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Week 8 2013 Mon 5/20-Sun 5/26

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
Dr. Stus' S..
BAL@TORTop 2Matt Wieters 1-Run Double, J.J. Hardy to 3rd, Chris Davis scores, pitcher Chad Jenkins3-0
BAL@TORTop 3Manny Machado Double, pitcher Chad Jenkins3-2
MIN@DETTop 1Josh Willingham Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer3-1
MIN@DETTop 2Justin Morneau Walk, pitcher Max Scherzer3-2
BAL@TORTop 5Manny Machado Single, pitcher Chad Jenkins3-3
Dr. Stus' S..
BAL@TORTop 6Matt Wieters Double, pitcher Thad Weber5-3
MIN@DETTop 4Justin Morneau Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer5-2
Dr. Stus' S..
BAL@TORTop 8Matt Wieters Single, pitcher Aaron Loup6-2
Dr. Stus' S..
BAL@TORTop 8Matt Wieters Stolen Base7-2
MIN@DETTop 5Josh Willingham Walk, pitcher Max Scherzer7-3
Dr. Stus' S..
BAL@TORTop 9Matt Wieters 2-Run Double, Chris Davis to 3rd, Adam Jones scores, Nick Markakis scores, pitcher Steve Delabar11-3
MIN@DETBot 6Omar Infante Walk, Alex Avila to 2nd, Victor Martinez to 3rd, pitcher Casey Fien11-4
MIN@DETBot 6Avisail Garcia 3-Run Triple, Omar Infante scores, Alex Avila scores, Victor Martinez scores, pitcher Caleb Thielbar11-5
CHC@CINBot 1Shin-Soo Choo Strikeout, pitcher Matt Garza11-4
MIN@DETTop 8Josh Willingham Strikeout, pitcher Drew Smyly11-3
CHC@CINBot 4Shin-Soo Choo Walk, pitcher Matt Garza11-4
CHC@CINBot 6Shin-Soo Choo Walk, pitcher Carlos Marmol11-5
CHC@CINBot 9Shin-Soo Choo Hit By Pitch, pitcher Kyuji Fujikawa11-6
CLE@BOSTop 1Carlos Santana 2-Run Double, Nick Swisher to 3rd, Jason Kipnis scores, Michael Bourn scores, pitcher Felix Doubront11-7
CLE@BOSTop 2Jason Kipnis Strikeout, pitcher Felix Doubront11-6
CLE@BOSTop 5Jason Kipnis 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Felix Doubront11-12
CLE@BOSTop 8Jason Kipnis Double, pitcher Craig Breslow11-14
CLE@BOSTop 8Nick Swisher 1-Run Out Jonny Gomes, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Mike Napoli, Jason Kipnis scores, pitcher Craig Breslow11-15
Dr. Stus' S..
NYY@TBBot 3Ben Zobrist Strikeout, pitcher CC Sabathia10-15
Dr. Stus' S..
NYY@TBBot 5Ben Zobrist Strikeout, pitcher CC Sabathia9-15
Dr. Stus' S..
NYY@TBBot 7Ben Zobrist Single, pitcher CC Sabathia10-15
Dr. Stus' S..
LAA@KCBot 2Eric Hosmer Single, Billy Butler to 2nd, pitcher Jerome Williams11-15
Dr. Stus' S..
LAA@KCBot 2Billy Butler Single, pitcher Jerome Williams12-15
Dr. Stus' S..
PIT@MILBot 2Rickie Weeks Strikeout, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez11-15
Dr. Stus' S..
LAA@KCBot 4Billy Butler Walk, pitcher Jerome Williams12-15
Dr. Stus' S..
PIT@MILBot 5Rickie Weeks Single, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez13-15
Dr. Stus' S..
PIT@MILBot 5Nori Aoki Single, Rickie Weeks to 2nd, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez14-15
Dr. Stus' S..
PIT@MILBot 5Ryan Braun 3-Run Double, Jean Segura scores, Nori Aoki scores, Rickie Weeks scores, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez16-15
Dr. Stus' S..
LAA@KCBot 5Billy Butler Strikeout, pitcher Jerome Williams15-15
LAA@KCBot 5Alex Gordon Single, Alcides Escobar to 2nd, pitcher Jerome Williams15-16
Dr. Stus' S..
LAA@KCBot 6Eric Hosmer Double, pitcher Jerome Williams17-16
Dr. Stus' S..
PIT@MILBot 7Yuniesky Betancourt Strikeout, pitcher Vin Mazzaro16-16
LAA@KCBot 7Alex Gordon Walk, pitcher Kevin Jepsen16-17
Dr. Stus' S..
MIA@CWSTop 9Justin Ruggiano Strikeout, pitcher Addison Reed18-17
Dr. Stus' S..
MIA@CWSTop 9Greg Dobbs Strikeout, pitcher Addison Reed20-17
Dr. Stus' S..
MIA@CWSTop 9Nick Green Out Conor Gillaspie, Paul Konerko, pitcher Addison Reed21-17
LAA@KCBot 9Alex Gordon Strikeout, pitcher Ernesto Frieri21-16
Dr. Stus' S..
COL@SFTop 1Dexter Fowler Walk, pitcher Matt Cain22-16
Dr. Stus' S..
COL@SFTop 1Dexter Fowler Stolen Base23-16
Dr. Stus' S..
COL@SFTop 1Michael Cuddyer 2-Run Double, Troy Tulowitzki to 3rd, Nolan Arenado scores, Dexter Fowler scores, pitcher Matt Cain24-16
Dr. Stus' S..
COL@SFTop 2Dexter Fowler Walk, pitcher Matt Cain25-16
Dr. Stus' S..
