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Week 12 2014 Mon 6/16-Sun 6/22

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
DET@CLETop 4Nick Castellanos Double, pitcher Josh Tomlin3-0
DET@CLETop 5Nick Castellanos 2-Run Double, J.D. Martinez scores, Victor Martinez scores, pitcher Josh Tomlin10-0
DET@CLETop 5Andrew Romine 1-Run Single, Nick Castellanos scores, pitcher John Axford12-0
DET@CLETop 6Nick Castellanos Walk, pitcher Carlos Carrasco14-0
DET@CLETop 6Alex Avila 1-Run Double, Nick Castellanos scores, pitcher Carlos Carrasco16-0
DET@CLETop 8Nick Castellanos Strikeout, pitcher Mark Lowe15-0
ATL@WSHBot 1Ryan Zimmerman 1-Run Out Melvin Upton, Jayson Werth scores, pitcher Ervin Santana15-2
ATL@WSHBot 1Anthony Rendon Walk, pitcher Ervin Santana15-4
ATL@WSHBot 1Adam LaRoche 1-Run Single, Jayson Werth to 3rd, Anthony Rendon scores, pitcher Ervin Santana19-6
ATL@WSHBot 3Adam LaRoche Strikeout, pitcher Ervin Santana18-6
ATL@WSHBot 4Ryan Zimmerman Strikeout, pitcher Ervin Santana18-5
ATL@WSHBot 6Adam LaRoche Strikeout, pitcher Ervin Santana17-5
ATL@WSHBot 8Anthony Rendon Double, pitcher Shae Simmons17-8
ATL@WSHBot 8Adam LaRoche Single, pitcher Luis Avilan19-8
HOU@TBTop 1Jose Altuve Strikeout, pitcher Erik Bedard18-8
HOU@TBBot 1Desmond Jennings Strikeout, pitcher Dallas Keuchel20.83-8
HOU@TBBot 1Jerry Sands Out Jonathan Villar, Jose Altuve, Jesus Guzman, pitcher Dallas Keuchel22.16-8
HOU@TBBot 1Ben Zobrist Walk, pitcher Dallas Keuchel20.16-8
HOU@TBBot 1Brandon Guyer Hit By Pitch, Ben Zobrist to 2nd, pitcher Dallas Keuchel18.16-8
HOU@TBBot 1Evan Longoria 1-Run Single, Brandon Guyer to 2nd, Ben Zobrist scores, pitcher Dallas Keuchel17.16-8
HOU@TBBot 2Yunel Escobar Out Jonathan Villar, Jesus Guzman, pitcher Dallas Keuchel18.49-8
HOU@TBBot 2Sean Rodriguez Out Matt Dominguez, Jesus Guzman, pitcher Dallas Keuchel19.82-8
HOU@TBBot 2Logan Forsythe Out Jose Altuve, Jesus Guzman, pitcher Dallas Keuchel21.15-8
HOU@TBTop 3Jose Altuve 1-Run Single, Jonathan Villar scores, pitcher Erik Bedard25.15-8
HOU@TBBot 3Jose Molina Out Matt Dominguez, Jesus Guzman, pitcher Dallas Keuchel26.48-8
HOU@TBBot 3Desmond Jennings Hit By Pitch, pitcher Dallas Keuchel24.48-8
HOU@TBBot 3Ben Zobrist Double, Desmond Jennings to 3rd, pitcher Dallas Keuchel23.48-8
HOU@TBBot 3Brandon Guyer Strikeout, pitcher Dallas Keuchel26.31-8
HOU@TBBot 3Time Caught Stealing27.64-8
HOU@TBBot 4Evan Longoria Out George Springer, pitcher Dallas Keuchel28.97-8
HOU@TBBot 4Jerry Sands Out Matt Dominguez, Jesus Guzman, pitcher Dallas Keuchel30.3-8
HOU@TBBot 4Yunel Escobar Walk, pitcher Dallas Keuchel28.3-8
HOU@TBBot 5Logan Forsythe Single, pitcher Dallas Keuchel27.3-8
HOU@TBBot 5Jose Molina Out Jonathan Villar, Jesus Guzman, pitcher Dallas Keuchel28.63-8
HOU@TBBot 5Desmond Jennings Out Jose Altuve, Jesus Guzman, pitcher Dallas Keuchel29.96-8
