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Week 17 2013 Mon 7/22-Sun 7/28

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
TB@NYYTop 1Luke Scott Out David Adams, pitcher Phil Hughes0-1
TB@NYYTop 1Evan Longoria Strikeout, pitcher Phil Hughes0-2
TEX@CLEBot 1Michael Bourn Out David Murphy, pitcher Alexi Ogando0-3
RCs Reds
TB@NYYBot 1Robinson Cano Single, pitcher Matt Moore1-3
RCs Reds
TB@NYYBot 1Vernon Wells 1-Run Out Desmond Jennings, Robinson Cano scores, pitcher Matt Moore2-3
TEX@CLEBot 1Nick Swisher Single, pitcher Alexi Ogando2-2
TEX@CLEBot 1Jason Kipnis Single, Nick Swisher to 2nd, pitcher Alexi Ogando2-1
TEX@CLEBot 1Michael Brantley Out David Murphy, pitcher Alexi Ogando2-2
RCs Reds
TB@NYYTop 2James Loney Single, pitcher Phil Hughes3-1
TB@NYYTop 2Matt Joyce Single, Wil Myers to 2nd, pitcher Phil Hughes3-0
TB@NYYTop 2Kelly Johnson 1-Run Double, Matt Joyce to 3rd, Wil Myers scores, pitcher Phil Hughes3--1
TB@NYYTop 2Jose Lobaton Strikeout, pitcher Phil Hughes3-1
TB@NYYTop 2Yunel Escobar Walk, pitcher Phil Hughes3-0
RCs Reds
TB@NYYTop 2Desmond Jennings Out Brett Gardner, pitcher Phil Hughes3-1
TEX@CLEBot 2Carlos Santana Out Mitch Moreland, pitcher Alexi Ogando3-2
TEX@CLEBot 2Ryan Raburn Walk, pitcher Alexi Ogando3-1
TEX@CLEBot 2Lonnie Chisenhall Out Jurickson Profar, Elvis Andrus, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Alexi Ogando3-2
TB@NYYTop 3Luke Scott Out Robinson Cano, David Adams, pitcher Phil Hughes3-3
RCs Reds
TB@NYYTop 3James Loney Single, Evan Longoria to 2nd, pitcher Phil Hughes4-2
TB@NYYTop 3Wil Myers 3-Run Home Run, James Loney scores, Evan Longoria scores, pitcher Phil Hughes5-2
TB@NYYTop 3Evan Longoria Single, pitcher Phil Hughes5-2
TB@NYYTop 3Matt Joyce Hit By Pitch, pitcher Phil Hughes5-1
TB@NYYTop 3Kelly Johnson Single, Matt Joyce to 3rd, pitcher Phil Hughes5-0
TB@NYYTop 3Jose Lobaton Strikeout, pitcher Phil Hughes5-2
TB@NYYTop 3Yunel Escobar Strikeout, pitcher Phil Hughes5-4
TEX@CLEBot 3Yan Gomes Single, pitcher Alexi Ogando5-3
TEX@CLEBot 3Nick Swisher Single, Michael Bourn to 2nd, pitcher Alexi Ogando5-2
TEX@CLEBot 3Jason Kipnis Out Nelson Cruz, Michael Bourn to 3rd, pitcher Alexi Ogando5-3
TEX@CLEBot 3Asdrubal Cabrera Out Leonys Martin, pitcher Alexi Ogando5-4
RCs Reds
TB@NYYTop 4Desmond Jennings Out Brett Gardner, pitcher Phil Hughes5-5
TB@NYYTop 4Luke Scott Out David Adams, pitcher Phil Hughes5-6
TB@NYYTop 4Evan Longoria Single, pitcher Phil Hughes5-6
TEX@CLEBot 4Michael Brantley Out Elvis Andrus, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Alexi Ogando5-7
