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Week 23 '12-13 Mon 4/1-Sun 4/7

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
#4 (13-8)
#2 (14-7)
WAS@BOS1st11:00Jeff Green Turnover Nene 51.3-119.95
WAS@BOS1st6:39Nene Layup Field Goal Made, John Wall Assist60.6-125.75
DAL@POR1st7:02LaMarcus Aldridge Jump Field Goal Made152.25-160.5
DAL@POR1st6:49LaMarcus Aldridge Defensive Rebound152.25-162
DAL@POR1st5:56LaMarcus Aldridge Jump Field Goal Made152.25-163.5
DAL@POR1st5:26LaMarcus Aldridge Jump Field Goal Made152.25-168
DAL@POR2nd9:38LaMarcus Aldridge Jump Field Goal Made157.75-180.5
DAL@POR2nd6:47LaMarcus Aldridge Defensive Rebound157.75-183.5
DAL@POR2nd5:14LaMarcus Aldridge Field Goal Missed157.75-182
DAL@POR2nd4:47LaMarcus Aldridge Defensive Rebound157.75-183.5
DAL@POR3rd4:54LaMarcus Aldridge Offensive Rebound164.05-215.9
DAL@POR3rd4:49LaMarcus Aldridge Jump Field Goal Made164.05-218.4
DAL@POR3rd4:12LaMarcus Aldridge Defensive Rebound165.55-221.4
DAL@POR3rd4:03LaMarcus Aldridge Free Throw Made165.55-222.65
DAL@POR3rd4:03LaMarcus Aldridge Free Throw Made165.55-223.9
DAL@POR4th0:45LaMarcus Aldridge Defensive Rebound173.8-243.25
DAL@POR3rd2:02LaMarcus Aldridge Jump Field Goal Made, Luke Babbitt Assist165.55-229.15
DAL@POR2nd3:33LaMarcus Aldridge Dunk Field Goal Made, Will Barton Assist160.25-189.3
DAL@POR4th1:34LaMarcus Aldridge Jump Field Goal Made, Will Barton Assist173.8-241.75
DAL@POR2nd6:34O. J. Mayo Turnover LaMarcus Aldridge157.75-182.5
DAL@POR4th4:13Brandan Wright Turnover LaMarcus Aldridge171.3-231.25
NO@PHO1st5:29Goran Dragic Turnover Al-Farouq Aminu152.25-165.5
NO@PHO1st7:34Ryan Anderson Offensive Rebound152.25-155.5
NO@PHO1st7:33Ryan Anderson Layup Field Goal Made152.25-158
NO@PHO1st0:00Ryan Anderson Three Point Field Goal Missed157.75-177
NO@PHO2nd11:31Ryan Anderson Field Goal Missed157.75-176.5
NO@PHO2nd11:28Ryan Anderson Offensive Rebound157.75-178
NO@PHO2nd7:01Ryan Anderson Defensive Rebound157.75-182
NO@PHO2nd2:56Ryan Anderson Field Goal Missed160.25-188.8
NO@PHO2nd2:55Ryan Anderson Offensive Rebound160.25-190.3
NO@PHO2nd1:04Ryan Anderson Free Throw Made160.25-197.05
NO@PHO2nd1:04Ryan Anderson Free Throw Made160.25-198.3
NO@PHO2nd0:31Ryan Anderson Layup Field Goal Made160.25-200.8
NO@PHO3rd11:29Ryan Anderson Offensive Rebound160.25-202.3
NO@PHO3rd7:51Ryan Anderson Defensive Rebound161.55-203.6
NO@PHO3rd3:49Ryan Anderson Free Throw Made165.55-225.15
NO@PHO3rd2:21Ryan Anderson Defensive Rebound165.55-226.65
NO@PHO4th3:45Ryan Anderson Defensive Rebound171.3-232.75
NO@PHO4th2:47Ryan Anderson Offensive Rebound171.3-236.75
NO@PHO4th2:43Ryan Anderson Layup Field Goal Made171.3-239.25
NO@PHO4th2:27Ryan Anderson Three Point Field Goal Missed171.3-237.75
NO@PHO4th2:09Ryan Anderson Defensive Rebound171.3-239.25
NO@PHO1st3:42Ryan Anderson Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Eric Gordon Assist152.75-176
NO@PHO1st5:05Wesley Johnson Turnover Ryan Anderson152.25-169.5
NO@PHO1st2:14Ryan Anderson Layup Field Goal Made, Darius Miller Assist155.25-178.5
NO@PHO3rd11:22Markieff Morris Turnover Ryan Anderson160.25-201.3
NO@PHO3rd6:35Ryan Anderson Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Greivis Vasquez Assist164.05-212.6
