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Week 16 2013 Mon 7/15-Sun 7/21

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
TB@TORTop 1Evan Longoria Walk, pitcher R.A. Dickey0-1
TB@TORTop 4Evan Longoria 1-Run Home Run, pitcher R.A. Dickey0-7
TB@TORTop 6Evan Longoria Strikeout, pitcher R.A. Dickey0-6
PHI@NYMBot 1Eric Young Jr. Out Jimmy Rollins, Kevin Frandsen, pitcher Cliff Lee1-6
PHI@NYMBot 1Daniel Murphy Out Domonic Brown, pitcher Cliff Lee2-6
PHI@NYMBot 1David Wright 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Cliff Lee7-6
PHI@NYMBot 1Marlon Byrd 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Cliff Lee6-6
PHI@NYMBot 1Josh Satin Out Chase Utley, Kevin Frandsen, pitcher Cliff Lee7-6
PHI@NYMBot 2John Buck Out Jimmy Rollins, Kevin Frandsen, pitcher Cliff Lee8-6
PHI@NYMBot 2Juan Lagares Strikeout, pitcher Cliff Lee10-6
PHI@NYMBot 2Omar Quintanilla Strikeout, pitcher Cliff Lee12-6
PHI@NYMBot 3Matt Harvey Strikeout, pitcher Cliff Lee14-6
PHI@NYMBot 3Daniel Murphy Out Chase Utley, Kevin Frandsen, pitcher Cliff Lee15-6
PHI@NYMBot 4David Wright Single, pitcher Cliff Lee15-6
PHI@NYMBot 4Marlon Byrd Strikeout, pitcher Cliff Lee17-6
PIT@CINBot 4Brandon Phillips Strikeout, pitcher Jeff Locke17-5
PHI@NYMBot 4John Buck Out Delmon Young, pitcher Cliff Lee18-5
PHI@NYMBot 4Josh Satin Single, David Wright to 2nd, pitcher Cliff Lee17-5
PHI@NYMBot 4Juan Lagares 3-Run Home Run, Josh Satin scores, David Wright scores, pitcher Cliff Lee17-5
PHI@NYMBot 4Omar Quintanilla Walk, pitcher Cliff Lee16-5
PHI@NYMBot 4Matt Harvey Strikeout, pitcher Cliff Lee18-5
PHI@NYMBot 5Eric Young Jr. Out John Mayberry, pitcher Cliff Lee19-5
PHI@NYMBot 5Daniel Murphy Out Chase Utley, Kevin Frandsen, pitcher Cliff Lee20-5
PHI@NYMBot 5David Wright Out Michael Young, Kevin Frandsen, pitcher Cliff Lee21-5
PHI@NYMBot 6Marlon Byrd Single, pitcher Cliff Lee20-5
PHI@NYMBot 6Josh Satin Out John Mayberry, pitcher Cliff Lee21-5
PHI@NYMBot 6John Buck Strikeout, pitcher Cliff Lee22-5
PIT@CINBot 6Brandon Phillips Strikeout, pitcher Jeff Locke22-4
PHI@NYMBot 6Juan Lagares Single, Marlon Byrd to 2nd, pitcher Cliff Lee21-4
PHI@NYMBot 6Omar Quintanilla Out Kevin Frandsen, pitcher Cliff Lee22-4
PHI@NYMBot 8David Wright Out John Mayberry, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon23-4
PHI@NYMBot 8Marlon Byrd Out Jimmy Rollins, Kevin Frandsen, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon24-4
PHI@NYMBot 8Ike Davis Strikeout, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon26-4
LAD@WSHBot 7Ian Desmond Strikeout, pitcher Clayton Kershaw26-3
LAD@WSHBot 9Ian Desmond Strikeout, pitcher Brandon League26-2
DET@KCTop 1Austin Jackson Strikeout, pitcher James Shields26-1
DET@KCTop 1Torii Hunter Strikeout, pitcher James Shields25-1
ATL@CWSBot 1Alejandro De Aza Walk, pitcher Mike Minor25-2
CLE@MINBot 1Joe Mauer Strikeout, pitcher Justin Masterson24-2
ATL@CWSBot 1Adam Dunn 1-Run Single, Alejandro De Aza scores, pitcher Mike Minor24-3
DET@KCTop 3Austin Jackson Strikeout, pitcher James Shields24-2
DET@KCTop 3Torii Hunter Strikeout, pitcher James Shields23-2
ATL@CWSBot 3Alejandro De Aza Double, pitcher Mike Minor23-4
ATL@CWSBot 3Alex Rios 1-Run Single, Alejandro De Aza scores, pitcher Mike Minor23-5
DET@KCTop 6Austin Jackson Single, pitcher James Shields23-6
DET@KCTop 7Austin Jackson Strikeout, pitcher James Shields23-5
DET@KCTop 8Torii Hunter Strikeout, pitcher Kelvin Herrera22-5
CLE@MINBot 9Joe Mauer Strikeout, pitcher Chris Perez21-5
OAK@LAATop 1Coco Crisp Walk, pitcher Jerome Williams21-4
OAK@LAATop 1Seth Smith Out Howie Kendrick, Mark Trumbo, Coco Crisp to 2nd, pitcher Jerome Williams21-5
