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Week 20 '12-13 Wed 12/20-Tue 12/26

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Regular Season Game
Oklahoma Ci..
ORL@MIL1st8:30Monta Ellis Turnover Arron Afflalo2-0
Oklahoma Ci..
ORL@MIL4th4:43Monta Ellis Turnover Arron Afflalo111.7-0
Oklahoma Ci..
ORL@MIL4th3:08Monta Ellis Turnover Arron Afflalo116.2-0
Oklahoma Ci..
MIA@TOR2nd11:45Ray Allen Jump Field Goal Made, Dwyane Wade Assist8.1-0
Oklahoma Ci..
MIA@TOR4th10:52Ray Allen Jump Field Goal Made, Dwyane Wade Assist66.4-0
Oklahoma Ci..
MIA@TOR4th6:09Ray Allen Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Dwyane Wade Assist90.2-0
Oklahoma Ci..
MIA@TOR2nd9:29Chris Andersen Dunk Field Goal Made, Dwyane Wade Assist13.9-0
Oklahoma Ci..
MIA@TOR2nd7:29Chris Andersen Layup Field Goal Made, Dwyane Wade Assist18.7-0
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@DAL1st2:23Russell Westbrook Turnover Rodrigue Beaubois188.75-47.3
Oklahoma Ci..
SAC@LAL1st0:54Tyreke Evans Turnover Steve Blake332.85-107.15
Oklahoma Ci..
SAC@LAL2nd1:03Tyreke Evans Turnover Steve Blake351.05-110.95
SAC@LAL1st4:12Steve Blake Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Steve Nash Assist328.35-105.35
SAC@LAL3rd6:24Steve Blake Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Steve Nash Assist350.05-125.1
SAC@LAL3rd5:44Steve Blake Jump Field Goal Made, Steve Nash Assist350.05-126.9
Oklahoma Ci..
MIA@TOR1st5:09Chris Bosh Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Dwyane Wade Assist3.8-0
Oklahoma Ci..
MIA@TOR2nd6:33Chris Bosh Dunk Field Goal Made, Dwyane Wade Assist21.3-0
Oklahoma Ci..
MIA@TOR3rd11:11Chris Bosh Jump Field Goal Made, Dwyane Wade Assist35.65-0
OKC@DAL2nd2:51Vince Carter Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Darren Collison Assist222.75-65.4
SAC@LAL1st10:27Earl Clark Layup Field Goal Made, Steve Nash Assist319.35-101.5
OKC@DAL1st4:29Darren Collison Field Goal Missed, Kevin Durant Blocked Shot182.25-47.3
OKC@DAL2nd11:20Darren Collison Defensive Rebound209.25-52.6
OKC@DAL2nd3:10Darren Collison Layup Field Goal Made223.75-63.6
OKC@DAL2nd0:34Darren Collison Field Goal Missed, Serge Ibaka Blocked Shot235.25-64.9
OKC@DAL3rd1:13Darren Collison Free Throw Made296.55-68.65
OKC@DAL3rd1:13Darren Collison Free Throw Made296.55-69.9
OKC@DAL4th9:43Darren Collison Jump Field Goal Made299.05-70.9
OKC@DAL4th8:11Darren Collison Three Point Field Goal Missed299.05-71.4
OKC@DAL4th6:31Darren Collison Free Throw Made299.05-75.15
OKC@DAL4th6:31Darren Collison Free Throw Made299.05-76.4
OKC@DAL4th6:04Darren Collison Layup Field Goal Made299.05-78.9
OKC@DAL4th11:01Reggie Jackson Turnover Darren Collison299.05-68.9
OKC@DAL1st2:05Darren Collison Layup Field Goal Made, Chris Kaman Assist193.75-49.8
OKC@DAL2nd0:12Kendrick Perkins Turnover Darren Collison237.75-63.9
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@DAL3rd11:00Jae Crowder Jump Field Goal Made, Dirk Nowitzki Assist241.55-63.9
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@DAL3rd3:53Russell Westbrook Turnover Jae Crowder277.05-63.4
GS@HOU1st8:23Stephen Curry Defensive Rebound130.7-1.5
GS@HOU1st7:50Stephen Curry Field Goal Missed130.7-1
GS@HOU1st7:19Stephen Curry Jump Field Goal Made130.7-3.5
GS@HOU1st6:30Stephen Curry Three Point Field Goal Missed130.7-3
GS@HOU1st6:13Stephen Curry Three Point Field Goal Missed130.7-2.5
GS@HOU1st5:56Stephen Curry Defensive Rebound130.7-4
GS@HOU1st4:51Stephen Curry Defensive Rebound130.7-5.5
GS@HOU1st0:00Stephen Curry Three Point Field Goal Missed133.2-5
GS@HOU2nd10:47Stephen Curry Jump Field Goal Made133.2-7.5
GS@HOU2nd9:14Stephen Curry Turnover133.2-8.5
GS@HOU2nd7:40Stephen Curry Jump Field Goal Made133.2-11
GS@HOU2nd6:15Stephen Curry Jump Three Point Field Goal Made133.2-17.5
GS@HOU2nd5:44Stephen Curry Jump Field Goal Made133.2-20
GS@HOU2nd2:31Stephen Curry Defensive Rebound135.7-21.5
GS@HOU2nd1:33Stephen Curry Jump Three Point Field Goal Made135.7-28
GS@HOU2nd1:14Stephen Curry Jump Field Goal Made135.7-30.5
GS@HOU2nd0:39Stephen Curry Three Point Field Goal Missed135.7-32
GS@HOU3rd10:08Stephen Curry Jump Field Goal Made140.2-34.5
