budsal Mar 05 '77

just wondering if its time to change carl crawfords picture to a red sox uniform...


Dynasty001 Mar 06 '77

who cares?

budsal Mar 07 '77

me.Tampa sux

Dynasty001 Mar 07 '77

im a boston fan too, get over it, its just a picture... not a big issue

budsal Mar 10 '77

the only one making it a bigger issue is you.i mearly stated a fact.now you get over it or mind your buisness.

Dynasty001 Mar 10 '77

haha all i asked was who cares? it doesnt matter... its a picture... i think thats making less of a deal of it than u were

budsal Mar 12 '77

u keep replying on something i suggested.Do i reply and tell you that your posts do not matter?i made a point to the fact that he is not in his teams outfit yet you say it doesnt matter.well im a red sox fan and it does matter.so get over it i guess.haha

Dynasty001 Mar 12 '77

good for you

budsal Mar 13 '77


Dom Mar 14 '77

If you haven't figured it out by now, Wilson is an A-hole.

budsal Mar 06 '77

I never said FF ,I just was wondering if it is time to change his pic.

[Deleted User] Mar 06 '77

Thats not FF, Rotowire is the ones that provide pics to players