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Week 24 2013 Mon 9/9-Sun 9/15

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
#10 (7-14)
#8 (8-13)
Consolation Game
KC@DETBot 2Austin Jackson Single, Ramon Santiago to 2nd, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie0-1
KC@DETBot 6Austin Jackson Walk, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie0-2
CHC@PITTop 3Starlin Castro Walk, pitcher Francisco Liriano0-3
CHC@PITTop 7Starlin Castro Strikeout, pitcher Bryan Morris0-2
CHC@PITTop 8Anthony Rizzo Walk, pitcher Kyle Farnsworth0-3
RCs Reds
SD@ATLBot 9Freddie Freeman Double, pitcher Huston Street-1-3
RCs Reds
SD@ATLBot 9Evan Gattis Out Nick Hundley, pitcher Huston Street0-3
RCs Reds
SD@ATLBot 9Chris Johnson Out Tommy Medica, Huston Street, Freddie Freeman to 3rd, pitcher Huston Street1-3
RCs Reds
SD@ATLBot 9Andrelton Simmons Strikeout, pitcher Huston Street3-3
CIN@MILTop 1Brandon Phillips Single, Shin-Soo Choo to 3rd, pitcher Yovani Gallardo3-4
RCs Reds
CIN@MILTop 1Jay Bruce Walk, Joey Votto to 2nd, Brandon Phillips to 3rd, pitcher Yovani Gallardo4-4
RCs Reds
CIN@MILTop 1Ryan Ludwick 1-Run Walk, Jay Bruce to 2nd, Joey Votto to 3rd, Brandon Phillips scores, pitcher Yovani Gallardo4-5
CIN@MILTop 1Zack Cozart 1-Run Out Caleb Gindl, Jay Bruce scores, pitcher Yovani Gallardo5-5
LAA@HOUBot 1Jonathan Villar Out Erick Aybar, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Jerome Williams5-6
LAA@HOUBot 1Jose Altuve Out Erick Aybar, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Jerome Williams5-7
LAA@HOUBot 1Trevor Crowe Single, pitcher Jerome Williams5-6
LAA@HOUBot 1Brett Wallace Strikeout, pitcher Jerome Williams5-8
LAA@HOUBot 2Matt Dominguez Out Andrew Romine, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Jerome Williams5-9
LAA@HOUBot 2Chris Carter Strikeout, pitcher Jerome Williams5-11
LAA@HOUBot 2Matt Pagnozzi Out Erick Aybar, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Jerome Williams5-12
LAA@HOUBot 2Marc Krauss 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Jerome Williams5-11
RCs Reds
CIN@MILTop 3Jay Bruce Stolen Base6-11
CIN@MILTop 3Todd Frazier 1-Run Single, Jay Bruce scores, pitcher Yovani Gallardo7-13
LAA@HOUBot 3Brandon Barnes Single, pitcher Jerome Williams7-12
LAA@HOUBot 3Trevor Crowe Out Erick Aybar, Howie Kendrick, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Jerome Williams7-13
LAA@HOUBot 3Jose Altuve Single, Jonathan Villar to 3rd, pitcher Jerome Williams7-12
TB@MINTop 4Wil Myers 2-Run Home Run, Evan Longoria scores, pitcher Pedro Hernandez7-13
LAA@HOUBot 4Brett Wallace Out Josh Hamilton, pitcher Jerome Williams7-14
LAA@HOUBot 4Matt Dominguez Hit By Pitch, pitcher Jerome Williams7-13
LAA@HOUBot 4Chris Carter Out Andrew Romine, Howie Kendrick, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Jerome Williams7-14
CIN@MILTop 5Brandon Phillips Single, pitcher Yovani Gallardo7-15
RCs Reds
LAA@HOUTop 5Erick Aybar Single, pitcher Paul Clemens8-15
RCs Reds
LAA@HOUTop 5Andrew Romine 1-Run Out Marc Krauss, Jonathan Villar, Chris Carter, Erick Aybar scores, pitcher Paul Clemens9-15
RCs Reds
CIN@MILTop 5Jay Bruce Single, pitcher Yovani Gallardo10-15
RCs Reds
TB@MINTop 5Desmond Jennings Walk, pitcher Pedro Hernandez11-15
LAA@HOUBot 5Marc Krauss Out Andrew Romine, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Jerome Williams11-16
