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Week 23 '12-13 Mon 4/1-Sun 4/7

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
#6 (9-12)
#5 (10-11)
Consolation Game
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MEM@SAC1st5:22Tony Allen Layup Field Goal Made, Mike Conley Assist29.3-67.5
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MEM@SAC3rd5:15Tony Allen Jump Field Goal Made, Mike Conley Assist77.8-67.5
NY@OKC1st11:43Carmelo Anthony Jump Field Goal Made0-2.5
NY@OKC1st10:24Carmelo Anthony Jump Field Goal Made0-5
NY@OKC2nd8:25Carmelo Anthony Dunk Field Goal Made0-7.5
NY@OKC2nd5:05Carmelo Anthony Jump Field Goal Made0-10
NY@OKC2nd4:45Carmelo Anthony Defensive Rebound0-11.5
NY@OKC2nd4:00Carmelo Anthony Offensive Rebound0-13
NY@OKC2nd3:55Carmelo Anthony Layup Field Goal Made0-15.5
NY@OKC2nd1:59Carmelo Anthony Jump Field Goal Made0-18
NY@OKC3rd9:11Carmelo Anthony Jump Field Goal Made0-27
NY@OKC3rd6:41Carmelo Anthony Layup Field Goal Made0-31.5
NY@OKC3rd2:55Carmelo Anthony Offensive Rebound0-33
NY@OKC3rd2:52Carmelo Anthony Jump Three Point Field Goal Made0-39.5
NY@OKC3rd2:25Carmelo Anthony Field Goal Missed0-39
NY@OKC3rd2:25Carmelo Anthony Offensive Rebound0-40.5
NY@OKC3rd2:21Carmelo Anthony Layup Field Goal Made0-43
NY@OKC3rd0:45Carmelo Anthony Jump Three Point Field Goal Made0-49.5
NY@OKC4th6:21Carmelo Anthony Offensive Rebound0-51
NY@OKC4th4:44Carmelo Anthony Field Goal Missed0-50.5
NY@OKC4th4:44Carmelo Anthony Offensive Rebound0-52
NY@OKC4th4:44Carmelo Anthony Field Goal Missed0-51.5
NY@OKC4th4:44Carmelo Anthony Offensive Rebound0-53
NY@OKC4th4:42Carmelo Anthony Jump Field Goal Made0-55.5
NY@OKC4th3:08Carmelo Anthony Field Goal Missed0-55
NY@OKC4th3:08Carmelo Anthony Offensive Rebound0-56.5
NY@OKC4th3:06Carmelo Anthony Jump Field Goal Made0-59
NY@OKC4th2:49Carmelo Anthony Defensive Rebound0-60.5
NY@OKC4th0:31Carmelo Anthony Free Throw Missed0-59.75
NY@OKC4th0:31Carmelo Anthony Free Throw Made0-61
NY@OKC4th0:18Carmelo Anthony Offensive Rebound0-62.5
NY@OKC4th0:17Carmelo Anthony Jump Field Goal Made0-65
NY@OKC4th0:05Carmelo Anthony Free Throw Made0-66.25
NY@OKC4th0:05Carmelo Anthony Free Throw Made0-67.5
NY@OKC2nd1:34Carmelo Anthony Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Pablo Prigioni Assist0-24.5
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WAS@BOS1st5:11Brandon Bass Jump Field Goal Made, Paul Pierce Assist31.1-67.5
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WAS@BOS3rd7:40Brandon Bass Jump Field Goal Made, Paul Pierce Assist69.25-67.5
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UTA@GS1st6:06Al Jefferson Turnover Andrew Bogut133.1-150.55
CHI@DET1st10:44Carlos Boozer Jump Field Goal Made121.1-70
CHI@DET1st9:39Carlos Boozer Defensive Rebound121.1-71.5
CHI@DET1st8:42Carlos Boozer Defensive Rebound121.1-72
CHI@DET1st8:15Carlos Boozer Defensive Rebound121.1-73.5
CHI@DET1st8:15Carlos Boozer Turnover121.1-72.5
CHI@DET1st6:53Carlos Boozer Field Goal Missed121.1-77.6
CHI@DET1st5:51Carlos Boozer Field Goal Missed121.1-77.1
CHI@DET1st5:09Carlos Boozer Dunk Field Goal Made121.1-81.6
CHI@DET1st3:27Carlos Boozer Jump Field Goal Made121.1-83.6
CHI@DET2nd5:42Carlos Boozer Defensive Rebound121.1-94.5
CHI@DET2nd5:33Carlos Boozer Offensive Rebound121.1-96
CHI@DET2nd4:56Carlos Boozer Turnover121.1-95
CHI@DET2nd0:43Carlos Boozer Free Throw Made121.1-103.75
CHI@DET3rd8:14Carlos Boozer Turnover121.1-114.3
CHI@DET3rd6:46Carlos Boozer Jump Field Goal Made121.1-119.55
CHI@DET3rd6:26Carlos Boozer Defensive Rebound121.1-121.05
CHI@DET3rd5:35Carlos Boozer Defensive Rebound121.1-127.55
CHI@DET3rd3:53Carlos Boozer Jump Field Goal Made127.1-130.05
CHI@DET3rd2:24Carlos Boozer Defensive Rebound127.1-139.55
CHI@DET3rd1:38Carlos Boozer Layup Field Goal Made129.6-148.55
CHI@DET3rd0:00Carlos Boozer Layup Field Goal Made133.1-153.05
CHI@DET4th10:00Carlos Boozer Defensive Rebound137.1-159.35
