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Week 20 '12-13 Wed 12/20-Tue 12/26

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Regular Season Game
    Bonuses & Miscellaneous267.25-157.05
ATL@BKN4th3:01Josh Smith Free Throw Missed267.25-157.05
ATL@BKN4th3:01Josh Smith Layup Field Goal Made267.25-157.8
ATL@BKN4th3:23Deron Williams Free Throw Missed267.25-155.3
ATL@BKN4th3:23Deron Williams Free Throw Made268-155.3
ATL@BKN4th3:23Josh Smith Defensive Rebound266.75-155.3
ATL@BKN4th3:32Josh Smith Free Throw Made266.75-153.8
ATL@BKN4th3:32Josh Smith Dunk Field Goal Made, Jeff Teague Assist266.75-152.55
ATL@BKN4th4:01Brook Lopez Jump Field Goal Made, Deron Williams Assist266.75-150.05
ATL@BKN4th4:40Kyle Korver Defensive Rebound264.95-150.05
ATL@BKN4th5:32Josh Smith Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Jeff Teague Assist263.45-150.05
ATL@BKN4th9:10Deron Williams Jump Field Goal Made263.45-143.55
ATL@BKN4th9:23Deron Williams Defensive Rebound260.95-143.55
ATL@BKN3rd0:08Deron Williams Field Goal Missed259.45-143.55
ATL@BKN3rd0:29Deron Williams Turnover Jeff Teague259.95-143.55
ATL@BKN3rd0:33Deron Williams Jump Field Goal Made257.95-143.55
ATL@BKN3rd0:48Josh Smith Field Goal Missed255.45-143.55
ATL@BKN3rd1:04Reggie Evans Layup Field Goal Made, Deron Williams Assist255.45-144.05
ATL@BKN3rd1:24Josh Smith Dunk Field Goal Made253.65-144.05
ATL@BKN3rd2:33Deron Williams Jump Three Point Field Goal Made253.65-141.55
ATL@BKN3rd2:44Josh Smith Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Jeff Teague Assist247.15-141.55
ATL@BKN3rd3:31Deron Williams Field Goal Missed247.15-135.05
ATL@BKN3rd3:57Jeff Teague Layup Field Goal Made, Josh Smith Assist247.65-135.05
ATL@BKN3rd4:02Kyle Korver Turnover Deron Williams247.65-133.25
ATL@BKN3rd4:58Josh Smith Free Throw Missed246.65-133.25
ATL@BKN3rd4:58Josh Smith Jump Field Goal Made, Al Horford Assist246.65-134
ATL@BKN3rd5:15Brook Lopez Jump Field Goal Made, Deron Williams Assist246.65-131.5
ATL@BKN3rd5:45Brook Lopez Jump Field Goal Made, Deron Williams Assist244.85-131.5
ATL@BKN3rd6:02Deron Williams Three Point Field Goal Missed243.05-131.5
ATL@BKN3rd6:02Josh Smith Defensive Rebound243.55-131.5
ATL@BKN3rd6:24Josh Smith Dunk Field Goal Made, Jeff Teague Assist243.55-130
ATL@BKN3rd6:29Kyle Korver Turnover Brook Lopez243.55-127.5
ATL@BKN3rd6:38Deron Williams Defensive Rebound241.55-127.5
ATL@BKN3rd6:38Josh Smith Field Goal Missed240.05-127.5
ATL@BKN3rd7:07Kyle Korver Three Point Field Goal Missed240.05-128
ATL@BKN3rd7:38Kyle Korver Turnover240.55-128
ATL@BKN3rd8:44DeShawn Stevenson Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Josh Smith Assist241.55-128
ATL@BKN3rd9:00Josh Smith Defensive Rebound241.55-126.2
ATL@BKN3rd10:02Gerald Wallace Turnover Josh Smith241.55-124.7
ATL@BKN3rd10:27Kyle Korver Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Devin Harris Assist241.55-125.7
ATL@BKN3rd10:36Deron Williams Three Point Field Goal Missed235.05-125.7
ATL@BKN3rd11:08Deron Williams Jump Field Goal Made235.55-125.7
ATL@BKN3rd11:28Deron Williams Layup Field Goal Made233.05-125.7
ATL@BKN2nd0:02Al Horford Turnover Deron Williams230.55-125.7
ATL@BKN2nd1:02Josh Smith Dunk Field Goal Made231.55-125.7
ATL@BKN2nd1:19Deron Williams Jump Field Goal Made231.55-123.2
ATL@BKN2nd1:37Josh Smith Jump Field Goal Made, DeShawn Stevenson Assist229.05-123.2
ATL@BKN2nd2:05Kyle Korver Jump Field Goal Made, Jeff Teague Assist229.05-120.7