TEX@CLEBot 4Carlos Santana Out Mitch Moreland, Alexi Ogando, pitcher Alexi Ogando5-8
TEX@CLEBot 4Ryan Raburn Out David Murphy, pitcher Alexi Ogando5-9
TB@NYYTop 5Wil Myers 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Phil Hughes5-8
TB@NYYTop 5Matt Joyce Walk, pitcher Phil Hughes5-7
RCs Reds
TB@NYYBot 5Robinson Cano Strikeout, pitcher Matt Moore4-7
TEX@CLEBot 5Lonnie Chisenhall Strikeout, pitcher Alexi Ogando4-9
TEX@CLEBot 5Yan Gomes Out Elvis Andrus, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Alexi Ogando4-10
TEX@CLEBot 5Michael Bourn Walk, pitcher Alexi Ogando4-9
TEX@CLEBot 5Nick Swisher Single, Michael Bourn to 3rd, pitcher Alexi Ogando4-8
TEX@CLEBot 5Jason Kipnis 1-Run Single, Nick Swisher to 2nd, Michael Bourn scores, pitcher Alexi Ogando4-7
TB@NYYTop 6Evan Longoria Strikeout, pitcher Preston Claiborne4-6
RCs Reds
TB@NYYBot 7Robinson Cano Walk, pitcher Joel Peralta5-6
RCs Reds
TB@NYYTop 8Desmond Jennings Strikeout, pitcher David Robertson4-6
RCs Reds
TB@NYYTop 9Luke Scott Out Robinson Cano, David Adams, pitcher Mariano Rivera5-6
TB@NYYTop 9Evan Longoria Out Brent Lillibridge, David Adams, pitcher Mariano Rivera6-6
RCs Reds
TB@NYYTop 9James Loney Out Robinson Cano, David Adams, pitcher Mariano Rivera7-6
RCs Reds
TB@NYYBot 9Robinson Cano Strikeout, pitcher Jake McGee6-6
RCs Reds
HOU@TORBot 3Edwin Encarnacion 1-Run Out Brandon Barnes, Jose Reyes scores, pitcher Jarred Cosart7-6
PHI@DETBot 1Austin Jackson Walk, pitcher Jonathan Pettibone7-7
PHI@DETBot 3Austin Jackson Walk, Ramon Santiago to 2nd, pitcher Jonathan Pettibone7-8
RCs Reds
HOU@TORBot 6Edwin Encarnacion Double, pitcher Jarred Cosart9-8
RCs Reds
HOU@TORBot 7Edwin Encarnacion Walk, pitcher Josh Fields10-8
PHI@DETBot 5Austin Jackson Single, Ramon Santiago to 2nd, pitcher Jonathan Pettibone10-9
PHI@DETBot 5Prince Fielder 1-Run Out Kevin Frandsen, Darin Ruf, Matt Tuiasosopo to 2nd, Don Kelly to 3rd, Austin Jackson scores, pitcher Jonathan Pettibone10-10
RCs Reds
HOU@TORBot 9Edwin Encarnacion Walk, pitcher Wesley Wright11-10
PHI@DETBot 7Austin Jackson Double, pitcher Antonio Bastardo11-12
PHI@DETBot 7Hernan Perez 1-Run Single, Don Kelly to 2nd, Austin Jackson scores, pitcher Antonio Bastardo11-13
RCs Reds
PIT@MIATop 2Russell Martin 1-Run Double, Pedro Alvarez scores, pitcher Jose Fernandez14-13
RCs Reds
PIT@MIATop 2Clint Barmes 1-Run Single, Russell Martin scores, pitcher Jose Fernandez15-13
RCs Reds
PIT@MIATop 4Russell Martin Strikeout, pitcher Jose Fernandez14-13
RCs Reds
PIT@MIATop 7Russell Martin Single, pitcher Jose Fernandez15-13
RCs Reds
PIT@MIATop 9Russell Martin Walk, Josh Harrison to 2nd, pitcher Steve Cishek16-13
