J-J Apr 11 '11

look at this sad sack's league.


he has the #1 team in flea eligible standings - & for good reason - he's the only 1 in the league!

send this LAXes a quick message letting them know just how pathetic they are.


hammerallin Jun 24 '11

if you look at all the top teams, they all are in leagues by themselves.

J-J Jun 24 '11

the legit rankings start at either 3 or 4, depending who you ask.

but for sure, the teams at 1 & 2 are NOT playing the same game as everyone else

Dom Jun 25 '11


Are you interested in joining this league JJ? Craig is the LM.

J-J May 13 '11

well i've gone & done what i can with "SHOULDN"T COUNT".

it's a private league, just like LAXes, where i'm the only active owner, literally trading with myself, streaming the best 4 P's each day.

& the team still sits at #1 because the league is still flea eligible.


J-J Apr 11 '11

this is true.

i'm not putting it on flea as much for allowing a user to bend the system. that's whatever.

it was more about spotlighting how truly sad & lonely this user must be to literally play by themselves & lock out the world to achieve what could only be described as meaningless validation

Dom Apr 11 '11

No sense in complaining. Flea is on auto pilot. Never have done anything about these before anyway.

J-J Apr 11 '11

cheaters suck

seafish Apr 12 '11

it must be the only way he can win