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Week 6 2013 Mon 5/6-Sun 5/12

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
PIT@NYMTop 1Starling Marte Out David Wright, Ike Davis, pitcher Matt Harvey0-1
MIL@CINTop 1Jean Segura Walk, pitcher Bronson Arroyo0-2
PIT@NYMTop 1Travis Snider Out Ike Davis, Matt Harvey, pitcher Matt Harvey0-3
MIL@CINTop 1Jean Segura Time Caught Stealing0-2
PIT@NYMTop 1Andrew McCutchen Out Ruben Tejada, Ike Davis, pitcher Matt Harvey0-3
PIT@NYMTop 2Garrett Jones Out Ike Davis, pitcher Matt Harvey0-4
PIT@NYMTop 2Jordy Mercer Out Matt Harvey, Ike Davis, pitcher Matt Harvey0-5
PIT@NYMTop 2Pedro Alvarez Double, pitcher Matt Harvey0-4
PIT@NYMTop 2Michael McKenry Out Ike Davis, pitcher Matt Harvey0-5
PIT@NYMTop 3Clint Barmes 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Matt Harvey0-4
PIT@NYMTop 3Jeanmar Gomez Out Juan Lagares, pitcher Matt Harvey0-5
PIT@NYMTop 3Starling Marte Walk, pitcher Matt Harvey0-4
PIT@NYMTop 3Travis Snider Single, Starling Marte to 3rd, pitcher Matt Harvey0-3
PIT@NYMTop 3Andrew McCutchen Walk, Travis Snider to 2nd, pitcher Matt Harvey0-2
PIT@NYMTop 3Garrett Jones 1-Run Out Mike Baxter, Travis Snider to 3rd, Starling Marte scores, pitcher Matt Harvey0-3
PIT@NYMTop 3Jordy Mercer Out Daniel Murphy, pitcher Matt Harvey0-4
MIL@CINTop 4Jean Segura Double, pitcher Bronson Arroyo0-6
PIT@NYMTop 4Pedro Alvarez Out Ruben Tejada, pitcher Matt Harvey0-7
PIT@NYMTop 4Michael McKenry Hit By Pitch, pitcher Matt Harvey0-6
PIT@NYMTop 4Jeanmar Gomez Strikeout, pitcher Matt Harvey0-8
PIT@NYMTop 5Starling Marte Strikeout, pitcher Matt Harvey0-10
PIT@NYMTop 5Travis Snider Strikeout, pitcher Matt Harvey0-12
PIT@NYMTop 5Andrew McCutchen Single, pitcher Matt Harvey0-11
PIT@NYMTop 5Garrett Jones Out John Buck, pitcher Matt Harvey0-12
PIT@NYMTop 6Jordy Mercer Out David Wright, Ike Davis, pitcher Matt Harvey0-13
PIT@NYMTop 6Pedro Alvarez Strikeout, pitcher Matt Harvey0-15
PIT@NYMTop 6Michael McKenry Out Ruben Tejada, Ike Davis, pitcher Matt Harvey0-16
PIT@NYMTop 7Clint Barmes Single, pitcher Matt Harvey0-15
PIT@NYMTop 7Brandon Inge Out Daniel Murphy, pitcher Matt Harvey0-16
PIT@NYMTop 7Starling Marte Out Ike Davis, Clint Barmes to 2nd, pitcher Matt Harvey0-17
PIT@NYMTop 7Time Picked Off Matt Harvey, John Buck0-20
MIL@CINTop 8Jean Segura Single, Alex Gonzalez to 3rd, pitcher Jonathan Broxton0-21
MIL@CINTop 9Martin Maldonado Strikeout, pitcher Aroldis Chapman0-23
MIL@CINTop 9Jonathan Lucroy Strikeout, pitcher Aroldis Chapman0-25
MIL@CINTop 9Rickie Weeks Walk, pitcher Aroldis Chapman0-24
MIL@CINTop 9Carlos Gomez Strikeout, pitcher Aroldis Chapman0-26
CHC@WSHBot 1Denard Span Double, pitcher Scott Feldman2-26
CHC@WSHBot 1Ryan Zimmerman 1-Run Double, Bryce Harper to 3rd, Denard Span scores, pitcher Scott Feldman3-26
TOR@BOSTop 2Brett Lawrie Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Dempster2-26
TOR@BOSBot 5Will Middlebrooks Strikeout, pitcher Chad Jenkins2-25
TOR@BOSTop 6Brett Lawrie 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Andrew Miller8-25
TOR@BOSBot 7Will Middlebrooks Strikeout, pitcher Aaron Loup8-24
NYY@KCBot 7Salvador Perez Single, pitcher Hiroki Kuroda8-25
COL@STLBot 1Matt Carpenter Walk, pitcher Jorge De La Rosa8-26
COL@STLTop 2Wilin Rosario Strikeout, pitcher Jaime Garcia7-26
COL@STLTop 3Wilin Rosario Walk, pitcher Jaime Garcia8-26