WAS@BOS2nd3:25Trevor Ariza Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, John Wall Assist91.8-128.75
DAL@POR3rd11:05Will Barton Jump Field Goal Made, Damian Lillard Assist162.05-200.3
LAL@LAC1st11:24Kobe Bryant Turnover49.3-45.45
LAL@LAC1st11:00Kobe Bryant Field Goal Missed49.3-45.45
LAL@LAC1st9:06Kobe Bryant Turnover49.3-45.95
LAL@LAC1st8:28Kobe Bryant Defensive Rebound49.3-49.95
LAL@LAC1st6:16Kobe Bryant Defensive Rebound49.3-53.95
LAL@LAC1st3:28Kobe Bryant Field Goal Missed49.3-52.95
LAL@LAC1st1:51Kobe Bryant Turnover49.3-55.95
LAL@LAC2nd9:32Kobe Bryant Jump Field Goal Made49.3-58.45
LAL@LAC2nd5:39Kobe Bryant Jump Field Goal Made49.3-60.95
LAL@LAC2nd5:16Kobe Bryant Defensive Rebound49.3-62.45
LAL@LAC2nd4:22Kobe Bryant Field Goal Missed49.3-62.95
LAL@LAC2nd2:55Kobe Bryant Three Point Field Goal Missed49.3-62.45
LAL@LAC2nd0:00Kobe Bryant Three Point Field Goal Missed49.3-66.45
LAL@LAC3rd8:34Kobe Bryant Free Throw Made49.3-71.2
LAL@LAC3rd8:34Kobe Bryant Free Throw Made49.3-72.45
LAL@LAC3rd6:45Kobe Bryant Field Goal Missed49.3-75.45
LAL@LAC3rd6:06Kobe Bryant Jump Three Point Field Goal Made49.3-83.45
LAL@LAC3rd5:41Kobe Bryant Three Point Field Goal Missed49.3-81.95
LAL@LAC3rd5:24Kobe Bryant Turnover49.3-82.45
LAL@LAC3rd4:48Kobe Bryant Free Throw Made49.3-83.7
LAL@LAC3rd1:43Kobe Bryant Defensive Rebound49.3-87.2
LAL@LAC3rd1:35Kobe Bryant Free Throw Missed49.3-86.45
LAL@LAC3rd1:35Kobe Bryant Free Throw Made49.3-87.7
LAL@LAC3rd0:28Kobe Bryant Free Throw Made49.3-88.45
LAL@LAC3rd0:28Kobe Bryant Free Throw Made49.3-89.7
LAL@LAC4th11:15Kobe Bryant Field Goal Missed49.3-88.7
LAL@LAC4th10:28Kobe Bryant Jump Field Goal Made49.3-91.2
LAL@LAC4th9:48Kobe Bryant Field Goal Missed49.3-90.7
LAL@LAC4th8:29Kobe Bryant Jump Field Goal Made49.3-93.2
LAL@LAC4th7:55Kobe Bryant Field Goal Missed49.3-92.7
LAL@LAC4th7:44Kobe Bryant Defensive Rebound49.3-94.2
LAL@LAC4th4:46Kobe Bryant Field Goal Missed49.3-97.7
LAL@LAC4th4:29Kobe Bryant Free Throw Made49.3-101.45
LAL@LAC4th4:29Kobe Bryant Free Throw Made49.3-102.7
LAL@LAC4th4:01Kobe Bryant Free Throw Made49.3-103.95
LAL@LAC4th4:01Kobe Bryant Free Throw Made49.3-105.2
LAL@LAC4th4:01Kobe Bryant Free Throw Made49.3-106.45
LAL@LAC4th3:09Kobe Bryant Free Throw Made49.3-107.7
LAL@LAC4th3:09Kobe Bryant Free Throw Missed49.3-106.95
LAL@LAC4th2:41Kobe Bryant Three Point Field Goal Missed49.3-106.45
LAL@LAC4th2:36Kobe Bryant Layup Field Goal Made49.3-108.95
LAL@LAC4th1:46Kobe Bryant Field Goal Missed49.3-112.45
LAL@LAC4th0:51Kobe Bryant Defensive Rebound49.3-120.45
CHI@DET3rd0:21Will Bynum Layup Field Goal Made, Greg Monroe Assist151.45-144.3
NY@OKC2nd0:57Tyson Chandler Dunk Field Goal Made, J. R. Smith Assist21.65-15.1
DAL@POR3rd10:19Victor Claver Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, LaMarcus Aldridge Assist162.05-202.1
NY@OKC2nd10:42Chris Copeland Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, J. R. Smith Assist5.55-1.8
NO@PHO1st10:34Goran Dragic Layup Field Goal Made152.25-148.6
NO@PHO1st6:15Goran Dragic Turnover152.25-161
NO@PHO1st5:26Goran Dragic Layup Field Goal Made152.25-170.5
NO@PHO1st2:06Goran Dragic Turnover155.25-177.5