COL@SFTop 5Dexter Fowler Double, pitcher Matt Cain27-16
Dr. Stus' S..
COL@SFTop 7Dexter Fowler Single, pitcher Chad Gaudin28-16
TEX@SEABot 1Endy Chavez Out Leonys Martin, pitcher Nick Tepesch28-17
TEX@SEABot 1Kyle Seager Out Leonys Martin, pitcher Nick Tepesch28-18
TEX@SEABot 1Raul Ibanez Strikeout, pitcher Nick Tepesch28-20
TEX@SEABot 2Kendrys Morales Out Adrian Beltre, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Nick Tepesch28-21
TEX@SEABot 2Michael Morse Out Nelson Cruz, pitcher Nick Tepesch28-22
TEX@SEABot 2Michael Saunders Strikeout, pitcher Nick Tepesch28-24
Dr. Stus' S..
SD@ARITop 3Everth Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Patrick Corbin27-24
TEX@SEABot 3Dustin Ackley Out Adrian Beltre, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Nick Tepesch27-25
TEX@SEABot 3Jesus Sucre Out Nick Tepesch, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Nick Tepesch27-26
TEX@SEABot 3Brendan Ryan Strikeout, pitcher Nick Tepesch27-28
TEX@SEABot 4Endy Chavez Single, pitcher Nick Tepesch27-27
TEX@SEABot 4Kyle Seager Out Jurickson Profar, pitcher Nick Tepesch27-28
TEX@SEABot 4Raul Ibanez Strikeout, pitcher Nick Tepesch27-30
TEX@SEABot 4Kendrys Morales Single, Endy Chavez to 2nd, pitcher Nick Tepesch27-29
TEX@SEABot 4Michael Morse Strikeout, pitcher Nick Tepesch27-31
Dr. Stus' S..
SD@ARITop 5Everth Cabrera Walk, pitcher Patrick Corbin28-31
Dr. Stus' S..
SD@ARITop 5Carlos Quentin 2-Run Home Run, Everth Cabrera scores, pitcher Patrick Corbin29-31
TEX@SEABot 5Michael Saunders Out Leonys Martin, pitcher Nick Tepesch29-32
TEX@SEABot 5Dustin Ackley Out Mitch Moreland, pitcher Nick Tepesch29-33
TEX@SEABot 5Jesus Sucre Walk, pitcher Nick Tepesch29-32
TEX@SEABot 5Brendan Ryan Single, Jesus Sucre to 2nd, pitcher Nick Tepesch29-31
TEX@SEABot 5Endy Chavez Out Jurickson Profar, pitcher Nick Tepesch29-32
TEX@SEABot 6Kyle Seager Double, pitcher Nick Tepesch29-31
TEX@SEABot 6Raul Ibanez Out Leury Garcia, Mitch Moreland, Kyle Seager to 3rd, pitcher Nick Tepesch29-32
TEX@SEABot 6Kendrys Morales 2-Run Home Run, Kyle Seager scores, pitcher Nick Tepesch29-31
TEX@SEABot 6Michael Morse Strikeout, pitcher Nick Tepesch29-33
TEX@SEATop 11A.J. Pierzynski 1-Run Single, Elvis Andrus scores, pitcher Oliver Perez29-35
TEX@SEATop 13A.J. Pierzynski Walk, pitcher Yoervis Medina29-36
ATL@NYMTop 1Andrelton Simmons Single, pitcher Shaun Marcum29-37
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@NYMBot 1Daniel Murphy Out Dan Uggla, Freddie Freeman, pitcher Julio Teheran30-37
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@NYMBot 1Rick Ankiel Out Melvin Upton, pitcher Julio Teheran31-37
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@NYMBot 1Lucas Duda Strikeout, pitcher Julio Teheran33-37
ATL@NYMTop 2Freddie Freeman Strikeout, pitcher Shaun Marcum33-36
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@NYMTop 2Melvin Upton Strikeout, pitcher Shaun Marcum32-36
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@NYMBot 2John Buck Out Melvin Upton, pitcher Julio Teheran33-36
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@NYMBot 2Marlon Byrd Walk, pitcher Julio Teheran32-36
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@NYMBot 2Ike Davis Walk, Marlon Byrd to 2nd, pitcher Julio Teheran31-36
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@NYMBot 2Ruben Tejada Out Melvin Upton, pitcher Julio Teheran32-36
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@NYMBot 2Shaun Marcum Strikeout, pitcher Julio Teheran34-36
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@NYMBot 3Daniel Murphy Walk, pitcher Julio Teheran33-36
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@NYMBot 3Daniel Murphy Time Picked Off Julio Teheran, Julio Teheran36-36
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@NYMBot 3Rick Ankiel Strikeout, pitcher Julio Teheran38-36
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@NYMBot 3David Wright Out Juan Francisco, Freddie Freeman, pitcher Julio Teheran39-36
ATL@NYMTop 4Freddie Freeman Strikeout, pitcher Shaun Marcum39-35
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@NYMBot 4Lucas Duda 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Julio Teheran38-35
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@NYMBot 4John Buck Strikeout, pitcher Julio Teheran40-35
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@NYMBot 4Marlon Byrd Out Freddie Freeman, pitcher Julio Teheran41-35
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@NYMBot 4Ike Davis Single, pitcher Julio Teheran40-35
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@NYMBot 4Ruben Tejada Out Julio Teheran, pitcher Julio Teheran41-35
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@NYMTop 5Melvin Upton Strikeout, pitcher Shaun Marcum40-35
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@NYMBot 5Daniel Murphy Out Dan Uggla, Freddie Freeman, Shaun Marcum to 3rd, pitcher Julio Teheran41-35
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@NYMBot 5Shaun Marcum Double, pitcher Julio Teheran40-35