deen Jun 02 '09

How will we know whos starting everyday?

Will there be a icon for players who are playing and an icon for players who are benched for the day?


deen Jun 03 '09

Cool thanks...

Im a fantasy baseball vet on yahoo and espn...Yahoo uses ^ if they're starting and x if they're benched...Espn uses a blue S if they're starting and a red box if they're benched..

Just wondering how flea is gonna do it.

FFCSR_Doug Jun 04 '09

Misinterpreted your question. There is no starter / bench indicator that appears next to a players name. We will add that to our list of things we need to upgrade. Thanks for catching it.

ndog78 Jun 05 '09

I think I mentioned this a day or so ago as well. Really looking forward to this function!

FFCSR_Doug Jun 03 '09

If you go to your team tab > roster, you have the ability to view and set your current as well as future lineups.

By going into upcoming days you can see who the starters are and what players are benched.