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Week 11 2013 Mon 6/10-Sun 6/16

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
WSH@CLEBot 1Jason Kipnis Walk, pitcher Stephen Strasburg1-0
WSH@CLEBot 4Jason Kipnis Walk, pitcher Stephen Strasburg2-0
WSH@CLEBot 4Jason Kipnis Stolen Base3-0
WSH@CLEBot 4Carlos Santana 1-Run Single, Jason Kipnis scores, pitcher Stephen Strasburg4-0
WSH@CLETop 6Denard Span Double, pitcher Corey Kluber4-2
WSH@CLEBot 6Jason Kipnis Single, pitcher Fernando Abad5-2
WSH@CLEBot 7Yan Gomes Single, pitcher Craig Stammen5-3
WSH@CLEBot 7Yan Gomes Stolen Base5-4
WSH@CLEBot 8Jason Kipnis 1-Run Out Jayson Werth, Michael Bourn scores, pitcher Craig Stammen6-4
CHC@NYMBot 6Daniel Murphy Walk, Jordany Valdespin to 2nd, pitcher Matt Garza6-5
STL@MIATop 7David Freese Double, pitcher Ricky Nolasco8-5
CHC@NYMBot 8Daniel Murphy Strikeout, pitcher James Russell8-4
BOS@BALBot 1Manny Machado Double, pitcher Jon Lester10-4
BOS@BALBot 1J.J. Hardy Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester10-3
BOS@BALBot 5Manny Machado 1-Run Triple, Nick Markakis scores, pitcher Jon Lester14-3
BOS@BALBot 5J.J. Hardy Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester14-2
BOS@BALBot 5Chris Davis 1-Run Double, Manny Machado scores, pitcher Jon Lester15-2
BOS@BALBot 7J.J. Hardy 1-Run Single, Nick Markakis scores, pitcher Junichi Tazawa15-4
BOS@BALTop 9Shane Victorino Out Jim Johnson, Chris Davis, pitcher Jim Johnson15-5
BOS@BALTop 9Jarrod Saltalamacchia Out Alexi Casilla, Chris Davis, pitcher Jim Johnson15-6
BOS@BALTop 9Will Middlebrooks Out Adam Jones, pitcher Jim Johnson15-7
KC@TBTop 1Alex Gordon Hit By Pitch, pitcher Roberto Hernandez16-7
KC@TBTop 5Alex Gordon Strikeout, pitcher Roberto Hernandez15-7
KC@TBTop 6Alex Gordon 1-Run Single, Alcides Escobar to 2nd, Jeff Francoeur scores, pitcher Jake McGee17-7
KC@TBTop 8Alex Gordon 1-Run Out Luke Scott, Alcides Escobar scores, pitcher Cesar Ramos18-7
TOR@TEXBot 4A.J. Pierzynski Single, Adrian Beltre to 3rd, pitcher Chien-Ming Wang19-7
TOR@TEXBot 6A.J. Pierzynski Single, pitcher Chien-Ming Wang20-7
NYY@LAATop 1Brett Gardner Double, pitcher Jered Weaver21-7
NYY@LAATop 1Ichiro Suzuki Walk, pitcher Jered Weaver20-7
NYY@LAATop 1Robinson Cano Strikeout, pitcher Jered Weaver22-7
NYY@LAATop 1Travis Hafner Walk, pitcher Jered Weaver21-7
NYY@LAATop 1Vernon Wells Out Erick Aybar, Howie Kendrick, Brendan Harris, pitcher Jered Weaver22-7
NYY@LAATop 2Lyle Overbay Out Mike Trout, pitcher Jered Weaver23-7
NYY@LAATop 2Jayson Nix Strikeout, pitcher Jered Weaver25-7
NYY@LAATop 2Reid Brignac Out Peter Bourjos, pitcher Jered Weaver26-7
NYY@LAATop 3Chris Stewart Walk, pitcher Jered Weaver25-7
NYY@LAATop 3Brett Gardner Single, Chris Stewart to 3rd, pitcher Jered Weaver25-7
NYY@LAATop 3Brett Gardner Stolen Base26-7
NYY@LAATop 3Ichiro Suzuki Strikeout, pitcher Jered Weaver28-7
NYY@LAATop 3Robinson Cano Out Mike Trout, pitcher Jered Weaver29-7
NYY@LAATop 3Travis Hafner 3-Run Home Run, Brett Gardner scores, Chris Stewart scores, pitcher Jered Weaver29-7
NYY@LAATop 3Vernon Wells Single, pitcher Jered Weaver28-7
NYY@LAATop 3Lyle Overbay 1-Run Double, Vernon Wells scores, pitcher Jered Weaver27-7
NYY@LAATop 3Time Picked Off Jered Weaver, Chris Iannetta30-7
NYY@LAATop 4Reid Brignac Out Erick Aybar, pitcher Jered Weaver31-7
NYY@LAATop 4Chris Stewart Out Mike Trout, pitcher Jered Weaver32-7
NYY@LAATop 4Brett Gardner Out Howie Kendrick, Brendan Harris, pitcher Jered Weaver33-7
NYY@LAATop 5Ichiro Suzuki Walk, pitcher Jered Weaver32-7
NYY@LAATop 5Robinson Cano Out Peter Bourjos, pitcher Jered Weaver33-7
NYY@LAATop 5Travis Hafner Out Howie Kendrick, Erick Aybar, pitcher Jered Weaver34-7
NYY@LAATop 6Vernon Wells Strikeout, pitcher Jered Weaver36-7
NYY@LAATop 6Lyle Overbay Strikeout, pitcher Jered Weaver38-7
NYY@LAATop 6Jayson Nix Double, pitcher Jered Weaver37-7
NYY@LAATop 6Reid Brignac Strikeout, pitcher Jered Weaver39-7
NYY@LAABot 9Albert Pujols Walk, pitcher CC Sabathia39-8
NYY@LAABot 9Erick Aybar 1-Run Out Lyle Overbay, J.B. Shuck to 2nd, Mark Trumbo to 3rd, Albert Pujols scores, pitcher Mariano Rivera39-9
NYY@LAABot 9Albert Pujols Strikeout, pitcher Mariano Rivera39-8
SEA@OAKBot 2Josh Reddick Triple, pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma39-11
SEA@OAKBot 4Josh Reddick 1-Run Single, Seth Smith scores, pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma39-13
SEA@OAKBot 7Josh Reddick Single, pitcher Blake Beavan39-14
SEA@OAKBot 7Coco Crisp 1-Run Walk, Eric Sogard to 2nd, Adam Rosales to 3rd, Josh Reddick scores, pitcher Tom Wilhelmsen39-15
SEA@OAKBot 8Josh Reddick 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Carter Capps39-21
PHI@COLTop 2Domonic Brown Single, pitcher Jhoulys Chacin39-22
PHI@COLTop 9Domonic Brown Strikeout, pitcher Rex Brothers39-21
SF@ATLBot 1Andrelton Simmons Walk, pitcher Tim Lincecum40-21
SF@ATLBot 1Andrelton Simmons Stolen Base41-21
SF@ATLBot 1Freddie Freeman 1-Run Single, Andrelton Simmons scores, pitcher Tim Lincecum44-21
SF@ATLBot 3Freddie Freeman Single, Justin Upton to 2nd, pitcher Tim Lincecum45-21
SF@ATLBot 5Freddie Freeman Single, Justin Upton to 2nd, pitcher Tim Lincecum46-21
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous36-27