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Week 10 2013 Mon 6/3-Sun 6/9

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
TEX@TORTop 1Elvis Andrus Walk, pitcher Josh Johnson-1-0
TEX@TORTop 1A.J. Pierzynski Out Jose Bautista, Elvis Andrus to 3rd, pitcher Josh Johnson0-0
TEX@TORTop 1Adrian Beltre Walk, pitcher Josh Johnson-1-0
TEX@TORTop 1Nelson Cruz Strikeout, pitcher Josh Johnson1-0
TEX@TORBot 1Melky Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Justin Grimm3-0
TEX@TORBot 1Jose Bautista Walk, pitcher Justin Grimm2-0
TEX@TORBot 1Edwin Encarnacion Out Leonys Martin, pitcher Justin Grimm3-0
TEX@TORBot 1Adam Lind Out Leonys Martin, pitcher Justin Grimm4-0
TEX@TORTop 2David Murphy Out Emilio Bonifacio, Adam Lind, pitcher Josh Johnson5-0
TEX@TORTop 2Chris McGuiness Strikeout, pitcher Josh Johnson7-0
TEX@TORTop 2Leury Garcia Out Jose Bautista, pitcher Josh Johnson8-0
TEX@TORBot 2Colby Rasmus Strikeout, pitcher Justin Grimm10-0
TEX@TORBot 2Josh Thole Out Elvis Andrus, pitcher Justin Grimm11-0
TEX@TORBot 2Andy LaRoche Out Chris McGuiness, pitcher Justin Grimm12-0
TEX@TORTop 3Leonys Martin Out Adam Lind, Josh Johnson, pitcher Josh Johnson13-0
TEX@TORTop 3Elvis Andrus Out Jose Bautista, pitcher Josh Johnson14-0
TEX@TORTop 3Jurickson Profar Out Adam Lind, Josh Johnson, pitcher Josh Johnson15-0
TEX@TORBot 3Emilio Bonifacio Strikeout, pitcher Justin Grimm17-0
TEX@TORBot 3Munenori Kawasaki Out Leury Garcia, Chris McGuiness, pitcher Justin Grimm18-0
TEX@TORBot 3Melky Cabrera Walk, pitcher Justin Grimm17-0
TEX@TORBot 3Edwin Encarnacion 1-Run Single, Jose Bautista to 2nd, Melky Cabrera scores, pitcher Justin Grimm16-0
TEX@TORBot 3Adam Lind 3-Run Home Run, Edwin Encarnacion scores, Jose Bautista scores, pitcher Justin Grimm15-0
TEX@TORBot 3Colby Rasmus Out Chris McGuiness, pitcher Justin Grimm16-0
TEX@TORTop 4A.J. Pierzynski Out Andy LaRoche, Adam Lind, pitcher Josh Johnson17-0
TEX@TORTop 4Adrian Beltre Out Munenori Kawasaki, Adam Lind, pitcher Josh Johnson18-0
TEX@TORTop 4Jose Bautista Single, Melky Cabrera to 2nd, pitcher Justin Grimm17-0
TEX@TORTop 4Nelson Cruz 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Josh Johnson16-0
TEX@TORTop 4David Murphy Walk, pitcher Josh Johnson15-0
TEX@TORTop 4Chris McGuiness 1-Run Double, David Murphy scores, pitcher Josh Johnson14-0
TEX@TORTop 4Leury Garcia Walk, pitcher Josh Johnson13-0
TEX@TORTop 4Leonys Martin Out Adam Lind, pitcher Josh Johnson14-0
TEX@TORBot 4Josh Thole Out Leonys Martin, pitcher Justin Grimm15-0
TEX@TORBot 4Andy LaRoche Strikeout, pitcher Justin Grimm17-0
TEX@TORBot 4Emilio Bonifacio Strikeout, pitcher Justin Grimm19-0
TEX@TORTop 5Elvis Andrus Out Munenori Kawasaki, Adam Lind, pitcher Josh Johnson20-0
TEX@TORTop 5Jurickson Profar Strikeout, pitcher Josh Johnson22-0
CLE@DETTop 2Yan Gomes Strikeout, pitcher Jose Alvarez22--1
TEX@TORTop 5A.J. Pierzynski Double, pitcher Josh Johnson21--1
TEX@TORTop 5Adrian Beltre Single, A.J. Pierzynski to 3rd, pitcher Josh Johnson20--1
TEX@TORTop 5Nelson Cruz 1-Run Single, Adrian Beltre to 3rd, A.J. Pierzynski scores, pitcher Josh Johnson19--1
TEX@TORTop 5David Murphy Out Munenori Kawasaki, pitcher Josh Johnson20--1
TEX@TORBot 5Munenori Kawasaki Out Leonys Martin, pitcher Justin Grimm21--1
TEX@TORBot 5Melky Cabrera Out Jurickson Profar, Chris McGuiness, pitcher Justin Grimm22--1
TEX@TORBot 5Jose Bautista Single, pitcher Justin Grimm21--1
TEX@TORBot 5Edwin Encarnacion Out Leonys Martin, pitcher Justin Grimm22--1
CLE@DETTop 3Michael Bourn Strikeout, pitcher Jose Alvarez22--2
TEX@TORBot 6Adam Lind Strikeout, pitcher Justin Grimm24--2
TEX@TORBot 6Colby Rasmus Single, pitcher Justin Grimm23--2
TEX@TORBot 6Josh Thole Walk, Colby Rasmus to 2nd, pitcher Justin Grimm22--2
TEX@TORBot 6Andy LaRoche Out David Murphy, pitcher Justin Grimm23--2
