[Deleted User] May 22 '75

I have a first place team that needs a owner who will stick it out for the rest of the season!!

Here is the link:


This is a passworded league, if you like to have team, drop me a e-mail and I will give you the password!





ssuperflash May 23 '75

Wait a second, I dropped that team on accident.

DARKSEID May 23 '75

Seems like dropping leagues is a habit with you. Did you drop this team by accident also? fleaflicker.com

Why can't you just be a man a play through the losses? QUITTER!!!!!

ssuperflash May 23 '75

I will. If he could give me the password.

DARKSEID May 23 '75

If Rick is smart he won't let you back in. As far as I'm concerned you will never be in another one of my league's. To me quitter's are just as bad as cheater's. How does somebody accidently drop a league?

ssuperflash May 23 '75

I thought I was droipping one, and I accidently dropped another.