DARKSEID Jul 02 '09

in need of an owner. Join before the new week starts.



ssuperflash Jul 02 '09

Good team?

DARKSEID Jul 03 '09

Well maybe a great team was a strech, but it's got potential.

Volt Jul 03 '09

Great?!? Not quite, but it is a very serviceable roster especially since there are some pretty good players available.

ssuperflash Jul 03 '09

Oh come on, you guys are too lenient. It's got 43 points so far. Not much. It's get blown out by the other worst team!

Volt Jul 03 '09

If someone would have actually set that lineup this week that team would be winning. Oh, and bad mouthing a team is not a great way to get it filled. Wise up there chief.

ssuperflash Jul 03 '09

Okay, but I doubt anyone would want it.