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Week 5 2013 Mon 4/29-Sun 5/5

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
OAK@NYYTop 3Yoenis Cespedes 1-Run Out Jayson Nix, Robinson Cano, Derek Norris scores, pitcher Andy Pettitte0-1
MIN@CLEBot 4Asdrubal Cabrera Double, pitcher Mike Pelfrey0-3
MIN@CLEBot 4Mark Reynolds 1-Run Out Aaron Hicks, Asdrubal Cabrera scores, pitcher Mike Pelfrey0-4
OAK@NYYTop 5Yoenis Cespedes 2-Run Home Run, Jed Lowrie scores, pitcher Andy Pettitte0-11
MIN@CLEBot 5Jason Kipnis Strikeout, pitcher Mike Pelfrey-1-11
MIN@CLETop 6Justin Morneau 1-Run Single, Joe Mauer to 3rd, Jamey Carroll scores, pitcher Corey Kluber1-11
MIN@CLETop 6Josh Willingham Walk, Joe Mauer to 2nd, Jamey Carroll to 3rd, pitcher Corey Kluber2-11
MIN@CLEBot 6Asdrubal Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Mike Pelfrey2-10
MIN@CLETop 7Josh Willingham Strikeout, pitcher Matt Albers1-10
MIN@CLEBot 9Nick Swisher Out Aaron Hicks, pitcher Glen Perkins2-10
MIN@CLEBot 9Mark Reynolds Strikeout, pitcher Glen Perkins4-10
MIN@CLEBot 9Carlos Santana 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Glen Perkins3-10
MIN@CLEBot 9Ryan Raburn Single, pitcher Glen Perkins2-10
MIN@CLEBot 9Mike Aviles Strikeout, pitcher Glen Perkins4-10
NYM@ATLTop 1Daniel Murphy Strikeout, pitcher Tim Hudson4-9
NYM@ATLBot 1Andrelton Simmons Out Ruben Tejada, Ike Davis, pitcher Jon Niese4-10
NYM@ATLBot 1Chris Johnson Out Jon Niese, Ike Davis, pitcher Jon Niese4-11
NYM@ATLBot 1Freddie Freeman Out Lucas Duda, pitcher Jon Niese4-12
NYM@ATLBot 1Justin Upton Walk, pitcher Jon Niese4-12
WSH@PITTop 2Adam LaRoche Double, Ryan Zimmerman to 3rd, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez4-14
NYM@ATLBot 2Evan Gattis Strikeout, pitcher Jon Niese4-16
NYM@ATLBot 2Dan Uggla Triple, pitcher Jon Niese4-15
NYM@ATLBot 2Melvin Upton Strikeout, pitcher Jon Niese4-17
NYM@ATLBot 2Reed Johnson Out Ruben Tejada, Ike Davis, pitcher Jon Niese4-18
NYM@ATLBot 3Tim Hudson Out Jon Niese, pitcher Jon Niese4-19
NYM@ATLBot 3Freddie Freeman 2-Run Double, Justin Upton scores, Chris Johnson scores, pitcher Jon Niese8-19
NYM@ATLBot 3Evan Gattis Out Ruben Tejada, Ike Davis, Freddie Freeman to 3rd, pitcher Jon Niese8-20
NYM@ATLBot 3Andrelton Simmons Double, pitcher Jon Niese10-19
NYM@ATLBot 3Chris Johnson Walk, pitcher Jon Niese10-18
NYM@ATLBot 3Justin Upton 1-Run Single, Chris Johnson to 2nd, Andrelton Simmons scores, pitcher Jon Niese11-19
NYM@ATLBot 3Andrelton Simmons Out Ruben Tejada, Ike Davis, pitcher Jon Niese11-20
NYM@ATLBot 3Dan Uggla Walk, pitcher Jon Niese11-19
NYM@ATLBot 3Melvin Upton Single, Dan Uggla to 2nd, pitcher Jon Niese11-18
NYM@ATLBot 3Reed Johnson 1-Run Single, Melvin Upton to 3rd, Dan Uggla scores, pitcher Jon Niese11-17
NYM@ATLBot 3Tim Hudson Walk, Reed Johnson to 2nd, pitcher Jon Niese11-16
NYM@ATLTop 4Daniel Murphy Walk, pitcher Tim Hudson11-17
NYM@ATLTop 4David Wright 2-Run Home Run, Daniel Murphy scores, pitcher Tim Hudson11-18
NYM@ATLBot 4Chris Johnson Out Marlon Byrd, pitcher Jon Niese11-19
NYM@ATLBot 4Justin Upton Strikeout, pitcher Jon Niese11-20
NYM@ATLBot 4Freddie Freeman Out Ruben Tejada, Ike Davis, pitcher Jon Niese11-21
NYM@ATLBot 5Evan Gattis Single, pitcher Jon Niese11-20
NYM@ATLBot 5Dan Uggla Walk, pitcher Jon Niese11-19
NYM@ATLBot 5Melvin Upton Walk, Dan Uggla to 2nd, Evan Gattis to 3rd, pitcher Jon Niese11-18
NYM@ATLBot 6Freddie Freeman 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Jeurys Familia17-18
NYM@ATLBot 7Andrelton Simmons Double, pitcher Brandon Lyon19-18
WSH@PITTop 8Adam LaRoche Walk, pitcher Bryan Morris19-19
WSH@PITTop 8Tyler Moore 3-Run Home Run, Adam LaRoche scores, Roger Bernadina scores, pitcher Bryan Morris19-20
NYM@ATLTop 8Lucas Duda 1-Run Single, David Wright to 2nd, Mike Baxter scores, pitcher Luis Avilan21-20
NYM@ATLBot 8Freddie Freeman Single, Justin Upton to 3rd, pitcher Robert Carson22-20
