Nick Markakis RF BAL Mar 11 '13

Nick Markakis went for an MRI on his neck Monday.

Markakis hasn't played since March 1 due to a stiff neck and was sent for the MRI after suffering a setback last week. The Orioles will look at the results Monday night and aren't expected to make an announcement on his status until Tuesday.

Nick Markakis RF BAL Mar 09 '13

Nick Markakis will have an MRI exam done Monday as a precautionary measure for a stiff neck that has bothered him since Sunday.

Markakis, 29, hasn't played since March 1 and was believed to be progressing until he suffered a setback Thursday. Manager Buck Showalter said he doesn't think there's any urgency with the injury but also shied away from downplaying it. The outfielder struggled with injuries in 2012 that limited him to just 104 games but played in at least 160 games in each of the three previous seasons, so he's fairly durable. We'll wait to hear the results of the MRI before getting too concerned.

Nick Markakis RF BAL Mar 08 '13

Nick Markakis (neck) will not return to Grapefruit League action on Sunday as originally planned.

Markakis hasn't done any baseball activities since Sunday due to a stiff neck. It stiffened up on him again Thursday, so the Orioles don't want to push it.

Nick Markakis RF BAL Mar 06 '13

Nick Markakis (neck) is expected to return to the Orioles' Grapefruit League lineup on Sunday.

Markakis has been out for a couple of days with a stiff neck that he developed while sleeping. It's not a big deal. Markakis, 29, batted .298/.363/.471 with 13 home runs and 54 RBI in 104 games last season.

Nick Markakis RF BAL Mar 05 '13

Nick Markakis (neck) said Tuesday that he's likely to miss a few more days.

Markakis hasn't done any baseball activities since he woke up Sunday with a stiff neck. His symptoms have improved, but he will continue to receive treatment for now. "The good thing is I wasn't getting any numbness or any pain down my arm or leg or anything so we've kind of ruled out anything with a disc probably," said Markakis. "That's good. Today's better than yesterday so that's all we can hope for and we move on from there. I'll get my treatment and hopefully I'll be out there in a couple days."

Nick Markakis RF BAL Mar 04 '13

Nick Markakis (neck) will likely be held out of action at least through Tuesday.

Markakis is dealing with neck spasms, and although he feels better, the Orioles aren't ready to put him into a game yet. However, it's not a long-term concern.

Nick Markakis RF BAL Mar 03 '13

Nick Markakis was scratched from Sunday's lineup due to neck spasms.

Markakis is just a little achy after sleeping funny. The outfielder was examined to make sure nothing was structurally wrong, and he should be back in action in a day or two.

Nick Markakis RF BAL Feb 22 '13

Nick Markakis said Friday that acid reflux tests did not reveal an ulcer.

Acid reflux is nothing new for Markakis, as he also had a test back in 2005. It appears to be a non-issue, though.

Nick Markakis RF BAL Feb 20 '13

Nick Markakis was held out of Wednesday's intrasquad games after being examined for acid reflux.

Manny Machado and Zach Braddock had similar exams earlier this week. The Orioles are trying to find out if the acid reflux is related to an ulcer, but it shouldn't have any impact on his ability to play. Markakis is scheduled to leave the team Wednesday to attend a funeral in Baltimore, but he should be back by Friday.

Nick Markakis RF BAL Feb 19 '13

Nick Markakis will leave the team following Wednesday's intrasquad in order to attend a funeral in Baltimore.

Markakis will be away from the team for a few days, so he could miss the beginning of the Grapefruit League schedule. However, his brief absence will not have any impact on his readiness for the season.