scotto1959 Mar 14 '75

I don't know what I'm doing. Rotation for pitchers, scoring starts and ends where? Any advise on this game would be helpful. They play every day almost But pitchers may only start once a week. After they play can you switch them out with someone else and keep thier points??? I am a tard at this and any help would be nice.


ndog78 Mar 16 '75

If you allow for daily lineup switches you can change out your pitchers daily. This is kind of nice if you rotate quite a few relievers in and out and want to put a reliever in when you suspect he'll pitch and take him out when you suspect he'll sit and pit someone else in.

I personally like daily lineup switches. I've never played weekly lineups. I'm trying it out in a few leagues on here but I'm certain I'll always prefer daily. Gives you more control, you can sit someone who is hurt (but no on the DL) or just play a pitching matchup.

FFCSR_Doug Mar 14 '75

The weeks starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. In leagues that lock lineups weekly (to check go to league rules) and the commissioner has selected "Lock each lineup slot individually at the player's game time" - the recommended option - players will locked into starting spots at their team's first game of the week. Once a pitcher's team plays their first game of the week he is locked in and can not be removed from the starting lineup. So in weekly leagues, you should look for pitchers who might make multiple starts over that 7 day span.

In leagues that lock lineups daily, you can change your starters every day. In these types of league you can try to maximize your starting pitchers on a day to day basis.