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Week 19 2013 Mon 8/5-Sun 8/11

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
Red Sock
LAA@CLEBot 1Michael Bourn Out Mike Trout, pitcher Jerome Williams0-1
Red Sock
LAA@CLEBot 1Nick Swisher Out Grant Green, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Jerome Williams0-2
LAA@CLEBot 1Jason Kipnis Out Kole Calhoun, pitcher Jerome Williams0-3
Red Sock
DET@NYYTop 2Austin Jackson Walk, pitcher Andy Pettitte0-4
Red Sock
LAA@CLEBot 2Asdrubal Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Jerome Williams0-6
Red Sock
LAA@CLEBot 2Michael Brantley Out J.B. Shuck, pitcher Jerome Williams0-7
Red Sock
LAA@CLEBot 2Carlos Santana Strikeout, pitcher Jerome Williams0-9
Red Sock
LAA@CLEBot 3Jason Giambi Strikeout, pitcher Jerome Williams0-11
Red Sock
LAA@CLEBot 3Lonnie Chisenhall Single, pitcher Jerome Williams0-10
Red Sock
LAA@CLEBot 3Michael Bourn Out J.B. Shuck, pitcher Jerome Williams0-11
Red Sock
DET@NYYTop 4Austin Jackson Single, Brayan Pena to 2nd, pitcher Andy Pettitte0-12
Red Sock
LAA@CLEBot 4Nick Swisher Out Kole Calhoun, pitcher Jerome Williams0-13
LAA@CLEBot 4Jason Kipnis Out Erick Aybar, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Jerome Williams0-14
Red Sock
LAA@CLEBot 4Mike Aviles Out Chris Nelson, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Jerome Williams0-15
Red Sock
LAA@CLEBot 5Michael Brantley Strikeout, pitcher Jerome Williams0-17
Red Sock
LAA@CLEBot 5Carlos Santana Strikeout, pitcher Jerome Williams0-19
Red Sock
LAA@CLEBot 5Jason Giambi Out Grant Green, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Jerome Williams0-20
Red Sock
DET@NYYTop 6Austin Jackson Strikeout, pitcher Shawn Kelley0-19
Red Sock
LAA@CLEBot 6Lonnie Chisenhall Strikeout, pitcher Jerome Williams0-21
Red Sock
LAA@CLEBot 6Drew Stubbs Strikeout, pitcher Jerome Williams0-23
LAA@CLEBot 6Jason Kipnis Walk, pitcher Jerome Williams1-22
Red Sock
LAA@CLEBot 6Mike Aviles 2-Run Home Run, Jason Kipnis scores, pitcher Jerome Williams2-21
Red Sock
LAA@CLEBot 6Michael Bourn Single, pitcher Jerome Williams2-20
Red Sock
LAA@CLEBot 6Nick Swisher 2-Run Home Run, Michael Bourn scores, pitcher Jerome Williams2-19
Red Sock
OAK@TORTop 1Coco Crisp Walk, pitcher R.A. Dickey2-20
LAA@CLEBot 7Jason Kipnis Walk, pitcher Kevin Jepsen3-20
Red Sock
OAK@TORTop 3Coco Crisp Strikeout, pitcher R.A. Dickey3-19
Red Sock
SD@CINBot 6Todd Frazier Strikeout, pitcher Ian Kennedy3-18
Red Sock
SD@CINBot 7Brandon Phillips Strikeout, pitcher Ian Kennedy3-17
Red Sock
SD@CINBot 11Todd Frazier Strikeout, pitcher Nick Vincent3-16
SD@CINBot 13Shin-Soo Choo Double, Jack Hannahan to 3rd, pitcher Tim Stauffer5-16
MIA@ATLBot 4Freddie Freeman Double, pitcher Henderson Alvarez7-16
MIA@ATLBot 5Freddie Freeman 3-Run Home Run, Melvin Upton scores, Jason Heyward scores, pitcher Henderson Alvarez15-16
MIA@ATLBot 7Freddie Freeman Walk, pitcher A.J. Ramos16-16
MIA@ATLBot 7Chris Johnson 2-Run Double, Evan Gattis scores, Freddie Freeman scores, pitcher A.J. Ramos17-16
MIA@ATLBot 8Freddie Freeman Walk, Jason Heyward to 2nd, pitcher Steven Ames18-16
MIN@CWSTop 1Justin Morneau Strikeout, pitcher Jose Quintana17-16
BOS@KCBot 1Alex Gordon 1-Run Single, David Lough scores, pitcher John Lackey19-16
BOS@KCBot 1Alex Gordon Stolen Base20-16
Red Sock
MIN@CWSBot 3Alejandro De Aza Double, pitcher Kevin Correia20-18
BOS@KCBot 3Alex Gordon 1-Run Home Run, pitcher John Lackey26-18
MIN@CWSTop 5Justin Morneau Strikeout, pitcher Jose Quintana25-18
BOS@KCBot 6Alex Gordon Strikeout, pitcher John Lackey24-18
MIN@CWSTop 8Justin Morneau Double, pitcher Dylan Axelrod26-18
