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Week 21 2013 Mon 8/19-Sun 8/25

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
DET@NYMTop 1Austin Jackson Single, pitcher Dillon Gee1-0
DET@NYMTop 1Miguel Cabrera 2-Run Home Run, Austin Jackson scores, pitcher Dillon Gee2-0
Save 2nd Base
MIL@CINTop 3Jean Segura Single, pitcher Greg Reynolds2-1
Save 2nd Base
MIL@CINTop 3Jean Segura Time Caught Stealing2-0
Save 2nd Base
COL@MIABot 3Christian Yelich Strikeout, pitcher Jorge De La Rosa2--1
MIL@CINBot 4Brandon Phillips Strikeout, pitcher Marco Estrada1--1
DET@NYMTop 6Austin Jackson Single, Rick Porcello to 2nd, pitcher Dillon Gee2--1
Save 2nd Base
COL@MIABot 6Christian Yelich Strikeout, pitcher Josh Outman2--2
Save 2nd Base
MIL@CINTop 7Jean Segura 1-Run Single, Yuniesky Betancourt scores, pitcher Sam LeCure2-0
DET@NYMTop 9Austin Jackson 1-Run Out Andrew Brown, Ramon Santiago scores, pitcher Scott Atchison3-0
Save 2nd Base
COL@MIABot 9Christian Yelich Strikeout, pitcher Rex Brothers3--1
Save 2nd Base
ARI@PHIBot 1Michael Young Single, Roger Bernadina to 2nd, pitcher Patrick Corbin3-0
Save 2nd Base
ARI@PHIBot 1Cody Asche 2-Run Double, Darin Ruf to 3rd, Erik Kratz scores, Michael Young scores, pitcher Patrick Corbin3-1
Save 2nd Base
ARI@PHITop 3Paul Goldschmidt Walk, pitcher Roy Halladay3-2
Save 2nd Base
ARI@PHIBot 5Michael Young Walk, pitcher Patrick Corbin3-3
Save 2nd Base
ARI@PHITop 8Paul Goldschmidt Strikeout, pitcher J.C. Ramirez3-2
NYY@TBBot 1Evan Longoria 1-Run Single, Ben Zobrist to 2nd, David DeJesus scores, pitcher Ivan Nova5-2
NYY@TBBot 6Evan Longoria 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Ivan Nova11-2
TEX@CWSBot 1Alejandro De Aza Walk, pitcher Matt Garza12-2
Save 2nd Base
WSH@KCTop 3Anthony Rendon Double, pitcher Ervin Santana12-4
TEX@CWSBot 5Alejandro De Aza Single, pitcher Matt Garza13-4
Save 2nd Base
WSH@KCTop 7Anthony Rendon Strikeout, pitcher Ervin Santana13-3
Save 2nd Base
TOR@HOUBot 9Jason Castro Walk, pitcher Casey Janssen13-4
Save 2nd Base
ATL@STLBot 2Allen Craig Single, pitcher Mike Minor13-5
Save 2nd Base
ATL@STLBot 3Matt Carpenter Single, pitcher Mike Minor13-6
Save 2nd Base
ATL@STLBot 4Allen Craig Strikeout, pitcher Mike Minor13-5
Save 2nd Base
ATL@STLBot 6Matt Carpenter Double, pitcher Mike Minor13-7
Save 2nd Base
ATL@STLBot 6Matt Holliday 1-Run Out Freddie Freeman, Matt Carpenter scores, pitcher Mike Minor13-8
Save 2nd Base
ATL@STLBot 6Allen Craig Single, pitcher Mike Minor13-9
Save 2nd Base
ATL@STLBot 8Allen Craig 1-Run Single, Matt Holliday scores, pitcher Luis Avilan13-11
PIT@SFBot 2Pablo Sandoval Single, Brandon Belt to 3rd, pitcher A.J. Burnett14-11
PIT@SFBot 8Pablo Sandoval 2-Run Triple, Hunter Pence scores, Buster Posey scores, pitcher A.J. Burnett19-11
PIT@SFBot 8Joaquin Arias 1-Run Double, Pablo Sandoval scores, pitcher Tony Watson20-11
CHC@SDTop 1Anthony Rizzo Single, pitcher Andrew Cashner21-11
CHC@SDTop 3Anthony Rizzo Strikeout, pitcher Andrew Cashner20-11
Save 2nd Base
CHC@SDTop 4Junior Lake Strikeout, pitcher Andrew Cashner20-10
CHC@SDTop 11Starlin Castro Walk, pitcher Brad Brach21-10
Save 2nd Base
CHC@SDTop 12Junior Lake Single, pitcher Brad Brach21-11
Save 2nd Base
CHC@SDTop 12Junior Lake Stolen Base21-12
CHC@SDTop 13Starlin Castro Single, Darnell McDonald to 3rd, pitcher Brad Boxberger22-12
CHC@SDTop 13Anthony Rizzo Walk, Starlin Castro to 2nd, pitcher Brad Boxberger23-12
CHC@SDTop 13Brian Bogusevic 1-Run Out Chris Denorfia, Anthony Rizzo to 3rd, Starlin Castro scores, pitcher Brad Boxberger24-12
Save 2nd Base
CHC@SDTop 13Junior Lake Strikeout, pitcher Brad Boxberger24-11
CHC@SDTop 15Starlin Castro Single, pitcher Dale Thayer25-11
CHC@SDTop 15Anthony Rizzo Single, Starlin Castro to 2nd, pitcher Dale Thayer26-11
BOS@LADTop 2Jarrod Saltalamacchia Strikeout, pitcher Chris Capuano25-11
BOS@LADTop 6Jarrod Saltalamacchia 2-Run Home Run, Mike Napoli scores, pitcher Chris Withrow32-11
BOS@LADTop 8Jarrod Saltalamacchia Walk, pitcher Carlos Marmol33-11
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous33-11