CHI@DET4th4:08Carlos Boozer Jump Field Goal Made141.4-175.15
CHI@DET4th2:07Carlos Boozer Defensive Rebound141.4-178.15
CHI@DET2nd0:43Carlos Boozer Layup Field Goal Made, Kirk Hinrich Assist121.1-102.5
CHI@DET4th5:00Carlos Boozer Dunk Field Goal Made, Joakim Noah Assist141.4-172.65
CHI@DET1st7:50Jimmy Butler Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Carlos Boozer Assist121.1-74.3
DAL@POR2nd10:06Vince Carter Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Darren Collison Assist178.85-205.15
DAL@POR2nd8:13Darren Collison Turnover Victor Claver178.85-207.15
DAL@POR1st0:18Darren Collison Jump Field Goal Made178.85-202.05
DAL@POR1st0:01Darren Collison Three Point Field Goal Missed178.85-201.55
DAL@POR4th6:25Darren Collison Turnover178.85-228.65
DAL@POR4th5:25Darren Collison Turnover178.85-227.65
DAL@POR4th2:19Darren Collison Defensive Rebound178.85-229.15
DAL@POR4th1:10Will Barton Turnover Darren Collison178.85-228.15
DAL@POR2nd8:11Darren Collison Jump Field Goal Made, Jae Crowder Assist178.85-209.65
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MEM@SAC1st6:20Mike Conley Jump Field Goal Made26-67.5
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MEM@SAC1st5:48Mike Conley Layup Field Goal Made27.5-67.5
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MEM@SAC1st3:38Mike Conley Defensive Rebound35.1-67.5
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MEM@SAC2nd5:50Mike Conley Jump Field Goal Made49.85-67.5
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MEM@SAC2nd5:05Mike Conley Layup Field Goal Made52.35-67.5
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MEM@SAC2nd0:28Mike Conley Turnover53.85-67.5
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MEM@SAC3rd8:22Mike Conley Jump Field Goal Made67.45-67.5
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MEM@SAC3rd3:27Mike Conley Field Goal Missed84.6-67.5
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MEM@SAC3rd2:55Mike Conley Defensive Rebound86.1-67.5
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MEM@SAC4th8:54Mike Conley Free Throw Made95.35-67.5
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MEM@SAC4th8:54Mike Conley Free Throw Made96.6-67.5
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MEM@SAC4th7:38Mike Conley Defensive Rebound98.1-67.5
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MEM@SAC4th4:35Mike Conley Free Throw Made98.35-67.5
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MEM@SAC4th4:35Mike Conley Free Throw Made99.6-67.5
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MEM@SAC4th2:47Mike Conley Turnover98.6-67.5
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MEM@SAC4th0:30Mike Conley Jump Field Goal Made119.6-67.5
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MEM@SAC4th0:05Mike Conley Free Throw Made120.35-67.5
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MEM@SAC4th0:05Mike Conley Free Throw Missed119.6-67.5
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MEM@SAC4th7:20Toney Douglas Turnover Mike Conley97.1-67.5
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MEM@SAC1st9:37Mike Conley Jump Field Goal Made, Marc Gasol Assist9-67.5
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MEM@SAC1st8:55Mike Conley Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Tayshaun Prince Assist18-67.5
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MEM@SAC3rd1:51Mike Conley Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Tayshaun Prince Assist92.6-67.5
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MEM@SAC2nd3:22Jason Thompson Turnover Mike Conley53.35-67.5
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MEM@SAC1st11:22DeMarcus Cousins Defensive Rebound1.5-67.5
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MEM@SAC1st7:30DeMarcus Cousins Defensive Rebound23.5-67.5
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MEM@SAC1st6:00DeMarcus Cousins Field Goal Missed25.5-67.5