Tyler Flowers C CWS Jan 12 '796 Comments

Tyler Flowers went 2-for-3 and homered in a second straight game Wednesday versus the Royals.

Flowers took Ervin Santana deep today. On Monday, he homered off James Shields for the only run in the White Sox's 1-0 win. We don't expect Flowers to hit for average, but it wouldn't be a total shock if he leads AL catchers in homers this year.


begs Jan 13 '79

hes never hit more than 7 homers... it would be a total shock flea!

Jmax24 Jan 13 '79

That's bc he hasn't got the AB's. He was once a top prospect and coming into the yr he hit 12 homers in 282 plate appearences. He'll now be the starting catcher in CHI. Do the math. Oh and "Flea" doesn't write these Rotoworld does.........

begs Jan 14 '79

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Jmax24 Jan 14 '79

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begs Jan 14 '79

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Jmax24 Jan 14 '79

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