sportstrucker Dec 13 '78

team owner relocated for new job need replacement owner

dynasty team with 10 player minor league/Farm team set up on proboard(free to join)

League name: Braggin Rights Dynasty Baseball

League password: baseball (this is a private league and requires a password


DallasFootball Dec 13 '78

what is minor league/farm team

sportstrucker Dec 13 '78

exactlly as it sound you have a 10 player (minor league players/rookies this year) team the playerr avail on flea are kept on the DL and the ones not are only on the farm team on proboards you can promote them to your mlb roster if you want but then can only send back to minors/farm team when MLB team does at beginning of each season you must either drop or promote any players that have exceeded 130 at bats or 50 innings pitched