FantasyGuru1965 Feb 17 '13

Had to remove a couple guys and I'm in need of two owners for each of these leagues. Grab a team and read the message board to get caught up on things.


FantasyGuru1965 9 Months

Need 1 replacement owner here

Password: phoenix

FantasyGuru1965 Aug 11 '13

Two openings... Great teams.

FantasyGuru1965 Jun 05 '13

IDP Dynasty league needs owner, waiting to start draft...

FantasyGuru1965 Mar 27 '13

Need new owner ASAP!

FantasyGuru1965 Mar 16 '13

Two fresh openings here...

Dom Feb 17 '13

FantasyGuru is a good and active commish if you want to join a stable league.