LAA@HOUBot 5Jonathan Villar Single, Brandon Barnes to 2nd, pitcher Jerome Williams11-15
LAA@HOUBot 5Jose Altuve Out Howie Kendrick, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Jerome Williams11-16
CIN@MILTop 6Todd Frazier 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Yovani Gallardo11-22
LAA@HOUBot 6Trevor Crowe Out Hank Conger, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Jerome Williams11-23
LAA@HOUBot 6Brett Wallace Out Hank Conger, pitcher Jerome Williams11-24
LAA@HOUBot 6Matt Dominguez Out Erick Aybar, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Jerome Williams11-25
RCs Reds
TB@MINTop 7Desmond Jennings Strikeout, pitcher Anthony Swarzak10-25
RCs Reds
CIN@MILTop 7Jay Bruce Single, pitcher Donovan Hand11-25
LAA@HOUBot 7Chris Carter Strikeout, pitcher Jerome Williams11-27
LAA@HOUBot 7Marc Krauss Out Mark Trumbo, pitcher Jerome Williams11-28
LAA@HOUBot 7Matt Pagnozzi Out Erick Aybar, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Jerome Williams11-29
RCs Reds
TB@MINTop 8James Loney 1-Run Double, Delmon Young to 3rd, Wil Myers scores, pitcher Jared Burton14-29
RCs Reds
TB@MINTop 9Desmond Jennings Strikeout, pitcher Glen Perkins13-29
CIN@MILTop 9Brandon Phillips Strikeout, pitcher Jim Henderson13-28
RCs Reds
SEA@STLBot 2Yadier Molina 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Erasmo Ramirez19-28
RCs Reds
SEA@STLBot 4Yadier Molina Single, pitcher Erasmo Ramirez20-28
RCs Reds
SEA@STLBot 4Daniel Descalso 1-Run Single, David Freese to 2nd, Matt Adams to 3rd, Yadier Molina scores, pitcher Erasmo Ramirez21-28
RCs Reds
SEA@STLBot 5Yadier Molina Single, pitcher Carter Capps22-28
RCs Reds
SEA@STLBot 5Matt Adams 2-Run Home Run, Yadier Molina scores, pitcher Carter Capps23-28
RCs Reds
SEA@STLBot 6Yadier Molina Single, pitcher Chance Ruffin24-28
RCs Reds
NYY@BOSTop 1Alfonso Soriano Single, pitcher Clay Buchholz25-28
NYY@BOSBot 1Daniel Nava Double, pitcher Ivan Nova25-30
NYY@BOSBot 1David Ortiz 1-Run Single, Daniel Nava scores, pitcher Ivan Nova25-31
RCs Reds
NYY@BOSBot 1Mike Napoli 2-Run Home Run, David Ortiz scores, pitcher Ivan Nova32-31
NYY@BOSBot 1Jarrod Saltalamacchia Single, pitcher Ivan Nova32-32
NYY@BOSBot 3Daniel Nava Single, pitcher Ivan Nova32-33
RCs Reds
NYY@BOSTop 4Alfonso Soriano Walk, pitcher Clay Buchholz33-33
RCs Reds
NYY@BOSTop 4Mark Reynolds Walk, pitcher Clay Buchholz34-33
RCs Reds
NYY@BOSBot 4Mike Napoli Walk, pitcher Ivan Nova35-33
RCs Reds
NYY@BOSBot 5Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Adam Warren34-33
NYY@BOSBot 5Daniel Nava Double, Dustin Pedroia to 3rd, pitcher Ivan Nova34-35
NYY@BOSBot 5Jarrod Saltalamacchia Strikeout, pitcher Adam Warren34-34
RCs Reds
NYY@BOSTop 6Alfonso Soriano Strikeout, pitcher Clay Buchholz33-34
NYY@BOSBot 6Daniel Nava 1-Run Single, Dustin Pedroia to 2nd, Xander Bogaerts scores, pitcher Adam Warren33-36
RCs Reds
NYY@BOSBot 6Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Joba Chamberlain32-36
RCs Reds
NYY@BOSTop 7Mark Reynolds Strikeout, pitcher Matt Thornton31-36
NYY@BOSBot 7Daniel Nava Strikeout, pitcher David Phelps31-35
RCs Reds
NYY@BOSTop 9Ichiro Suzuki 1-Run Single, Mark Reynolds scores, pitcher Allen Webster32-35
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous35-47