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Week 20 '12-13 Wed 12/20-Tue 12/26

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Regular Season Game
ORL@MIL1st3:23Arron Afflalo Jump Field Goal Made, Nikola Vucevic Assist26.6-0
MIA@TOR4th6:39Ray Allen Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, LeBron James Assist104.75-0
MIA@TOR4th5:10Ray Allen Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, LeBron James Assist108.05-0
MIA@TOR4th4:37Shane Battier Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, LeBron James Assist113.85-0
OKC@DAL2nd8:17Kevin Durant Turnover Rodrigue Beaubois195.35-57
MIA@TOR3rd6:35Chris Bosh Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, LeBron James Assist80.45-0
OKC@DAL4th11:22Kevin Durant Turnover Vince Carter219.95-80.15
MIA@TOR1st1:35Norris Cole Layup Field Goal Made, LeBron James Assist28.4-0
MIA@TOR1st1:00Norris Cole Jump Field Goal Made, LeBron James Assist30.2-0
OKC@DAL1st4:29Darren Collison Field Goal Missed, Kevin Durant Blocked Shot179.85-48.5
OKC@DAL1st6:07Kevin Durant Defensive Rebound180.35-45.5
OKC@DAL1st6:00Kevin Durant Turnover180.35-44.5
OKC@DAL1st5:30Kevin Durant Jump Field Goal Made180.35-47
OKC@DAL1st2:52Kevin Durant Defensive Rebound179.85-50
OKC@DAL1st2:43Kevin Durant Free Throw Made182.35-51.25
OKC@DAL1st2:43Kevin Durant Free Throw Made182.35-52.5
OKC@DAL2nd8:06Kevin Durant Free Throw Made195.35-58.25
OKC@DAL2nd8:06Kevin Durant Free Throw Made195.35-59.5
OKC@DAL2nd7:12Kevin Durant Jump Field Goal Made195.35-61
OKC@DAL2nd5:16Kevin Durant Defensive Rebound197.85-66.75
OKC@DAL2nd4:39Kevin Durant Free Throw Made197.85-68
OKC@DAL2nd4:39Kevin Durant Free Throw Made197.85-69.25
OKC@DAL2nd4:23Kevin Durant Defensive Rebound197.85-70.75
OKC@DAL3rd7:49Kevin Durant Three Point Field Goal Missed197.85-71.05
OKC@DAL3rd5:49Kevin Durant Defensive Rebound197.85-72.55
OKC@DAL4th8:55Kevin Durant Layup Field Goal Made221.25-86.15
OKC@DAL4th8:55Kevin Durant Free Throw Made221.25-87.4
OKC@DAL4th7:52Kevin Durant Jump Three Point Field Goal Made220.75-95.7
OKC@DAL4th7:06Kevin Durant Layup Field Goal Made220.75-98.2
OKC@DAL4th6:20Kevin Durant Jump Field Goal Made220.75-99.7
OKC@DAL4th4:54Kevin Durant Defensive Rebound223.25-101.2
OKC@DAL4th4:45Kevin Durant Jump Three Point Field Goal Made223.25-107.7
OKC@DAL4th4:16Kevin Durant Jump Field Goal Made223.25-110.2
OKC@DAL4th3:10Kevin Durant Defensive Rebound223.25-111.7
OKC@DAL4th2:20Kevin Durant Defensive Rebound223.25-113.2
OKC@DAL4th0:02Kevin Durant Defensive Rebound223.25-116.7
OKC@DAL4th0:01Kevin Durant Free Throw Made223.25-117.95
OKC@DAL4th0:01Kevin Durant Free Throw Made223.25-119.2
OKC@DAL2nd5:58Elton Brand Turnover Kevin Durant197.85-65.25
OKC@DAL4th6:35Vince Carter Turnover Kevin Durant220.75-97.2
OKC@DAL4th9:29Kevin Durant Jump Field Goal Made, Derek Fisher Assist221.25-84.15
OKC@DAL4th10:20Mike James Turnover Kevin Durant219.45-81.65
OKC@DAL3rd8:41O. J. Mayo Turnover Kevin Durant197.85-71.55
OKC@DAL1st7:23Dirk Nowitzki Turnover Kevin Durant178.85-44
OKC@DAL1st9:47Kevin Durant Jump Field Goal Made, Russell Westbrook Assist168.35-44.5
ORL@MIL1st8:19Nikola Vucevic Turnover Monta Ellis19-0
