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mike3820 Mar 24 '78

Keeper league in it's 3rd year looking to drop the dead wood in the league and hope to fine a few who will takeover teams that need work. The rest of the league is active with moves and trades. A lot of teams are willing to trade draft picks, so rebuilding for next season is very possible. 6 keepers/team.

Here are the teams available. If you're interested, please email me (, let me know what team you're interested in, and I'll try to get you in.


Kellyridgeal Mar 28 '78

Mike3620, will take over Brooklyn Bombers, If you want, check extras. forum, I am Kelly there.See Dishonest commishes, I am co-commish for Legends of the Game leagues. I play fair and have built teams up before. Up to you, would like to play, Kelly