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Week 18 '11-12 Wed 2/1-Sat 2/4

TeamCoach RatingMTWTTotal
#2 (11-5)
#1 (13-3)
DEN@MIN1st11:59Arron Afflalo Field Goal Missed0--0.5
DEN@MIN1st7:16Arron Afflalo Field Goal Missed7.8-39.75
DEN@MIN1st2:48Arron Afflalo Turnover13.1-77.7
DEN@MIN1st0:46Arron Afflalo Defensive Rebound13.1-84.45
DEN@MIN2nd11:11Arron Afflalo Field Goal Missed13.1-84.95
DEN@MIN2nd2:12Arron Afflalo Field Goal Missed24.1-113.35
DEN@MIN2nd1:45Arron Afflalo Field Goal Missed24.1-115.35
DEN@MIN2nd1:45Arron Afflalo Offensive Rebound24.1-116.85
DEN@MIN2nd1:18Arron Afflalo Free Throw Made24.1-119.9
DEN@MIN2nd0:30Arron Afflalo Defensive Rebound24.1-125.7
DEN@MIN3rd9:55Arron Afflalo Jump Field Goal Made28.6-143.5
DEN@MIN3rd9:25Arron Afflalo Jump Three Point Field Goal Made28.6-152
DEN@MIN3rd3:00Arron Afflalo Jump Field Goal Made34.6-180.5
DEN@MIN3rd2:22Arron Afflalo Jump Three Point Field Goal Made36.1-189.5
DEN@MIN3rd5:04Arron Afflalo Jump Three Point Field Goal Made, Kenneth Faried Assist33.1-175
DEN@MIN2nd3:40Arron Afflalo Jump Field Goal Made, Ty Lawson Assist24.1-106.55
DEN@MIN1st1:34Arron Afflalo Layup Field Goal Made, Andre Miller Assist13.1-81.7
DEN@MIN2nd3:40Ty Lawson Turnover J. J. Barea24.1-108.55
DEN@MIN3rd11:24Ty Lawson Turnover J. J. Barea28.6-132.2
CLE@CHI1st7:40Carlos Boozer Free Throw Missed7.8-29.7
CLE@CHI1st7:40Carlos Boozer Free Throw Made7.8-30.95
CLE@CHI1st6:26Carlos Boozer Defensive Rebound10.3-49.35
CLE@CHI1st3:10Carlos Boozer Field Goal Missed13.1-79.2
CLE@CHI3rd11:45Carlos Boozer Defensive Rebound28.6-129.2
CLE@CHI3rd11:45Carlos Boozer Defensive Rebound28.6-130.7
CLE@CHI3rd10:08Carlos Boozer Jump Field Goal Made, Richard Hamilton Assist28.6-141
CLE@CHI1st11:59Antawn Jamison Turnover Carlos Boozer0--1.5
CLE@CHI1st3:34Carlos Boozer Jump Field Goal Made, C. J. Watson Assist13.1-75.7
CLE@CHI3rd9:19Carlos Boozer Layup Field Goal Made, C. J. Watson Assist28.6-154.5
CLE@CHI3rd8:46Carlos Boozer Jump Field Goal Made, C. J. Watson Assist28.6-156
PHI@DET2nd6:14Thaddeus Young Turnover Will Bynum19.1-92.75
MIA@WAS1st6:54John Wall Turnover Mario Chalmers7.8-46.05
LAL@SAC1st10:51DeMarcus Cousins Field Goal Missed58.35-195.5
LAL@SAC1st10:51DeMarcus Cousins Offensive Rebound59.85-195.5
LAL@SAC1st10:41DeMarcus Cousins Layup Field Goal Made62.35-195.5
LAL@SAC1st9:05DeMarcus Cousins Defensive Rebound66.35-195.5
LAL@SAC1st8:12DeMarcus Cousins Defensive Rebound67.85-195.5
LAL@SAC1st6:41DeMarcus Cousins Offensive Rebound71.85-195.5
LAL@SAC1st4:51DeMarcus Cousins Defensive Rebound73.35-195.5
LAL@SAC1st4:51DeMarcus Cousins Defensive Rebound74.85-195.5
LAL@SAC1st4:00DeMarcus Cousins Jump Field Goal Made77.35-195.5
LAL@SAC1st4:00DeMarcus Cousins Free Throw Made78.6-195.5
LAL@SAC1st4:00DeMarcus Cousins Defensive Rebound80.1-195.5
LAL@SAC1st2:57DeMarcus Cousins Defensive Rebound81.6-195.5
LAL@SAC1st2:03DeMarcus Cousins Defensive Rebound83.1-195.5
LAL@SAC2nd4:14DeMarcus Cousins Defensive Rebound84.6-195.5
LAL@SAC2nd2:31DeMarcus Cousins Offensive Rebound86.1-195.5
LAL@SAC2nd2:15DeMarcus Cousins Layup Field Goal Made88.6-195.5
LAL@SAC2nd2:15DeMarcus Cousins Offensive Rebound90.1-195.5