ATL@BKN2nd3:08Al Horford Jump Field Goal Made, Kyle Korver Assist226.55-120.7
ATL@BKN2nd3:25Josh Smith Turnover Gerald Wallace224.75-120.7
ATL@BKN2nd3:32Josh Smith Field Goal Missed224.75-118.7
ATL@BKN2nd3:45Deron Williams Three Point Field Goal Missed224.75-119.2
ATL@BKN2nd4:09Kyle Korver Turnover Joe Johnson225.25-119.2
OKC@DAL4th0:01Kevin Durant Free Throw Made223.25-119.2
OKC@DAL4th0:01Kevin Durant Free Throw Made223.25-117.95
OKC@DAL4th0:02Kevin Durant Defensive Rebound223.25-116.7
OKC@DAL4th0:35Field Goal Missed, Kevin Durant Blocked Shot223.25-115.2
OKC@DAL4th2:20Kevin Durant Defensive Rebound223.25-113.2
OKC@DAL4th3:10Kevin Durant Defensive Rebound223.25-111.7
OKC@DAL4th4:16Kevin Durant Jump Field Goal Made223.25-110.2
OKC@DAL4th4:45Kevin Durant Jump Three Point Field Goal Made223.25-107.7
OKC@DAL4th4:54Kevin Durant Defensive Rebound223.25-101.2
ATL@BKN1st0:06Deron Williams Free Throw Made223.25-99.7
ATL@BKN1st0:06Deron Williams Free Throw Made222-99.7
OKC@DAL4th6:20Kevin Durant Jump Field Goal Made220.75-99.7
OKC@DAL4th6:35Vince Carter Turnover Kevin Durant220.75-97.2
OKC@DAL4th7:06Kevin Durant Layup Field Goal Made220.75-98.2
OKC@DAL4th7:52Kevin Durant Jump Three Point Field Goal Made220.75-95.7
ATL@BKN1st2:37Johan Petro Jump Field Goal Made, Josh Smith Assist220.75-89.2
ATL@BKN1st2:52Deron Williams Three Point Field Goal Missed220.75-87.4
OKC@DAL4th8:55Kevin Durant Free Throw Made221.25-87.4
OKC@DAL4th8:55Kevin Durant Layup Field Goal Made221.25-86.15
ATL@BKN1st3:03Josh Smith Field Goal Missed221.25-83.65
OKC@DAL4th9:29Kevin Durant Jump Field Goal Made, Derek Fisher Assist221.25-84.15
ATL@BKN1st4:05Joe Johnson Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Deron Williams Assist221.25-81.65
OKC@DAL4th10:20Mike James Turnover Kevin Durant219.45-81.65
ATL@BKN1st4:30Josh Smith Three Point Field Goal Missed219.45-82.65
ATL@BKN1st4:38Kyle Korver Three Point Field Goal Missed219.45-83.15
ATL@BKN1st4:49Josh Smith Defensive Rebound219.95-83.15
ATL@BKN1st5:17Josh Smith Defensive Rebound219.95-81.65
OKC@DAL4th11:22Kevin Durant Turnover Vince Carter219.95-80.15
ATL@BKN1st5:53Deron Williams Field Goal Missed219.95-78.15
ATL@BKN1st5:53Kyle Korver Defensive Rebound220.45-78.15
ATL@BKN1st6:14Deron Williams Turnover Jeff Teague218.95-78.15
ATL@BKN1st6:38Deron Williams Layup Field Goal Made216.95-78.15
ATL@BKN1st6:54Deron Williams Defensive Rebound214.45-78.15
ATL@BKN1st6:59Devin Harris Turnover Deron Williams212.95-78.15
ATL@BKN1st7:35Kyle Korver Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Josh Smith Assist213.95-78.15
ATL@BKN1st8:23Josh Smith Defensive Rebound207.45-76.35
ATL@BKN1st8:51Kyle Korver Jump Field Goal Made207.45-74.85
ATL@BKN1st9:29Deron Williams Turnover Al Horford204.95-74.85
ATL@BKN1st9:33Al Horford Turnover Deron Williams202.95-74.85
ATL@BKN1st9:41Josh Smith Turnover203.95-74.85
ATL@BKN1st9:55Josh Smith Offensive Rebound203.95-75.85
ATL@BKN1st10:02Reggie Evans Jump Field Goal Made, Deron Williams Assist203.95-74.35
ATL@BKN1st10:14Kyle Korver Jump Field Goal Made, Josh Smith Assist202.15-74.35
ATL@BKN1st11:01Reggie Evans Layup Field Goal Made, Deron Williams Assist199.65-72.55
OKC@DAL3rd5:49Kevin Durant Defensive Rebound197.85-72.55
OKC@DAL3rd7:49Kevin Durant Three Point Field Goal Missed197.85-71.05
OKC@DAL3rd8:41O. J. Mayo Turnover Kevin Durant197.85-71.55
OKC@DAL2nd2:31Serge Ibaka Dunk Field Goal Made, Kevin Durant Assist197.85-72.55