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Week 18 '11-12 Wed 2/1-Sat 2/4

TeamCoach RatingMTWTTotal
#4 (8-8)
#3 (9-7)
Playoff Game 3rd place
DEN@MIN2nd9:20Andre Miller Turnover59.4-66.4
DAL@ATL2nd1:44Shawn Marion Turnover105.2-99.7
ORL@MEM4th7:37Field Goal Missed, Marc Gasol Blocked Shot159.8-196.25
ORL@MEM3rd1:56Field Goal Missed, Marc Gasol Blocked Shot141.3-167.45
DEN@MIN2nd7:54Field Goal Missed, JaVale McGee Blocked Shot75.5-67.4
ORL@MEM1st7:33Field Goal Missed, Marc Gasol Blocked Shot14-32.3
NO@HOU4th8:46Greg Smith Turnover Greivis Vasquez160.8-189.95
NO@HOU3rd6:01Greivis Vasquez Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Jerome Dyson Assist126.2-149.55
NO@HOU2nd9:43Goran Dragic Turnover Greivis Vasquez54.9-66.4
NO@HOU4th0:24Greivis Vasquez Three Point Field Goal Missed164.6-213.85
NO@HOU4th0:52Greivis Vasquez Three Point Field Goal Missed164.6-214.35
NO@HOU4th2:28Greivis Vasquez Field Goal Missed162.1-209.35
NO@HOU4th4:18Greivis Vasquez Three Point Field Goal Missed161.6-204.55
NO@HOU4th5:31Greivis Vasquez Field Goal Missed161.6-199.55
NO@HOU4th6:47Greivis Vasquez Turnover161.6-195.25
NO@HOU4th10:56Greivis Vasquez Field Goal Missed151.3-182.95
NO@HOU3rd0:01Greivis Vasquez Jump Three Point Field Goal Made143.8-180.95
NO@HOU3rd9:20Greivis Vasquez Jump Field Goal Made112.7-127.25
NO@HOU3rd10:11Greivis Vasquez Field Goal Missed111.7-123.25
NO@HOU3rd10:51Greivis Vasquez Three Point Field Goal Missed109.2-117.5
NO@HOU3rd11:59Greivis Vasquez Field Goal Missed106.7-116
NO@HOU2nd1:06Greivis Vasquez Three Point Field Goal Missed106.2-105.2
NO@HOU2nd4:51Greivis Vasquez Field Goal Missed89.4-75.2
NO@HOU2nd9:43Greivis Vasquez Offensive Rebound54.9-67.4
NO@HOU2nd10:06Greivis Vasquez Defensive Rebound55.9-63.9
NO@HOU1st5:15Greivis Vasquez Defensive Rebound21-42.6
NO@HOU3rd3:09Lance Thomas Jump Field Goal Made, Greivis Vasquez Assist139.8-157.65
POR@UTA4th8:25Kurt Thomas Jump Field Goal Made, Wesley Matthews Assist160.8-191.75
DAL@ATL4th11:59Jason Terry Three Point Field Goal Missed144.8-180.95
DAL@ATL4th11:59Jason Terry Defensive Rebound145.3-180.95
DAL@ATL3rd0:35Jason Terry Defensive Rebound141.8-172.45
DAL@ATL3rd4:00Jason Terry Free Throw Made141.3-155.85
DAL@ATL3rd4:00Jason Terry Free Throw Made140.05-155.85
DAL@ATL3rd8:30Jason Terry Defensive Rebound119.2-129.75
DAL@ATL2nd6:05Jason Terry Jump Field Goal Made84.6-68.9
DAL@ATL2nd8:46Jason Terry Defensive Rebound66.7-66.4
DAL@ATL2nd9:55Jason Terry Turnover54.9-63.9
DAL@ATL2nd11:40Jason Terry Field Goal Missed54.9-60.6
DAL@ATL2nd11:59Jason Terry Field Goal Missed55.4-60.6
DAL@ATL1st0:36Jason Terry Jump Three Point Field Goal Made55.9-60.6
DAL@ATL1st1:14Jason Terry Free Throw Made49.9-60.6
DAL@ATL1st1:14Jason Terry Free Throw Made48.65-60.6
DAL@ATL1st2:25Jason Terry Layup Field Goal Made42.1-60.6
DAL@ATL1st2:53Jason Terry Three Point Field Goal Missed36.8-57.1
DAL@ATL1st4:10Jason Terry Field Goal Missed22.5-48.1
DAL@ATL1st5:43Jason Terry Defensive Rebound21-37.6
DAL@ATL1st5:43Jason Terry Three Point Field Goal Missed19.5-37.6
POR@UTA3rd2:05Nolan Smith Layup Field Goal Made, Wesley Matthews Assist141.3-165.45
