junglejunky Nov 29 '75

thowin this topic out there -

i've seen this on other sites & message boards.

what if FF started handing out annual user awards?

users would nominate contenders in categories like: most creative; most helpful; most dominant player; best commish; & the prestigious "mr. glorious" given out as the highest overall award.

users would cast votes once a year during the lull of the sports season (right about now).

winners would have their newly elected titles next to wherever their user name appears.

wat u think?


Riggs44R Nov 30 '75

It sounds like a GREAT idea to me! Most helpful could also be a way guys can pay homage to a guy for smack talking so much and firing guys up so much that it makes them care more and in return improves their fantasy football game immensely! Ask LarryKrams and Morticians what I've done for their games! LoL