RUShittingMe Aug 07 '75

League Size: 10 Teams Mixed

Site: ESPN

Style: Full Dynasty with Minors

Scoring: Similar to CBS, add on weight toward 5 tool players and SP. Also rewards situational stats and defensive OF plays.

Use C, 1b, 2b, 3b, SS, MI, CI, 3 OF, 2 UTL and 7 P and 1 RP slots to start every week.

Dues: $50 for 2010, Due February 28, 2010 at midnight. Payouts: TBD. The total pot will be 500, we are looking at 275 for 150 for 2nd and 75 for 3rd.

Winter Meeting: There will be a winter meeting scheduled (attendance is mandatory for all). You may discuss trading here and meet the other GMs. You may do trades including draft picks at winter meeting and this is the only time draft picks may be traded.

Trade Deadline: July 31st

Minor League Policy: You can keep your minor league players forever until the season in which they are called up for the first time. You have then the remainder of that season plus 1 week at that season's end to add any players that are called up. Failure to do this = loss of player rights. You claim minor leaguers in the bulletin board thread on the ESPN page which correlates with the team your conference is in (either NL or AL). However, if you are attempting to "claim" a minor league that has been dropped, then you will need to submit a silent waiver claim to the league manager (myself) and the highest priority gets it. The preliminary waiver order will be drawn at random.

FA/Minors Draft: We will be having a FA/minors draft at some point during the offseason to account for any real drafts that have already happened or will happen. You are on your caveat if you draft a player that may or may not be drafted and signed. This order will be based on 2009 reverse standings. The draft will take place in the League CBox Applet that is under the LM Note on the ESPN League Homepage. There will also be a running draft thread for your reference. Hold all transactions until post draft announcement is made from the LM office (through email).

Trading: Is determined by the LM (myself). If I find a trade hard to decide on, I will put it to the league to vote.

Keepers: This is full dynasty you may keep all the players that you want, for as long as you want. There are no contracts or salaries.

Here is the Roster: (Personal Analysis: This team has some solid veteran talent on the offensive side, and if you will notice the strength of this team is its great young pitching). A solid offense, great pitching, could be a sleeper in 2010 if managed correctly. Offense does need some work, but that can be handled via trading, smart drafting and getting breakout players out of FA early on. There are some vultures in the league...) I hope you are interested in this team. The league is legit, its going on its 5th year in 2010. Look forward to having you with us. Respond to email: (or send me an IM) if you wish to discuss taking the team over. Thanks.)

C-Bengie Molina

1b-Mark Reynolds

2b-Placido Polanco

3b-Kevin Kouzmanoff

SS-Orlando Cabrera

MI-Adam Kennedy

CI-Jorge Cantu

LF-Johnny Damon

CF-Will Venable

RF-Jayson Werth

UTL-Milton Bradley

UTL-Jason Kubel

BENCH: Aubrey Huff 1b/3b, JJ Hardy SS, Elijah Dukes OF, Paul Konerko 1b, Mike Lowell 3b, Lou Marson C, Dexter Fowler OF, Daniel Murphy 1b/OF, Travis Hafner UTL, Mike Fontenot 2b/3b, Taylor Teagarden C, Scott Posednik OF

P - David Price

P - Edwin Jackson

P - Sean West

P - Jeff Niemann

P - Scott Kazmir

P - Charlie Morton

P - Chris Volstad

P - Joe Saunders

RP - Joe Nathan

BN: Kevin Millwood, Sean O'Sullivan, Charlie Morton, Kevin Slowey, Eric Bedard, Antonio Bastardo, Huston Street, Carlos Torres

Minor Leaguers

1) Dominic Brown

2) Zack Wheeler

3) Michael Taylor

4) Martin Perez

5) Reymond Fuentes

6) A.J. Pollack

7) Matt Davidson

8) Dexter Carter

9) Oscar Tejada

And Roster 2 (Little heavy on Red Sox and good Pitching)

off/bn: Iannetta, Votto, Pedroia, Youk, Andrus, Kendrick, Coghlan, Laporta, Cameron, Ellsbury, Vlad, Borbon, Hermida, Atkins, Beltran, Lowrie, Pearce, Salome, Teahan, Castillo, Johnson, Cust, Delgado

ptc/bn: billingsley, buccholz, greinke, buehrle, jimenez, masterson, norris, joba, parra, poreda, romero, harang, marcum, niese, rivera, marmol, fuentes


RUShittingMe Aug 11 '75

Roster 2 is taken

Roster 1 available