LAL@SAC2nd2:15DeMarcus Cousins Field Goal Missed89.6-195.5
LAL@SAC2nd2:15DeMarcus Cousins Offensive Rebound91.1-195.5
LAL@SAC2nd1:44DeMarcus Cousins Free Throw Missed90.35-195.5
LAL@SAC2nd1:44DeMarcus Cousins Free Throw Missed89.6-195.5
LAL@SAC2nd1:44DeMarcus Cousins Offensive Rebound91.1-195.5
LAL@SAC3rd8:10DeMarcus Cousins Defensive Rebound94.4-195.5
LAL@SAC3rd7:22DeMarcus Cousins Turnover93.4-195.5
LAL@SAC3rd6:52DeMarcus Cousins Jump Field Goal Made95.9-195.5
LAL@SAC3rd5:52DeMarcus Cousins Free Throw Made97.15-195.5
LAL@SAC3rd5:52DeMarcus Cousins Free Throw Made98.4-195.5
LAL@SAC3rd4:03DeMarcus Cousins Offensive Rebound99.9-195.5
LAL@SAC3rd4:03DeMarcus Cousins Field Goal Missed99.4-195.5
LAL@SAC3rd4:03DeMarcus Cousins Offensive Rebound100.9-195.5
LAL@SAC3rd4:03DeMarcus Cousins Layup Field Goal Made103.4-195.5
LAL@SAC3rd0:30DeMarcus Cousins Free Throw Made104.65-195.5
LAL@SAC3rd0:30DeMarcus Cousins Free Throw Made105.9-195.5
LAL@SAC4th11:00DeMarcus Cousins Jump Field Goal Made110.4-195.5
LAL@SAC4th10:04DeMarcus Cousins Defensive Rebound111.9-195.5
LAL@SAC4th8:44DeMarcus Cousins Defensive Rebound113.4-195.5
LAL@SAC1st10:20DeMarcus Cousins Jump Field Goal Made, Tyreke Evans Assist64.85-195.5
LAL@SAC4th3:18DeMarcus Cousins Jump Field Goal Made, Tyler Honeycutt Assist115.9-195.5
LAL@SAC1st7:41DeMarcus Cousins Jump Field Goal Made, Isaiah Thomas Assist70.35-195.5
DEN@MIN1st10:45Kenneth Faried Dunk Field Goal Made, Danilo Gallinari Assist1.8-6.3
DEN@MIN1st11:35Kenneth Faried Jump Field Goal Made, Ty Lawson Assist0-2.8
DEN@MIN1st9:44Kenneth Faried Layup Field Goal Made, Ty Lawson Assist1.8-16.4
DEN@MIN1st9:00Danilo Gallinari Jump Field Goal Made4.3-20.7
DEN@MIN1st8:33Danilo Gallinari Free Throw Made5.55-21.2
DEN@MIN1st8:33Danilo Gallinari Free Throw Made6.8-21.2
DEN@MIN1st8:19Danilo Gallinari Field Goal Missed6.3-24.95
DEN@MIN1st7:52Danilo Gallinari Defensive Rebound7.8-30.45
DEN@MIN1st6:35Danilo Gallinari Jump Field Goal Made10.3-46.05
DEN@MIN1st6:10Danilo Gallinari Free Throw Missed9.55-57.35
DEN@MIN1st6:10Danilo Gallinari Free Throw Made10.8-57.35
DEN@MIN1st5:46Danilo Gallinari Defensive Rebound12.3-59.1
DEN@MIN2nd6:35Danilo Gallinari Jump Field Goal Made17.1-92.75
DEN@MIN2nd0:30Danilo Gallinari Free Throw Made25.35-125.7
DEN@MIN2nd0:30Danilo Gallinari Free Throw Made26.6-125.7
DEN@MIN3rd7:40Danilo Gallinari Field Goal Missed28.1-158
DEN@MIN3rd6:35Danilo Gallinari Layup Field Goal Made30.6-155.5
DEN@MIN3rd5:41Danilo Gallinari Free Throw Made31.85-168.5
DEN@MIN3rd5:41Danilo Gallinari Free Throw Made33.1-168.5
DEN@MIN3rd4:44Danilo Gallinari Defensive Rebound34.6-175
DEN@MIN2nd5:28Danilo Gallinari Dunk Field Goal Made, Andre Miller Assist24.1-92.75
ORL@MEM1st10:04Rudy Gay Dunk Field Goal Made1.8-12.8
ORL@MEM1st8:05Rudy Gay Defensive Rebound6.3-25.95
ORL@MEM1st7:33Rudy Gay Free Throw Made7.8-32.2
ORL@MEM1st7:33Rudy Gay Free Throw Made7.8-33.45
ORL@MEM1st0:43Rudy Gay Defensive Rebound13.1-85.95
ORL@MEM1st0:43Rudy Gay Three Point Field Goal Missed13.1-85.45
ORL@MEM2nd4:42Rudy Gay Defensive Rebound24.1-97.75
ORL@MEM2nd2:52Rudy Gay Jump Field Goal Made24.1-114.35