORL@CLE4th1:13Tobias Harris Layup Field Goal Made92.1-181.4
ORL@CLE4th1:56Tristan Thompson Jump Field Goal Made92.1-178.9
WAS@BOS4th2:25Martell Webster Offensive Rebound89.6-178.9
WAS@BOS4th2:25Martell Webster Field Goal Missed89.6-177.4
ORL@CLE4th2:53Tobias Harris Offensive Rebound89.6-177.9
WAS@BOS4th3:11Martell Webster Field Goal Missed89.6-176.4
ORL@CLE4th3:16Tristan Thompson Free Throw Made89.6-176.9
ORL@CLE4th3:16Tristan Thompson Free Throw Made88.35-176.9
ORL@CLE4th3:16Tristan Thompson Offensive Rebound87.1-176.9
ORL@CLE4th3:29Tristan Thompson Offensive Rebound85.6-176.9
ORL@CLE4th3:42Tristan Thompson Defensive Rebound84.1-176.9