LynnSnell7 Mar 14 '75

Join my league


LynnSnell7 Mar 17 '75

Guys it was supposed to be the Bombers of the Big Apple meaning the two teams in New York. Bombers meaning the good hitters

Volt Mar 14 '75

Maybe you should go post this in the recruitment area...

LynnSnell7 Mar 14 '75

In baseball go to the league that says The Bombers of the Big Apple

scotto1959 Mar 15 '75

Do you really think this is a good name for your league???? Just think about it for a minute!!!

luke1982 Mar 15 '75

At least it wasn't named by a person named 'Anoop'.

ssuperflash Mar 15 '75

Wow! I didn't know being Namist was even possible! Idiot.

luke1982 Mar 15 '75

Shut up and get me a slurpy.

ssuperflash Mar 15 '75

Wow! Racist as well! Get yourself a slurpie, and stop being a idiot who can't get off the sofa and get buy himself a slurpy which he is allergic to. Idiot! Shut up fool! Get me a slurpy. Get me everthing! Idiot!

luke1982 Mar 15 '75

AWWW! Did I make you mad? Don't go BLOWING your top now.

Chosyn1 Mar 15 '75

I belive its dont go blowing your turben off

ssuperflash Mar 16 '75

Savior, I don't want to get in an argument. Luke, stop pulling me into discussions by mentioning my name. I was given it, and it's not like it is chosen to make your life better or whatever the heck you think that it does.