ATL@BKN1st11:01Reggie Evans Layup Field Goal Made, Deron Williams Assist199.65-72.55
ATL@BKN1st10:02Reggie Evans Jump Field Goal Made, Deron Williams Assist203.95-74.35
ATL@BKN3rd1:04Reggie Evans Layup Field Goal Made, Deron Williams Assist255.45-144.05
MIA@TOR2nd2:52LeBron James Turnover Rudy Gay57.05-0
GS@HOU1st9:30James Harden Defensive Rebound118.35-5.5
GS@HOU1st7:34James Harden Jump Field Goal Made120.85-8.5
GS@HOU1st5:56James Harden Three Point Field Goal Missed126.85-10
GS@HOU1st5:30James Harden Field Goal Missed126.35-9.5
GS@HOU1st3:58James Harden Offensive Rebound129.85-12
GS@HOU1st3:53James Harden Field Goal Missed129.35-12
GS@HOU1st3:19James Harden Defensive Rebound130.85-11.5
GS@HOU1st2:46James Harden Defensive Rebound131.85-10.5
GS@HOU1st2:41James Harden Free Throw Made133.1-10.5
GS@HOU1st2:41James Harden Free Throw Made134.35-10.5
GS@HOU2nd7:59James Harden Free Throw Made138.1-17
GS@HOU2nd7:59James Harden Free Throw Made139.35-17
GS@HOU2nd7:25James Harden Turnover138.35-17
GS@HOU2nd6:41James Harden Defensive Rebound139.85-17
GS@HOU2nd5:25James Harden Jump Three Point Field Goal Made146.35-17
GS@HOU2nd3:21James Harden Three Point Field Goal Missed150.35-19
GS@HOU2nd2:12James Harden Field Goal Missed150.35-22.5
GS@HOU2nd1:08James Harden Free Throw Made151.6-27
GS@HOU2nd1:08James Harden Free Throw Made152.85-27
GS@HOU2nd0:39James Harden Defensive Rebound154.35-29
GS@HOU3rd11:36James Harden Field Goal Missed153.85-30
GS@HOU3rd9:10James Harden Offensive Rebound156.35-32.5
GS@HOU3rd8:27James Harden Layup Field Goal Made160.85-32.5
GS@HOU3rd7:48James Harden Defensive Rebound162.35-32.5
GS@HOU3rd7:01James Harden Jump Three Point Field Goal Made167.85-31.5
GS@HOU3rd6:38James Harden Defensive Rebound168.35-31.5
GS@HOU3rd6:32James Harden Layup Field Goal Made169.85-31.5
GS@HOU3rd5:57James Harden Field Goal Missed169.35-31.5
GS@HOU3rd4:00James Harden Turnover168.35-42
GS@HOU3rd2:56James Harden Jump Three Point Field Goal Made174.85-45
GS@HOU3rd2:01James Harden Turnover177.35-45
GS@HOU3rd1:31James Harden Defensive Rebound178.85-45
GS@HOU3rd0:46James Harden Field Goal Missed180.35-44
GS@HOU4th6:52James Harden Three Point Field Goal Missed185.85-52.5
GS@HOU4th3:12James Harden Three Point Field Goal Missed195.35-55.5
ORL@MIL1st4:35Moe Harkless Jump Field Goal Made, Nikola Vucevic Assist25.3-0
ORL@MIL2nd8:43Moe Harkless Jump Field Goal Made, Nikola Vucevic Assist37.5-0
ORL@MIL2nd4:10Moe Harkless Dunk Field Goal Made, Nikola Vucevic Assist52.55-0
MIA@TOR3rd10:31Udonis Haslem Jump Field Goal Made, LeBron James Assist68.85-0
ATL@BKN2nd3:08Al Horford Jump Field Goal Made, Kyle Korver Assist226.55-120.7
ATL@BKN1st9:29Deron Williams Turnover Al Horford204.95-74.85
OKC@DAL2nd2:31Serge Ibaka Dunk Field Goal Made, Kevin Durant Assist197.85-72.55
MIA@TOR1st11:28LeBron James Jump Three Point Field Goal Made10-0
MIA@TOR1st9:35LeBron James Jump Field Goal Made16-0
MIA@TOR1st7:41LeBron James Field Goal Missed17-0
MIA@TOR1st7:41LeBron James Offensive Rebound18.5-0
MIA@TOR1st6:35LeBron James Three Point Field Goal Missed20.5-0
MIA@TOR1st3:49LeBron James Three Point Field Goal Missed24.8-0
MIA@TOR1st0:41LeBron James Turnover29.2-0
MIA@TOR1st0:02LeBron James Free Throw Missed28.45-0