MIA@WAS1st3:51Kevin Seraphin Jump Field Goal Made, John Wall Assist24.5-50.6
MIA@WAS3rd1:04Kevin Seraphin Free Throw Made140.3-169.95
MIA@WAS3rd1:04Kevin Seraphin Free Throw Made140.3-168.7
MIA@WAS3rd2:29Kevin Seraphin Turnover139.8-159.15
MIA@WAS3rd5:12Kevin Seraphin Field Goal Missed132-153.35
MIA@WAS3rd6:06Kevin Seraphin Layup Field Goal Made126.2-143.05
MIA@WAS3rd6:39Kevin Seraphin Defensive Rebound126.2-140.55
MIA@WAS3rd7:45Kevin Seraphin Jump Field Goal Made121.7-134.75
MIA@WAS3rd8:45Kevin Seraphin Field Goal Missed117.7-129.75
MIA@WAS3rd9:12Kevin Seraphin Layup Field Goal Made112.7-129.75
MIA@WAS3rd10:22Kevin Seraphin Jump Field Goal Made109.2-123.75
MIA@WAS2nd0:36Kevin Seraphin Defensive Rebound106.7-113.2
MIA@WAS2nd1:53Kevin Seraphin Free Throw Made104.7-97.7
MIA@WAS2nd1:53Kevin Seraphin Free Throw Missed104.7-96.45
MIA@WAS1st5:36Kevin Seraphin Field Goal Missed21-39.6
MIA@WAS1st9:01Kevin Seraphin Layup Field Goal Made11.5-23.3
MIA@WAS1st9:15Kevin Seraphin Offensive Rebound10-20.8
MIA@WAS1st11:23Kevin Seraphin Field Goal Missed2-4.3
NO@HOU2nd9:43Greivis Vasquez Turnover Luis Scola54.9-65.9
ORL@MEM4th4:24Zach Randolph Layup Field Goal Made, O. J. Mayo Assist161.6-205.05
ORL@MEM3rd8:49Chris Duhon Turnover Zach Randolph117.7-130.25
ORL@MEM4th2:45Zach Randolph Defensive Rebound160.6-209.85
ORL@MEM4th2:45Zach Randolph Free Throw Missed160.6-208.35
ORL@MEM4th2:45Zach Randolph Free Throw Made160.6-209.1
ORL@MEM4th3:42Zach Randolph Defensive Rebound161.6-206.05
ORL@MEM3rd11:12Zach Randolph Jump Field Goal Made109.2-118
ORL@MEM2nd0:27Zach Randolph Defensive Rebound106.7-116.5
ORL@MEM2nd1:09Zach Randolph Field Goal Missed106.2-105.7
ORL@MEM2nd2:18Zach Randolph Jump Field Goal Made102.2-97.2
ORL@MEM2nd2:52Zach Randolph Offensive Rebound98.2-86.7
ORL@MEM2nd3:52Zach Randolph Dunk Field Goal Made90.9-79.2
ORL@MEM2nd4:42Zach Randolph Field Goal Missed89.4-76.7
ORL@MEM2nd4:42Zach Randolph Offensive Rebound89.4-77.2
ORL@MEM2nd4:42Zach Randolph Turnover89.4-75.7
ORL@MEM2nd5:31Zach Randolph Offensive Rebound86.6-69.9
ORL@MEM2nd5:31Zach Randolph Field Goal Missed86.6-68.4
ORL@MEM1st5:21Zach Randolph Offensive Rebound21-41.1
ORL@MEM1st8:45Zach Randolph Defensive Rebound11.5-24.8
ORL@MEM1st9:27Zach Randolph Jump Field Goal Made10-19.3
ORL@MEM1st10:54Zach Randolph Defensive Rebound1.5-10.8
ORL@MEM1st10:54Zach Randolph Layup Field Goal Made1.5-9.3
ORL@MEM1st11:43Zach Randolph Offensive Rebound-0.5-4.8
ORL@MEM1st11:43Zach Randolph Field Goal Missed-0.5-3.3
ORL@MEM1st11:43Zach Randolph Offensive Rebound-0.5-3.8
ORL@MEM1st11:43Zach Randolph Field Goal Missed-0.5-2.3
ORL@MEM1st11:43Zach Randolph Defensive Rebound-0.5-2.8
CLE@CHI2nd2:14Joakim Noah Layup Field Goal Made, Mike James Assist104.7-97.2
CLE@CHI2nd7:53Joakim Noah Jump Field Goal Made, Mike James Assist78-67.4
CLE@CHI1st7:12Joakim Noah Layup Field Goal Made, Richard Hamilton Assist17.5-32.3
CLE@CHI1st4:14Joakim Noah Layup Field Goal Made, Ronnie Brewer Assist23-48.1
CLE@CHI4th10:57Joakim Noah Defensive Rebound151.3-183.45
CLE@CHI3rd4:51Joakim Noah Layup Field Goal Made141.3-153.35