COL@STLBot 3Matt Carpenter Walk, pitcher Jorge De La Rosa8-27
COL@STLBot 4Allen Craig Strikeout, pitcher Jorge De La Rosa8-26
COL@STLTop 8Wilin Rosario Strikeout, pitcher Carlos Martinez7-26
COL@STLBot 8Matt Carpenter Single, pitcher Rex Brothers7-27
MIA@LADTop 1Marcell Ozuna Single, Justin Ruggiano to 3rd, pitcher Chris Capuano7-28
MIA@LADBot 1Carl Crawford Single, pitcher Tom Koehler7-29
OAK@SEABot 1Kendrys Morales 3-Run Home Run, Kyle Seager scores, Michael Saunders scores, pitcher Tommy Milone15-29
MIA@LADBot 3Matt Kemp Single, pitcher Tom Koehler16-29
OAK@SEABot 3Kendrys Morales Strikeout, pitcher Tommy Milone15-29
MIA@LADTop 4Marcell Ozuna Single, pitcher Chris Capuano15-30
MIA@LADBot 5Matt Kemp Single, pitcher Tom Koehler16-30
OAK@SEATop 7Jed Lowrie Single, Adam Rosales to 2nd, pitcher Yoervis Medina17-30
MIA@LADBot 7Carl Crawford 1-Run Single, Juan Uribe to 2nd, Nick Punto scores, pitcher Mike Dunn17-32
MIA@LADBot 7Matt Kemp Walk, pitcher Mike Dunn18-32
MIA@LADBot 7Scott Van Slyke 1-Run Single, Matt Kemp to 2nd, Carl Crawford scores, pitcher Mike Dunn18-33
PHI@ARITop 8Michael Young Single, pitcher Brandon McCarthy19-33
MIA@LADBot 8Carl Crawford Walk, Juan Uribe to 2nd, pitcher Steve Cishek19-34
PHI@ARITop 9Domonic Brown 1-Run Single, John Mayberry scores, pitcher Heath Bell21-34
PHI@ARITop 10Domonic Brown Single, Ryan Howard to 2nd, pitcher Matt Reynolds22-34
LAA@CWSTop 1Alberto Callaspo Out Chris Sale, Paul Konerko, pitcher Chris Sale23-34
LAA@CWSTop 1Mike Trout Strikeout, pitcher Chris Sale25-34
LAA@CWSTop 1Albert Pujols Out Alexei Ramirez, Paul Konerko, pitcher Chris Sale26-34
LAA@CWSTop 2Mark Trumbo Out Alexei Ramirez, pitcher Chris Sale27-34
LAA@CWSTop 2Josh Hamilton Out Alejandro De Aza, pitcher Chris Sale28-34
LAA@CWSTop 2Howie Kendrick Out Alex Rios, pitcher Chris Sale29-34
LAA@CWSTop 3Brendan Harris Out Jeff Keppinger, Paul Konerko, pitcher Chris Sale30-34
LAA@CWSTop 3Chris Iannetta Strikeout, pitcher Chris Sale32-34
LAA@CWSTop 3Luis Jimenez Out Tyler Greene, Paul Konerko, pitcher Chris Sale33-34
LAA@CWSTop 4Alberto Callaspo Out Alexei Ramirez, pitcher Chris Sale34-34
LAA@CWSTop 4Mike Trout Out Alex Rios, pitcher Chris Sale35-34
LAA@CWSTop 4Albert Pujols Out Alexei Ramirez, Paul Konerko, pitcher Chris Sale36-34
LAA@CWSTop 5Mark Trumbo Out Alexei Ramirez, Paul Konerko, pitcher Chris Sale37-34
LAA@CWSTop 5Josh Hamilton Out Tyler Greene, Paul Konerko, pitcher Chris Sale38-34
LAA@CWSTop 5Howie Kendrick Out Alex Rios, pitcher Chris Sale39-34
LAA@CWSTop 6Brendan Harris Strikeout, pitcher Chris Sale41-34
LAA@CWSTop 6Chris Iannetta Strikeout, pitcher Chris Sale43-34
LAA@CWSTop 6Luis Jimenez Out Tyler Greene, pitcher Chris Sale44-34
LAA@CWSTop 7Alberto Callaspo Out Alexei Ramirez, Paul Konerko, pitcher Chris Sale45-34
LAA@CWSTop 7Albert Pujols Out Jeff Keppinger, Paul Konerko, Mike Trout to 2nd, pitcher Chris Sale46-34
LAA@CWSTop 7Mike Trout Single, pitcher Chris Sale45-34
LAA@CWSTop 7Mark Trumbo Strikeout, pitcher Chris Sale47-33
LAA@CWSTop 8Josh Hamilton Out Casper Wells, pitcher Chris Sale48-33
LAA@CWSTop 8Howie Kendrick Strikeout, pitcher Chris Sale50-33
LAA@CWSTop 8Brendan Harris Strikeout, pitcher Chris Sale52-33
LAA@CWSTop 9Luis Jimenez Out Jeff Keppinger, Tyler Greene, Paul Konerko, pitcher Chris Sale53-33
LAA@CWSTop 9Alberto Callaspo Out Alex Rios, pitcher Chris Sale54-33
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous74.5-40