Volt Mar 13 '75

What do you all think about the idea of fleaflicker baseball? Will be interesting to see how the this side of things will work. Who is up to the challenge?


ssuperflash May 13 '75

Baseball has been doing fine. We need to bump a few of these threads.

DARKSEID Mar 13 '75

Looks like we are getting baseball. I thought alot of you said it would never happen? I love being right.

DARKSEID Mar 13 '75

I like the idea of fleaflicker having baseball, I already play on a few different sites.

Volt Mar 13 '75

There were a few that said it wouldn't happen. I always said that they should focus on fixing up the football side of things before expanding. As long as the football side (and now the baseball side) stays up to date then they can expand all they want.

scotto1959 Mar 13 '75

I get all the guys that thier last names end in ZZZZZZ

ndog78 Mar 17 '75

I think it's a great idea. I'm newer to fleaflicker. I've only completed one league so far. Last year I tried a league to see how I liked it. I really liked my experience. So for me adding baseball is great. It gives me, and other people, another sport to keep me here and it should help fleaflicker grow!

To the people who say they need to fix the football first. This site already offers exceptional options for a free site. It's 10 times better than yahoo. In order to keep competing they have to have a little bit wider product. And both sports are probably built on the same engine so updating probably isn't that big a deal. Whatever updates come about now will be for both sports.