GS@HOU3rd8:31Stephen Curry Turnover140.2-33.5
GS@HOU3rd4:54Stephen Curry Three Point Field Goal Missed143.7-33
GS@HOU3rd3:55Stephen Curry Jump Three Point Field Goal Made146.7-39.5
GS@HOU3rd2:11Stephen Curry Jump Three Point Field Goal Made157.5-46
GS@HOU3rd1:44Stephen Curry Turnover167-45
GS@HOU3rd0:46Stephen Curry Defensive Rebound177.25-46.5
GS@HOU4th11:45Stephen Curry Field Goal Missed179.75-46
GS@HOU4th6:14Stephen Curry Field Goal Missed207.75-49.3
GS@HOU4th5:16Stephen Curry Field Goal Missed209.25-52.1
GS@HOU4th4:29Stephen Curry Jump Field Goal Made209.75-54.6
GS@HOU4th2:58Stephen Curry Jump Three Point Field Goal Made211.75-61.1
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN1st11:19Anthony Davis Turnover125.7-0
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN1st10:55Anthony Davis Layup Field Goal Made128.2-0
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN1st9:51Anthony Davis Dunk Field Goal Made130.7-0
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN1st4:49Anthony Davis Dunk Field Goal Made133.2-5.5
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN2nd5:08Anthony Davis Layup Field Goal Made135.7-20
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN3rd11:23Anthony Davis Defensive Rebound137.2-32
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN3rd10:15Anthony Davis Field Goal Missed138.7-32
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN3rd10:15Anthony Davis Offensive Rebound140.2-32
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN3rd7:46Anthony Davis Field Goal Missed139.7-33.5
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN3rd6:17Anthony Davis Field Goal Missed139.2-33.5
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN3rd5:46Anthony Davis Free Throw Made140.45-33.5
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN3rd5:46Anthony Davis Free Throw Made141.7-33.5
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN3rd2:31Anthony Davis Defensive Rebound153.5-39.5
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN3rd2:17Anthony Davis Offensive Rebound158-39.5
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN3rd2:17Anthony Davis Field Goal Missed157.5-39.5
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN3rd1:23Anthony Davis Field Goal Missed166.5-45
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN3rd0:59Anthony Davis Dunk Field Goal Made176-45
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN3rd0:59Anthony Davis Free Throw Made177.25-45
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN4th10:24Anthony Davis Dunk Field Goal Made184.75-47.3
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN4th8:12Anthony Davis Dunk Field Goal Made193.75-47.3
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN4th7:02Anthony Davis Defensive Rebound201.75-49.8
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN4th6:37Anthony Davis Offensive Rebound203.25-49.8
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN4th6:23Anthony Davis Defensive Rebound207.75-49.8
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN4th5:29Anthony Davis Defensive Rebound209.25-51.1
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN4th3:50Anthony Davis Field Goal Missed209.25-54.6
Oklahoma Ci..
NO@MIN4th0:05Anthony Davis Defensive Rebound219.75-61.1
Oklahoma Ci..
SAC@LAL4th4:35Toney Douglas Layup Field Goal Made, Tyreke Evans Assist361.15-143
Oklahoma Ci..
ORL@MIL2nd6:52Mike Dunleavy Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Monta Ellis Assist19.5-0
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@DAL1st7:23Dirk Nowitzki Turnover Kevin Durant168.5-45
Oklahoma Ci..
OKC@DAL1st9:47Kevin Durant Jump Field Goal Made, Russell Westbrook Assist148.5-39.5
Oklahoma Ci..
ORL@MIL1st11:14Monta Ellis Defensive Rebound1.5-0
Oklahoma Ci..
ORL@MIL1st5:21Monta Ellis Turnover2-0
Oklahoma Ci..
ORL@MIL2nd8:14Monta Ellis Defensive Rebound16.9-0
Oklahoma Ci..
ORL@MIL2nd6:25Monta Ellis Layup Field Goal Made23.8-0
Oklahoma Ci..
ORL@MIL2nd2:39Monta Ellis Free Throw Made26.55-0
Oklahoma Ci..
ORL@MIL2nd2:39Monta Ellis Free Throw Made27.8-0