MainyNy Apr 07 '77

in our league we have people who go out and recruit pitchers who will pitch twice in the same week every week. This week out top team in the league who has won fairly (Not Me) is facing a team that has 4 pitchers starting twice in the same week. I would like flea flicker to come up with an commissioners option to turn this off and only allow a pitcher to play once a week

If you agree please add a comment


Dynasty001 Apr 29 '77

haha... ummm... disagree

DARKSEID Apr 07 '77

Disagree, thats whats called a strategy. Why punish a team for doing their homework and using the 2 start pitchers? Maybe you need to step up your game?

seafish Apr 07 '77

WOW first owners complain that their is to much streaming now this

then i say since he want to limit how many time pitchers start what about the relief pitchers who save 3 games should they only be able to play once and then he would want to limit postions players can you see a league that only your frist base man played only one day a week

what a joke this owner is just upset cause he does not take the time to do the same