Volt Jun 02 '09

I figured I would test out the baseball side of things so I started a league. This will be a keeper league. The draft will be this Saturday night at 9:15 pm eastern time. If you are interested just post in here and send a message and I will send you the password. 
Are you up to the challenge?


Volt Jun 11 '09

Come on people! Drafting this Sunday. Don't miss it!

[Deleted User] Jun 30 '09

so this is where all the MORON's meet at.............lol.........i figured you ass.holes all knew one another, all you got to do is invite Doug 220 and you've got a complete team of MORON's

ssuperflash Jun 30 '09


Volt Jun 10 '09

3 spots left. I think 3 people got abducted by aliens because they disappeared.

lovefootball Jun 09 '09

I'll join send me the password please

Volt Jun 06 '09

Draft has been moved back to Sunday since there are a couple of spots still open. May have to go on a recon mission to other sites since nobody probably knows about fleabaseball yet.

DARKSEID Jun 07 '09

4 more to go. Get'em while they're hot.

DARKSEID Jun 07 '09

Any luck with the re-con?

scotto1959 Jun 07 '09

If he's Army, he will come back with goat cheese and rice patties.

DARKSEID Jun 08 '09

Looks like he came back with one. Three more spots still open. Don't be scared, give it a try.

scotto1959 Jun 09 '09

I think I got drunk and joined????

FantasyGuru1965 Jun 06 '09

Send this guy an invite... cfdocstu34@gmail.com, his name is Clay and I play in a lot of fantasy football leagues with him and he is a fantasy whore roflmao... :)

Volt Jun 06 '09

Sent him an invite.

Volt Jun 04 '09

Still a few spots open. Let's get this thing filled!

DARKSEID Jun 05 '09

Fill'er up!

scotto1959 Jun 05 '09

I will play fair, unless I figure out how to cheat....

FantasyGuru1965 Jun 04 '09

I want in....

[Deleted User] Jun 03 '09

I'm down voltron. let me in

scotto1959 Jun 03 '09

Sure let him in... is this like hockey???