NYM@ATLBot 8Evan Gattis 1-Run Out Lucas Duda, Justin Upton scores, pitcher Scott Atchison22-21
NYM@ATLBot 8Justin Upton Walk, pitcher Robert Carson22-22
WSH@PITBot 9Michael McKenry Out Danny Espinosa, pitcher Rafael Soriano23-22
WSH@PITBot 9Brandon Inge Double, pitcher Rafael Soriano22-22
WSH@PITBot 9Garrett Jones Out Ryan Zimmerman, pitcher Rafael Soriano23-22
WSH@PITBot 9Travis Snider Out Ian Desmond, Adam LaRoche, pitcher Rafael Soriano24-22
STL@MILTop 1Jon Jay Single, pitcher Marco Estrada24-21
STL@MILTop 1Shane Robinson Walk, Jon Jay to 2nd, pitcher Marco Estrada24-20
STL@MILTop 1Matt Holliday Out Ryan Braun, Jon Jay to 3rd, pitcher Marco Estrada24-21
STL@MILTop 1Allen Craig Strikeout, pitcher Marco Estrada24-23
STL@MILTop 1Yadier Molina Strikeout, pitcher Marco Estrada24-25
STL@MILTop 2David Freese Strikeout, pitcher Marco Estrada24-27
STL@MILTop 2Daniel Descalso Walk, pitcher Marco Estrada24-26
STL@MILTop 2Pete Kozma Single, Daniel Descalso to 2nd, pitcher Marco Estrada24-25
STL@MILTop 2Jaime Garcia Strikeout, pitcher Marco Estrada24-27
STL@MILTop 2Jon Jay Hit By Pitch, Pete Kozma to 2nd, Daniel Descalso to 3rd, pitcher Marco Estrada24-26
STL@MILTop 2Shane Robinson 1-Run Walk, Jon Jay to 2nd, Pete Kozma to 3rd, Daniel Descalso scores, pitcher Marco Estrada24-25
STL@MILTop 2Matt Holliday 1-Run Walk, Shane Robinson to 2nd, Jon Jay to 3rd, Pete Kozma scores, pitcher Marco Estrada24-24
STL@MILTop 2Allen Craig 3-Run Double, Matt Holliday scores, Shane Robinson scores, Jon Jay scores, pitcher Marco Estrada24-23
STL@MILTop 2Yadier Molina 1-Run Single, Allen Craig scores, pitcher Marco Estrada24-22
STL@MILTop 2David Freese Out Ryan Braun, pitcher Marco Estrada24-23
STL@MILTop 3Daniel Descalso Walk, pitcher Marco Estrada24-22
STL@MILTop 3Pete Kozma Out Rickie Weeks, Yuniesky Betancourt, Daniel Descalso to 2nd, pitcher Marco Estrada24-23
STL@MILTop 3Jaime Garcia Strikeout, pitcher Marco Estrada24-25
STL@MILTop 3Jon Jay Out Yuniesky Betancourt, pitcher Marco Estrada24-26
STL@MILTop 4Shane Robinson Single, pitcher Marco Estrada24-25
STL@MILTop 4Matt Holliday 2-Run Home Run, Shane Robinson scores, pitcher Marco Estrada24-24
STL@MILTop 4Allen Craig Out Nori Aoki, pitcher Marco Estrada24-25
CIN@CHCTop 1Shin-Soo Choo Single, pitcher Edwin Jackson25-25
CIN@CHCTop 3Shin-Soo Choo Strikeout, pitcher Edwin Jackson24-25
CIN@CHCTop 5Shin-Soo Choo Single, pitcher Edwin Jackson25-25
CIN@CHCTop 5Shin-Soo Choo Stolen Base26-25
CIN@CHCTop 5Zack Cozart 1-Run Out David DeJesus, Shin-Soo Choo scores, pitcher Edwin Jackson27-25
CIN@CHCTop 8Shin-Soo Choo Strikeout, pitcher Kameron Loe26-25
BOS@TEXBot 2A.J. Pierzynski Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester25-25
BOS@TEXBot 4A.J. Pierzynski Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester24-25
BOS@TEXBot 6A.J. Pierzynski Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester23-25
BOS@TEXBot 8A.J. Pierzynski Strikeout, pitcher Andrew Miller22-25
BAL@LAATop 1Adam Jones 1-Run Double, Nate McLouth scores, pitcher Jerome Williams22-28
BAL@LAATop 4Adam Jones Walk, pitcher Jerome Williams22-29
BAL@LAATop 4J.J. Hardy 2-Run Home Run, Adam Jones scores, pitcher Jerome Williams22-30
BAL@LAATop 5Manny Machado 2-Run Home Run, Nate McLouth scores, pitcher Jerome Williams29-30
BAL@LAATop 8Manny Machado Walk, pitcher Dane De La Rosa30-30
BAL@LAATop 8Chris Davis 1-Run Single, Manny Machado scores, pitcher Dane De La Rosa31-30
BAL@LAATop 9Manny Machado Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Brasier30-30
BAL@LAATop 9Adam Jones Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Brasier30-29
TB@COLBot 1Carlos Gonzalez Single, pitcher Alex Cobb30-30
TB@COLBot 1Carlos Gonzalez Stolen Base30-31
DET@HOUTop 2Miguel Cabrera Walk, Andy Dirks to 2nd, pitcher Philip Humber30-32
ARI@SDTop 2Jason Kubel Strikeout, pitcher Edinson Volquez29-32
ARI@SDTop 3Miguel Montero Walk, pitcher Edinson Volquez29-33