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Week 20 '12-13 Wed 12/20-Tue 12/26

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Regular Season Game
    Bonuses & Miscellaneous217.5-114.25
ATL@BKN4th2:12Joe Johnson Field Goal Missed217.5-114.25
ATL@BKN4th2:12Joe Johnson Offensive Rebound217.5-114.75
ATL@BKN4th2:12Joe Johnson Field Goal Missed217.5-113.25
ATL@BKN4th2:53Joe Johnson Jump Three Point Field Goal Made217.5-113.75
ATL@BKN4th7:32Mirza Teletovic Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Joe Johnson Assist217.5-107.25
ATL@BKN3rd3:10Brook Lopez Dunk Field Goal Made, Joe Johnson Assist217.5-105.45
ATL@BKN3rd7:49Joe Johnson Jump Field Goal Made217.5-103.65
ATL@BKN3rd8:27Joe Johnson Turnover217.5-101.15
ATL@BKN3rd9:43Joe Johnson Offensive Rebound217.5-102.15
ATL@BKN3rd10:08Joe Johnson Three Point Field Goal Missed217.5-100.65
ATL@BKN2nd0:36Joe Johnson Field Goal Missed217.5-101.15
ATL@BKN2nd2:23Joe Johnson Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Brook Lopez Assist217.5-101.65
ATL@BKN2nd4:09Kyle Korver Turnover Joe Johnson217.5-95.15
ATL@BKN2nd5:13Joe Johnson Three Point Field Goal Missed217.5-96.15
ATL@BKN2nd7:46Joe Johnson Three Point Field Goal Missed217.5-96.65
ATL@BKN2nd8:31Joe Johnson Jump Field Goal Made217.5-97.15
ATL@BKN2nd10:20Joe Johnson Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, C. J. Watson Assist217.5-94.65
ATL@BKN2nd11:21Dahntay Jones Turnover Joe Johnson217.5-88.15
ATL@BKN1st4:05Joe Johnson Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Deron Williams Assist217.5-89.15
ATL@BKN1st7:14Joe Johnson Field Goal Missed217.5-82.65
ATL@BKN1st8:34Joe Johnson Three Point Field Goal Missed217.5-83.15
ATL@BKN1st10:32Joe Johnson Offensive Rebound217.5-83.65
ATL@BKN1st11:32Joe Johnson Field Goal Missed217.5-82.15
NO@MIN4th1:46Ryan Anderson Field Goal Missed217.5-82.65
GS@HOU4th2:25Jarrett Jack Field Goal Missed217.5-83.15
GS@HOU4th3:12David Lee Defensive Rebound218-83.15
GS@HOU4th4:16Klay Thompson Defensive Rebound216.5-83.15
GS@HOU4th4:49Jarrett Jack Defensive Rebound215-83.15
GS@HOU4th5:41David Lee Free Throw Missed213.5-83.15
GS@HOU4th5:41David Lee Jump Field Goal Made214.25-83.15
GS@HOU4th5:42David Lee Field Goal Missed211.75-83.15
NO@MIN4th5:44Ryan Anderson Turnover212.25-83.15
GS@HOU4th5:59David Lee Defensive Rebound212.25-84.15
NO@MIN4th6:07Ryan Anderson Jump Three Point Field Goal Made210.75-84.15
NO@MIN4th6:37Ryan Anderson Field Goal Missed210.75-77.65
GS@HOU4th6:39Klay Thompson Jump Three Point Field Goal Made210.75-78.15
GS@HOU4th6:52David Lee Defensive Rebound204.25-78.15
GS@HOU4th7:05Klay Thompson Jump Three Point Field Goal Made202.75-78.15
GS@HOU4th8:05Klay Thompson Three Point Field Goal Missed196.25-78.15
GS@HOU4th8:36Jarrett Jack Field Goal Missed196.75-78.15
GS@HOU4th10:30Klay Thompson Turnover197.25-78.15
NO@MIN4th11:22Ryan Anderson Free Throw Missed198.25-78.15
NO@MIN4th11:22Ryan Anderson Free Throw Made198.25-78.9
GS@HOU4th11:33Klay Thompson Defensive Rebound198.25-77.65
GS@HOU3rd0:25Jarrett Jack Three Point Field Goal Missed196.75-77.65