CLE@DETTop 5Yan Gomes Strikeout, pitcher Jose Alvarez23--3
CLE@DETTop 7Yan Gomes Strikeout, pitcher Drew Smyly23--4
CLE@DETTop 8Michael Bourn Single, pitcher Drew Smyly23--3
CLE@DETTop 8Michael Bourn Stolen Base23--2
LAA@BOSTop 1Albert Pujols 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Ryan Dempster23-4
MIN@WSHBot 2Adam LaRoche Strikeout, pitcher Scott Diamond23-3
MIN@WSHBot 2Ian Desmond Single, Jayson Werth to 2nd, pitcher Scott Diamond24-3
LAA@BOSTop 3Albert Pujols Hit By Pitch, pitcher Ryan Dempster24-4
LAA@BOSBot 3Daniel Nava 1-Run Single, Jacoby Ellsbury scores, pitcher Joe Blanton26-4
LAA@BOSBot 3David Ortiz 3-Run Home Run, Dustin Pedroia scores, Daniel Nava scores, pitcher Joe Blanton27-4
MIN@WSHBot 4Adam LaRoche Single, Jayson Werth to 2nd, pitcher Scott Diamond27-5
MIN@WSHBot 4Anthony Rendon 2-Run Single, Ian Desmond scores, Adam LaRoche scores, pitcher Scott Diamond28-6
LAA@BOSTop 5Josh Hamilton Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Dempster28-5
MIN@WSHBot 5Adam LaRoche 1-Run Single, Jayson Werth to 2nd, Ryan Zimmerman to 3rd, Steve Lombardozzi scores, pitcher Scott Diamond28-7
MIN@WSHBot 5Ian Desmond 2-Run Single, Adam LaRoche to 2nd, Jayson Werth scores, Ryan Zimmerman scores, pitcher Scott Diamond31-7
MIN@WSHBot 5Anthony Rendon 2-Run Double, Ian Desmond scores, Adam LaRoche scores, pitcher Ryan Pressly32-8
LAA@BOSBot 6Daniel Nava Strikeout, pitcher Michael Kohn31-8
LAA@BOSTop 9Josh Hamilton Strikeout, pitcher Andrew Bailey31-7
BAL@TBTop 1Nick Markakis Out Matt Moore, James Loney, pitcher Matt Moore31-8
BAL@TBTop 1Manny Machado Hit By Pitch, pitcher Matt Moore31-7
BAL@TBTop 1J.J. Hardy 1-Run Double, Manny Machado scores, pitcher Matt Moore31-9
BAL@TBTop 1Adam Jones 1-Run Double, J.J. Hardy scores, pitcher Matt Moore31-9
BAL@TBTop 1Chris Davis Out Matt Joyce, pitcher Matt Moore31-10
BAL@TBTop 1Matt Wieters Strikeout, pitcher Matt Moore31-12
BAL@TBTop 2Danny Valencia Double, pitcher Matt Moore31-11
BAL@TBTop 2Steve Pearce Single, Danny Valencia to 3rd, pitcher Matt Moore31-10
BAL@TBTop 2Alexi Casilla 1-Run Out Matt Joyce, Danny Valencia scores, pitcher Matt Moore31-11
BAL@TBTop 2Nick Markakis Strikeout, pitcher Matt Moore31-13
BAL@TBTop 2Manny Machado 1-Run Double, Steve Pearce scores, pitcher Matt Moore31-12
BAL@TBTop 2J.J. Hardy 1-Run Double, Manny Machado scores, pitcher Matt Moore31-14
BAL@TBTop 2Adam Jones Strikeout, pitcher Matt Moore31-16
BAL@TBBot 2Evan Longoria Double, pitcher Chris Tillman33-16
BAL@TBBot 2Desmond Jennings 1-Run Single, Evan Longoria scores, pitcher Chris Tillman34-16
BAL@TBTop 3Chris Davis Out Ben Zobrist, James Loney, pitcher Matt Moore34-17
BAL@TBTop 3Matt Wieters Double, pitcher Matt Moore34-16
BAL@TBTop 3Danny Valencia Walk, pitcher Matt Moore34-15
BAL@TBTop 3Steve Pearce Single, Danny Valencia to 2nd, Matt Wieters to 3rd, pitcher Matt Moore34-14
BAL@TBTop 3Alexi Casilla 2-Run Double, Steve Pearce to 3rd, Danny Valencia scores, Matt Wieters scores, pitcher Matt Moore34-13
BAL@TBTop 3Nick Markakis 1-Run Out Matt Joyce, Alexi Casilla to 3rd, Steve Pearce scores, pitcher Matt Moore34-14
BAL@TBTop 3Manny Machado Out Matt Joyce, pitcher Matt Moore34-15
BAL@TBTop 4J.J. Hardy Out Ryan Roberts, James Loney, pitcher Matt Moore34-16
BAL@TBTop 4Adam Jones 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Matt Moore34-15
BAL@TBTop 4Chris Davis Strikeout, pitcher Matt Moore34-17
BAL@TBTop 4Matt Wieters Single, pitcher Matt Moore34-16
BAL@TBTop 4Danny Valencia Strikeout, pitcher Matt Moore34-18
BAL@TBTop 5Steve Pearce Single, pitcher Matt Moore34-17
BAL@TBTop 5Nick Markakis Strikeout, pitcher Matt Moore34-19
BAL@TBTop 5Manny Machado Out Ben Zobrist, pitcher Matt Moore34-20
BAL@TBTop 8J.J. Hardy Single, pitcher Cesar Ramos34-21
BAL@TBBot 8Evan Longoria Single, Matt Joyce to 2nd, pitcher Brian Matusz35-21