Red Sock
MIN@CWSBot 8Alejandro De Aza Strikeout, pitcher Jared Burton26-17
BOS@KCBot 8Alex Gordon Double, pitcher Drake Britton28-17
CHC@STLBot 1David Freese 1-Run Out David DeJesus, Allen Craig scores, pitcher Edwin Jackson29-17
Red Sock
CHC@STLTop 2Starlin Castro Strikeout, pitcher Joe Kelly29-16
CHC@STLBot 3David Freese 1-Run Out Donnie Murphy, Anthony Rizzo, Matt Holliday to 2nd, Allen Craig to 3rd, Matt Carpenter scores, pitcher Edwin Jackson30-16
Red Sock
CHC@STLTop 4Starlin Castro Single, Welington Castillo to 3rd, pitcher Joe Kelly30-17
Red Sock
CHC@STLTop 6Starlin Castro 1-Run Single, Donnie Murphy to 2nd, Welington Castillo scores, pitcher Seth Maness30-19
Red Sock
CHC@STLTop 7Anthony Rizzo Walk, pitcher Kevin Siegrist30-20
CHC@STLBot 7David Freese Walk, pitcher Hector Rondon31-20
Red Sock
CHC@STLTop 8Starlin Castro Double, pitcher Edward Mujica31-22
Red Sock
BAL@SFBot 1Pablo Sandoval Walk, pitcher Bud Norris31-23
BAL@SFTop 4Manny Machado Strikeout, pitcher Matt Cain30-23
Red Sock
BAL@SFBot 6Pablo Sandoval Single, pitcher Troy Patton30-24
BAL@SFTop 8Manny Machado Single, Nate McLouth to 3rd, pitcher Jose Mijares31-24
BAL@SFTop 8Adam Jones 1-Run Double, Nick Markakis to 3rd, Manny Machado scores, pitcher Sandy Rosario32-24
BAL@SFTop 9Manny Machado Single, pitcher Barry Zito33-24
BAL@SFTop 9Adam Jones 3-Run Home Run, Nick Markakis scores, Manny Machado scores, pitcher Barry Zito34-24
Red Sock
BAL@SFBot 9Pablo Sandoval Walk, pitcher Francisco Rodriguez34-25
PIT@COLBot 1Dexter Fowler Out Clint Barmes, Garrett Jones, pitcher Jeff Locke35-25
PIT@COLBot 1DJ LeMahieu Out Neil Walker, Garrett Jones, pitcher Jeff Locke36-25
PIT@COLBot 1Troy Tulowitzki Walk, pitcher Jeff Locke35-25
PIT@COLBot 1Wilin Rosario Out Clint Barmes, Garrett Jones, pitcher Jeff Locke36-25
PIT@COLBot 2Nolan Arenado Out Andrew McCutchen, pitcher Jeff Locke37-25
PIT@COLBot 2Charlie Culberson Out Alex Presley, pitcher Jeff Locke38-25
PIT@COLBot 2Yorvit Torrealba Out Pedro Alvarez, Garrett Jones, pitcher Jeff Locke39-25
PIT@COLBot 3Charlie Blackmon Hit By Pitch, pitcher Jeff Locke38-25
PIT@COLBot 3Chad Bettis Strikeout, pitcher Jeff Locke40-25
PIT@COLBot 3Jeff Locke Balk, Charlie Blackmon to 3rd Dexter Fowler39-25
PIT@COLBot 3Dexter Fowler Walk, pitcher Jeff Locke38-25
PIT@COLBot 3DJ LeMahieu 1-Run Out Andrew McCutchen, Charlie Blackmon scores, pitcher Jeff Locke39-25
PIT@COLBot 3Troy Tulowitzki Out Jose Tabata, pitcher Jeff Locke40-25
PIT@COLBot 4Wilin Rosario Out Clint Barmes, pitcher Jeff Locke41-25
PIT@COLBot 4Nolan Arenado Out Garrett Jones, pitcher Jeff Locke42-25
PIT@COLBot 4Charlie Culberson Double, pitcher Jeff Locke41-25
PIT@COLBot 4Yorvit Torrealba Out Garrett Jones, pitcher Jeff Locke42-25
PIT@COLBot 5Charlie Blackmon Single, pitcher Jeff Locke41-25
PIT@COLBot 5Chad Bettis Strikeout, pitcher Jeff Locke43-25
PIT@COLBot 5DJ LeMahieu Strikeout, pitcher Jeff Locke45-25
PIT@COLBot 5Troy Tulowitzki Walk, pitcher Jeff Locke44-25
PIT@COLBot 5Wilin Rosario Out Garrett Jones, Jeff Locke, pitcher Jeff Locke45-25
PIT@COLBot 6Nolan Arenado Walk, pitcher Jeff Locke44-25
PIT@COLBot 6Charlie Blackmon Single, Yorvit Torrealba to 2nd, pitcher Jeff Locke43-25
TB@LADTop 1Wil Myers Strikeout, pitcher Clayton Kershaw42-25
TB@LADTop 4Wil Myers Strikeout, pitcher Clayton Kershaw41-25
Red Sock
TB@LADTop 4Evan Longoria Strikeout, pitcher Clayton Kershaw41-24
Red Sock
TB@LADTop 6Evan Longoria Strikeout, pitcher Clayton Kershaw41-23
TB@LADTop 8Wil Myers 1-Run Out Carl Crawford, Jose Lobaton scores, pitcher Clayton Kershaw42-23
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous41-22