dabombs25 Dec 09 '78

I am starting a new fantasy baseball league. It will be point based, h2h on yahoo. Exact details are being worked out as I want to have a democratic approach to the initial set up of it. I need at least 10 teams, already have 6 owners. League can go up to 12 teams though. I want people who are looking to be in the league year after year as this will be a keeper league. Keepers will be either 5 or 6 per year with a max of 3 years. Total roster size will be 20 players.

League Fee: Between $100-$150 (Might do a $100 league with $1 per transaction or just a flat fee, will be put up to a vote) initial fees due at beginning of the season.

Keepers: Yes (either 5 or 6 keepers with a few options on how keepers will be allowed). Trading of future draft picks will also be allowed.

Scoring: Point based (i.e. home run equals 6 points) similar to fantasy football scoring

Payouts: Regular season champ will receive a payout, usually equal to buy in, or if we do pay per transaction, the total transaction pot. Places 1st-3rd during the playoffs will also receive compensation totaling the remainder of the pot.

Rosters: 20 man roster with only 3 bench places

Lineup: Weekly

Reply if you are interested, put your email address so I can send you the sign in info.