HOU@TBBot 6Ben Zobrist Walk, pitcher Dallas Keuchel27.96-8
HOU@TBBot 6Brandon Guyer Single, Ben Zobrist to 2nd, pitcher Dallas Keuchel26.96-8
HOU@TBBot 6Evan Longoria Single, Brandon Guyer to 2nd, Ben Zobrist to 3rd, pitcher Dallas Keuchel25.96-8
HOU@TBBot 6Jerry Sands Strikeout, pitcher Dallas Keuchel28.79-8
HOU@TBBot 6Yunel Escobar 2-Run Single, Evan Longoria to 3rd, Brandon Guyer scores, Ben Zobrist scores, pitcher Dallas Keuchel27.79-8
HOU@TBBot 6Logan Forsythe Out George Springer, pitcher Dallas Keuchel29.12-8
HOU@TBTop 7Jose Altuve Walk, pitcher Grant Balfour31.12-8
HOU@TBBot 7Jose Molina Out Jonathan Villar, Jesus Guzman, pitcher Dallas Keuchel32.45-8
HOU@TBBot 7Desmond Jennings Strikeout, pitcher Dallas Keuchel35.28-8
HOU@TBBot 7Ben Zobrist Out Jonathan Villar, Jesus Guzman, pitcher Dallas Keuchel36.61-8
HOU@TBBot 8Kevin Kiermaier Out Dallas Keuchel, Jose Altuve, Evan Longoria to 2nd, Brandon Guyer to 3rd, pitcher Dallas Keuchel37.94-8
HOU@TBBot 8Brandon Guyer Single, pitcher Dallas Keuchel36.94-8
HOU@TBBot 8Evan Longoria Single, Brandon Guyer to 2nd, pitcher Dallas Keuchel35.94-8
HOU@TBBot 8Yunel Escobar Walk, pitcher Dallas Keuchel33.94-8
HOU@TBBot 8Sean Rodriguez 1-Run Out Robbie Grossman, Brandon Guyer scores, pitcher Dallas Keuchel35.27-8
HOU@TBBot 8Logan Forsythe Single, Yunel Escobar to 2nd, pitcher Dallas Keuchel34.27-8
BAL@NYYTop 1Nelson Cruz Strikeout, pitcher Masahiro Tanaka33.27-8
BAL@NYYTop 8J.J. Hardy 3-Run Triple, Chris Davis scores, Nelson Cruz scores, Adam Jones scores, pitcher Adam Warren35.27-8
CWS@MINTop 1Adam Eaton Single, pitcher Phil Hughes35.27-7
CWS@MINTop 1Gordon Beckham Out Eduardo Escobar, Brian Dozier, Joe Mauer, pitcher Phil Hughes35.27-8.33
CWS@MINTop 1Jose Abreu Out Joe Mauer, pitcher Phil Hughes35.27-9.66
CWS@MINTop 2Adam Dunn Out Brian Dozier, Joe Mauer, pitcher Phil Hughes35.27-10.99
CWS@MINTop 2Alexei Ramirez Out Eduardo Escobar, Joe Mauer, pitcher Phil Hughes35.27-12.32
CWS@MINTop 2Conor Gillaspie Strikeout, pitcher Phil Hughes35.27-15.15
CWS@MINTop 3Moises Sierra Single, pitcher Phil Hughes35.27-14.15
CWS@MINTop 3Alejandro De Aza Single, Moises Sierra to 2nd, pitcher Phil Hughes35.27-13.15
CWS@MINTop 3Tyler Flowers Walk, Alejandro De Aza to 2nd, Moises Sierra to 3rd, pitcher Phil Hughes35.27-11.15
CWS@MINTop 3Adam Eaton Strikeout, pitcher Phil Hughes35.27-13.98
CWS@MINTop 3Gordon Beckham 2-Run Double, Tyler Flowers to 3rd, Alejandro De Aza scores, Moises Sierra scores, pitcher Phil Hughes35.27-12.98
CWS@MINTop 3Adam Dunn Strikeout, pitcher Phil Hughes35.27-15.81
CWS@MINTop 3Alexei Ramirez Single, Jose Abreu to 3rd, pitcher Phil Hughes35.27-14.81
CWS@MINTop 3Conor Gillaspie 1-Run Single, Alexei Ramirez to 3rd, Jose Abreu scores, pitcher Phil Hughes35.27-13.81
CWS@MINTop 3Moises Sierra Out Brian Dozier, Joe Mauer, pitcher Phil Hughes35.27-15.14