GS@HOU3rd1:06Jarrett Jack Turnover197.25-77.65
GS@HOU3rd1:31Klay Thompson Three Point Field Goal Missed198.25-77.65
GS@HOU3rd1:39Jarrett Jack Defensive Rebound198.75-77.65
GS@HOU3rd2:39Jarrett Jack Field Goal Missed197.25-77.65
NO@MIN3rd2:58Ryan Anderson Three Point Field Goal Missed197.75-77.65
NO@MIN3rd3:08Ryan Anderson Turnover197.75-78.15
GS@HOU3rd3:13Klay Thompson Jump Three Point Field Goal Made197.75-76.15
NO@MIN3rd3:25Ryan Anderson Field Goal Missed191.25-76.15
GS@HOU3rd3:33David Lee Defensive Rebound191.25-76.65
GS@HOU3rd4:00Klay Thompson Turnover189.75-76.65
GS@HOU3rd4:19Klay Thompson Jump Field Goal Made187.75-76.65
GS@HOU3rd4:50Klay Thompson Field Goal Missed185.25-76.65
GS@HOU3rd5:14David Lee Field Goal Missed185.75-76.65
GS@HOU3rd5:49Klay Thompson Jump Three Point Field Goal Made186.25-76.65
GS@HOU3rd6:07David Lee Field Goal Missed179.75-76.65
GS@HOU3rd7:16Klay Thompson Offensive Rebound180.25-76.65
GS@HOU3rd9:28David Lee Field Goal Missed178.75-76.65
GS@HOU3rd10:53David Lee Field Goal Missed179.25-76.65
GS@HOU3rd11:10David Lee Turnover179.75-76.65
GS@HOU2nd0:53Jarrett Jack Jump Field Goal Made177.75-76.65
NO@MIN2nd1:36Ryan Anderson Three Point Field Goal Missed175.25-76.65
NO@MIN2nd1:51Ryan Anderson Offensive Rebound175.25-77.15
GS@HOU2nd2:27David Lee Free Throw Made175.25-75.65
GS@HOU2nd3:04David Lee Defensive Rebound174-75.65
GS@HOU2nd3:14Klay Thompson Layup Field Goal Made172.5-75.65
GS@HOU2nd3:21Jarrett Jack Defensive Rebound170-75.65
GS@HOU2nd3:39Jarrett Jack Jump Three Point Field Goal Made168.5-75.65
GS@HOU2nd4:23Klay Thompson Jump Field Goal Made162-75.65
GS@HOU2nd4:43Klay Thompson Turnover159.5-75.65
GS@HOU2nd4:58David Lee Defensive Rebound160.5-75.65
GS@HOU2nd5:12Klay Thompson Turnover159-75.65
GS@HOU2nd5:55David Lee Offensive Rebound160-75.65
NO@MIN2nd6:51Ryan Anderson Turnover158.5-75.65
GS@HOU2nd7:11David Lee Field Goal Missed158.5-76.65
NO@MIN2nd8:04Ryan Anderson Jump Three Point Field Goal Made159-76.65
GS@HOU2nd8:17Klay Thompson Jump Three Point Field Goal Made159-70.15
GS@HOU2nd8:49Jarrett Jack Field Goal Missed152.5-70.15
NO@MIN2nd9:41Ryan Anderson Turnover153-70.15
NO@MIN2nd10:06Ryan Anderson Field Goal Missed153-71.15
GS@HOU2nd10:09Jarrett Jack Field Goal Missed153-71.65
NO@MIN2nd11:00Ryan Anderson Offensive Rebound153.5-71.65
GS@HOU1st0:38Jarrett Jack Field Goal Missed153.5-70.15
NO@MIN1st0:50Ryan Anderson Field Goal Missed154-70.15
GS@HOU1st1:26Jarrett Jack Free Throw Made154-70.65
GS@HOU1st1:26Jarrett Jack Layup Field Goal Made152.75-70.65
GS@HOU1st1:42Klay Thompson Defensive Rebound150.25-70.65
GS@HOU1st2:05Jarrett Jack Field Goal Missed148.75-70.65
GS@HOU1st2:15Jarrett Jack Defensive Rebound149.25-70.65
GS@HOU1st3:20David Lee Field Goal Missed147.75-70.65
GS@HOU1st3:51David Lee Defensive Rebound148.25-70.65
GS@HOU1st4:00David Lee Field Goal Missed146.75-70.65
GS@HOU1st4:39Klay Thompson Three Point Field Goal Missed147.25-70.65
GS@HOU1st5:11David Lee Layup Field Goal Made147.75-70.65
GS@HOU1st5:11David Lee Offensive Rebound145.25-70.65
GS@HOU1st5:51Klay Thompson Dunk Field Goal Made143.75-70.65