fsbarren Dec 21 '78

We have a couple final spots in an ESPN 20-team/28-stat roto league.

We're in our sixth year and have a great core of owners (we get along, we argue, we come back next season and do it all again). It's highly competitive and fun (we have some Big Personalities, Quiet Schemers and everything in between).

Draft is on 3/16 (Sat) @ 7:00 EST

It's a Free seasonal league (no keepers) but that encourages plenty of trading during the year.

It's a very active league with daily message posts and the league managers (a trio of them, myself included) keep things fair and active (occasional power rankings and articles, home page updates, etc).

We're also a competitive bunch and the multitude of sometimes offsetting stats makes it like a giant puzzle to compete against your fellow owners (of whom we have all types). Most committed owners who join stay on, and most say this is their favorite league (or at least the most often checked).

Link for the league is: go.com

email fsbarren@ix.netcom.com if interested.

P.S. The settings say that required vetos on trade votes is 20 out of 20 but it's really LM approval, but we keep league league voting up so we can see what the rest of the league feels on a trade (we're progressive that way). Also, we manually reset the waiver wire weekly to the inverse of Monday morning's standings to continually give the weakest teams a chance to stay active and build their squads.