CWS@MINTop 4Alejandro De Aza Single, pitcher Phil Hughes35.27-14.14
CWS@MINTop 4Tyler Flowers Out Danny Santana, Brian Dozier, Joe Mauer, pitcher Phil Hughes35.27-15.47
CWS@MINTop 4Adam Eaton Out Josh Willingham, pitcher Phil Hughes35.27-16.8
CWS@MINTop 5Jose Abreu Out Eduardo Escobar, pitcher Phil Hughes35.27-18.13
CWS@MINTop 5Adam Dunn Strikeout, pitcher Phil Hughes35.27-20.96
CWS@MINTop 5Alexei Ramirez Out Josh Willingham, pitcher Phil Hughes35.27-22.29
PHI@STLTop 2Domonic Brown Walk, John Mayberry to 2nd, Ryan Howard to 3rd, pitcher Carlos Martinez37.27-22.29
PHI@STLTop 2Cody Asche 3-Run Double, Domonic Brown scores, John Mayberry scores, Ryan Howard scores, pitcher Carlos Martinez39.27-22.29
PHI@STLBot 4Jon Jay 1-Run Single, Yadier Molina to 2nd, Allen Craig to 3rd, Matt Adams scores, pitcher Kyle Kendrick43.27-22.29
PHI@STLBot 4Mark Ellis 1-Run Out Ryan Howard, Jhonny Peralta to 2nd, Jon Jay scores, pitcher Kyle Kendrick45.27-22.29
PHI@STLBot 6Jon Jay Single, Yadier Molina to 2nd, pitcher Kyle Kendrick47.27-22.29
PHI@STLBot 7Jon Jay Strikeout, pitcher Justin De Fratus46.27-22.29
BOS@OAKTop 1Jonny Gomes 2-Run Single, Mike Napoli to 3rd, Dustin Pedroia scores, Brock Holt scores, pitcher Tommy Milone46.27-28.29
BOS@OAKTop 3Jonny Gomes Single, Mike Napoli to 2nd, pitcher Tommy Milone46.27-30.29
BOS@OAKTop 5Jonny Gomes Strikeout, pitcher Tommy Milone46.27-29.29
BOS@OAKTop 8Jonny Gomes Single, pitcher Ryan Cook46.27-31.29
BOS@OAKTop 8Jonathan Herrera 1-Run Triple, Jonny Gomes scores, pitcher Ryan Cook46.27-33.29
BOS@OAKBot 9John Jaso 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Koji Uehara55.27-33.29
MIL@COLTop 2Jean Segura Walk, Mark Reynolds to 2nd, Khris Davis to 3rd, pitcher Tyler Matzek57.27-33.29
MIL@COLBot 2Wilin Rosario Single, pitcher Kyle Lohse57.27-35.29
MIL@COLBot 2Charlie Culberson 1-Run Single, Wilin Rosario scores, pitcher Kyle Lohse57.27-37.29
MIL@COLBot 3Wilin Rosario 2-Run Double, Corey Dickerson scores, Drew Stubbs scores, pitcher Kyle Lohse57.27-46.29
MIL@COLBot 3Corey Dickerson Walk, pitcher Kyle Lohse57.27-48.29
MIL@COLTop 5Jonathan Lucroy 2-Run Double, Ryan Braun scores, Rickie Weeks scores, pitcher Tyler Matzek64.27-48.29
MIL@COLBot 7Wilin Rosario Single, pitcher Zach Duke64.27-50.29
MIL@COLBot 9Corey Dickerson Home Run, pitcher Francisco Rodriguez64.27-55.29
SF@ARIBot 9Martin Prado 1-Run Single, Ender Inciarte to 2nd, Jordan Pacheco scores, pitcher Sergio Romo64.27-54.29
SF@ARIBot 9Paul Goldschmidt Out Brandon Crawford, Joe Panik, Joaquin Arias, Ender Inciarte to 3rd, pitcher Sergio Romo64.27-55.62
LAD@SDBot 9Tommy Medica Strikeout, pitcher Kenley Jansen64.27-58.45
MIL@COLBot 9Wilin Rosario 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Francisco Rodriguez64.27-67.45
LAD@SDBot 9Rene Rivera Strikeout, pitcher Kenley Jansen64.27-70.28
SF@ARIBot 9Aaron Hill Strikeout, pitcher Sergio Romo64.27-73.11