RCs Reds
NYM@WSHBot 1Ryan Zimmerman Single, pitcher Carlos Torres17-13
RCs Reds
NYM@WSHBot 3Ryan Zimmerman Double, pitcher Carlos Torres19-13
RCs Reds
NYM@WSHBot 3Ian Desmond 1-Run Single, Jayson Werth to 2nd, Ryan Zimmerman scores, pitcher Carlos Torres20-13
RCs Reds
NYM@WSHBot 4Ryan Zimmerman Single, Anthony Rendon to 2nd, pitcher Gonzalez Germen21-13
KC@CWSBot 1Alejandro De Aza Strikeout, pitcher Bruce Chen21-12
KC@CWSBot 5Alejandro De Aza Walk, pitcher Bruce Chen21-13
KC@CWSBot 8Alejandro De Aza Strikeout, pitcher Luke Hochevar21-12
KC@CWSBot 10Alejandro De Aza Single, pitcher Tim Collins21-13
CHC@SFTop 1David DeJesus Walk, pitcher Tim Lincecum21-12
CHC@SFTop 1Junior Lake Strikeout, pitcher Tim Lincecum21-14
CHC@SFTop 1Anthony Rizzo Double, David DeJesus to 3rd, pitcher Tim Lincecum21-15
CHC@SFTop 1Nate Schierholtz Strikeout, pitcher Tim Lincecum21-17
CHC@SFTop 1Starlin Castro Out Hunter Pence, pitcher Tim Lincecum21-18
CHC@SFBot 1Pablo Sandoval Walk, Andres Torres to 2nd, pitcher Travis Wood21-19
CHC@SFTop 2Luis Valbuena Strikeout, pitcher Tim Lincecum21-21
CHC@SFTop 2Darwin Barney Strikeout, pitcher Tim Lincecum21-23
CHC@SFTop 2Welington Castillo Out Brandon Belt, pitcher Tim Lincecum21-24
CHC@SFTop 3Travis Wood Single, pitcher Tim Lincecum21-23
CHC@SFTop 3David DeJesus Strikeout, pitcher Tim Lincecum21-25
CHC@SFTop 3Junior Lake Out Jeff Francoeur, pitcher Tim Lincecum21-26
CHC@SFTop 3Anthony Rizzo Out Brandon Belt, pitcher Tim Lincecum21-27
CHC@SFBot 3Pablo Sandoval Walk, Marco Scutaro to 2nd, Tim Lincecum to 3rd, pitcher Travis Wood21-28
CHC@SFTop 4Nate Schierholtz Out Marco Scutaro, Brandon Belt, pitcher Tim Lincecum21-29
CHC@SFTop 4Starlin Castro Strikeout, pitcher Tim Lincecum21-30
CHC@SFTop 4Luis Valbuena Strikeout, pitcher Tim Lincecum21-32
CHC@SFTop 5Darwin Barney Out Hunter Pence, pitcher Tim Lincecum21-33
CHC@SFTop 5Welington Castillo Strikeout, pitcher Tim Lincecum21-35
CHC@SFTop 5Junior Lake Out Pablo Sandoval, Brandon Belt, pitcher Tim Lincecum21-36
CHC@SFTop 5Travis Wood 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Tim Lincecum21-35
CHC@SFTop 5David DeJesus Walk, pitcher Tim Lincecum21-34
LAA@OAKBot 5Coco Crisp Walk, pitcher Tommy Hanson21-35
LAA@OAKBot 5Brandon Moss 1-Run Out Howie Kendrick, Erick Aybar, Coco Crisp scores, pitcher Tommy Hanson21-36
CHC@SFBot 5Pablo Sandoval 1-Run Double, Marco Scutaro to 3rd, Andres Torres scores, pitcher Travis Wood21-39
CHC@SFTop 6Anthony Rizzo Out Buster Posey, Brandon Belt, pitcher Tim Lincecum21-40
CHC@SFTop 6Nate Schierholtz Out Hunter Pence, pitcher Tim Lincecum21-41