OAK@LAATop 1Jed Lowrie Out Mike Trout, pitcher Jerome Williams21-6
OAK@LAATop 1Josh Donaldson Out Josh Hamilton, pitcher Jerome Williams21-7
OAK@LAATop 2Brandon Moss Out Erick Aybar, pitcher Jerome Williams21-8
OAK@LAATop 2John Jaso Out Howie Kendrick, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Jerome Williams21-9
OAK@LAATop 2Josh Reddick Out Erick Aybar, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Jerome Williams21-10
OAK@LAATop 3Chris Young Double, pitcher Jerome Williams21-9
OAK@LAATop 3Eric Sogard 2-Run Home Run, Chris Young scores, pitcher Jerome Williams21-8
OAK@LAATop 3Coco Crisp Out Howie Kendrick, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Jerome Williams21-9
OAK@LAATop 3Seth Smith Strikeout, pitcher Jerome Williams21-11
OAK@LAATop 3Jed Lowrie Out Mike Trout, pitcher Jerome Williams21-12
OAK@LAATop 4Josh Donaldson Strikeout, pitcher Jerome Williams21-14
OAK@LAATop 4John Jaso Single, Brandon Moss to 2nd, pitcher Jerome Williams21-13
OAK@LAATop 4Josh Reddick Strikeout, pitcher Jerome Williams21-15
OAK@LAATop 4Chris Young Strikeout, pitcher Jerome Williams21-17
OAK@LAATop 5Eric Sogard Single, pitcher Jerome Williams21-16
OAK@LAATop 5Coco Crisp 1-Run Triple, Eric Sogard scores, pitcher Jerome Williams21-15
OAK@LAATop 5Seth Smith Out Mark Trumbo, pitcher Jerome Williams21-16
OAK@LAATop 5Jed Lowrie Walk, pitcher Jerome Williams21-15
OAK@LAATop 5Josh Donaldson Out Alberto Callaspo, pitcher Jerome Williams21-16
OAK@LAATop 5Brandon Moss 1-Run Single, Jed Lowrie to 2nd, Coco Crisp scores, pitcher Jerome Williams21-15
OAK@LAATop 5John Jaso Out Mike Trout, pitcher Jerome Williams21-16
OAK@LAATop 6Josh Reddick Single, pitcher Jerome Williams21-15
OAK@LAATop 6Chris Young Walk, Josh Reddick to 2nd, pitcher Jerome Williams21-14
ARI@SFBot 1Pablo Sandoval Strikeout, pitcher Randall Delgado21-13
ARI@SFBot 5Brandon Crawford Walk, pitcher Randall Delgado22-13
ARI@SFBot 6Pablo Sandoval Double, pitcher Randall Delgado22-15
ARI@SFBot 8Pablo Sandoval Strikeout, pitcher David Hernandez22-14
ARI@SFBot 9Brandon Crawford Single, pitcher Brad Ziegler23-14
CHC@COLTop 1Starlin Castro Single, pitcher Tyler Chatwood23-15
CHC@COLTop 1Anthony Rizzo Single, Starlin Castro to 2nd, pitcher Tyler Chatwood23-16
CHC@COLTop 3Starlin Castro Single, pitcher Tyler Chatwood23-17
CHC@COLTop 6Anthony Rizzo 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Tyler Chatwood23-23
CHC@COLTop 7Starlin Castro Single, pitcher Josh Outman23-24
CHC@COLTop 7Anthony Rizzo Walk, Starlin Castro to 2nd, pitcher Josh Outman23-25
CHC@COLTop 9Starlin Castro Double, pitcher Rex Brothers23-27
CHC@COLTop 9Alfonso Soriano 1-Run Out Troy Tulowitzki, Michael Cuddyer, Starlin Castro scores, pitcher Rex Brothers23-28
NYY@BOSBot 1Jacoby Ellsbury Hit By Pitch, pitcher CC Sabathia24-28
NYY@BOSBot 3Jacoby Ellsbury Double, pitcher CC Sabathia26-28
NYY@BOSBot 3Dustin Pedroia 1-Run Single, Jacoby Ellsbury scores, pitcher CC Sabathia29-28
NYY@BOSBot 3Mike Napoli 3-Run Home Run, David Ortiz scores, Dustin Pedroia scores, pitcher CC Sabathia30-28
NYY@BOSBot 4Jacoby Ellsbury Single, Jose Iglesias to 2nd, Stephen Drew to 3rd, pitcher CC Sabathia31-28
NYY@BOSBot 6Jacoby Ellsbury Walk, pitcher CC Sabathia32-28
NYY@BOSBot 6Jacoby Ellsbury Stolen Base33-28
NYY@BOSBot 6Dustin Pedroia Strikeout, pitcher Preston Claiborne32-28
NYY@BOSBot 8Dustin Pedroia Single, Shane Victorino to 3rd, pitcher David Robertson33-28
NYY@BOSBot 10Jacoby Ellsbury Strikeout, pitcher Shawn Kelley32-28
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous25-18