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Week 4 2013 Mon 4/22-Sun 4/28

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
STL@WSHTop 8Jon Jay Single, pitcher Drew Storen0-1
Dr. Stus' S..
STL@WSHBot 8Jayson Werth 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Trevor Rosenthal6-1
CLE@CWSBot 4Paul Konerko Strikeout, pitcher Zach McAllister6-0
CLE@CWSBot 8Paul Konerko Hit By Pitch, Tyler Greene to 2nd, pitcher Bryan Shaw6-1
Dr. Stus' S..
CLE@CWSTop 9Nick Swisher Out Blake Tekotte, pitcher Addison Reed7-1
Dr. Stus' S..
CLE@CWSTop 9Ryan Raburn Strikeout, pitcher Addison Reed9-1
Dr. Stus' S..
CLE@CWSTop 9Mike Aviles Single, pitcher Addison Reed8-1
Dr. Stus' S..
CLE@CWSTop 9Lonnie Chisenhall Out Alexei Ramirez, Jeff Keppinger, pitcher Addison Reed9-1
ATL@COLBot 1Eric Young Out Juan Francisco, pitcher Tim Hudson9-2
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@COLBot 1Dexter Fowler Walk, pitcher Tim Hudson10-1
ATL@COLBot 1Carlos Gonzalez Out Freddie Freeman, Ramiro Pena, pitcher Tim Hudson10-2
ATL@COLBot 2Wilin Rosario Out Justin Upton, pitcher Tim Hudson10-3
ATL@COLBot 2Michael Cuddyer 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Tim Hudson10-2
ATL@COLBot 2Josh Rutledge 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Tim Hudson10-1
ATL@COLBot 2Chris Nelson Single, pitcher Tim Hudson10-0
ATL@COLBot 2Jonathan Herrera Single, Chris Nelson to 2nd, pitcher Tim Hudson10--1
ATL@COLBot 2Tyler Chatwood Out Tim Hudson, Dan Uggla, Jonathan Herrera to 2nd, Chris Nelson to 3rd, pitcher Tim Hudson10-0
ATL@COLBot 2Eric Young Out Juan Francisco, Freddie Freeman, pitcher Tim Hudson10-1
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@COLBot 3Dexter Fowler Strikeout, pitcher Tim Hudson9-3
ATL@COLBot 3Carlos Gonzalez Out Ramiro Pena, Freddie Freeman, pitcher Tim Hudson9-4
ATL@COLBot 3Wilin Rosario Out Ramiro Pena, Freddie Freeman, pitcher Tim Hudson9-5
ATL@COLBot 4Michael Cuddyer Strikeout, pitcher Tim Hudson9-7
ATL@COLBot 4Josh Rutledge Out Jordan Schafer, pitcher Tim Hudson9-8
ATL@COLBot 4Chris Nelson Triple, pitcher Tim Hudson9-7
ATL@COLBot 4Jonathan Herrera Walk, pitcher Tim Hudson9-6
ATL@COLBot 4Tyler Chatwood 1-Run Single, Jonathan Herrera to 3rd, Chris Nelson scores, pitcher Tim Hudson9-5
ATL@COLBot 4Eric Young Out Dan Uggla, Freddie Freeman, pitcher Tim Hudson9-6
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@COLBot 5Dexter Fowler Strikeout, pitcher Tim Hudson8-8
ATL@COLBot 5Carlos Gonzalez Out Jordan Schafer, pitcher Tim Hudson8-9
ATL@COLBot 5Wilin Rosario Out Justin Upton, pitcher Tim Hudson8-10
ATL@COLBot 6Michael Cuddyer Out Ramiro Pena, Freddie Freeman, pitcher Tim Hudson8-11
ATL@COLBot 6Josh Rutledge Out Juan Francisco, Freddie Freeman, pitcher Tim Hudson8-12
ATL@COLBot 6Chris Nelson Out Ramiro Pena, Freddie Freeman, pitcher Tim Hudson8-13
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@COLBot 8Dexter Fowler Single, pitcher Eric O'Flaherty9-13
Dr. Stus' S..
ATL@COLBot 9Dexter Fowler 2-Run Double, Troy Tulowitzki scores, Jonathan Herrera scores, pitcher Craig Kimbrel13-13
ATL@COLTop 10Melvin Upton Out Dexter Fowler, pitcher Rafael Betancourt13-14
ATL@COLTop 10Justin Upton Walk, pitcher Rafael Betancourt13-13
ATL@COLTop 10Freddie Freeman Out Eric Young, pitcher Rafael Betancourt13-14
ATL@COLTop 10Evan Gattis Strikeout, pitcher Rafael Betancourt13-16
Dr. Stus' S..
ARI@SFBot 1Angel Pagan Out Martin Prado, pitcher Ian Kennedy14-16
Dr. Stus' S..
ARI@SFBot 1Marco Scutaro Out A.J. Pollock, pitcher Ian Kennedy15-16
Dr. Stus' S..
ARI@SFBot 1Pablo Sandoval Out Cody Ross, pitcher Ian Kennedy16-16
Dr. Stus' S..
ARI@SFBot 2Hunter Pence Walk, pitcher Ian Kennedy15-16
Dr. Stus' S..
ARI@SFBot 2Brandon Belt Out Martin Prado, pitcher Ian Kennedy16-16
Dr. Stus' S..
ARI@SFBot 2Gregor Blanco Out A.J. Pollock, pitcher Ian Kennedy17-16
Dr. Stus' S..
ARI@SFBot 3Guillermo Quiroz Hit By Pitch, pitcher Ian Kennedy16-16
Dr. Stus' S..
ARI@SFBot 3Madison Bumgarner Out Ian Kennedy, Paul Goldschmidt, Guillermo Quiroz to 2nd, pitcher Ian Kennedy17-16
Dr. Stus' S..
ARI@SFBot 3Angel Pagan Out Alfredo Marte, pitcher Ian Kennedy18-16
Dr. Stus' S..
ARI@SFBot 3Marco Scutaro Out A.J. Pollock, pitcher Ian Kennedy19-16
Dr. Stus' S..
ARI@SFBot 4Pablo Sandoval Out Paul Goldschmidt, pitcher Ian Kennedy20-16
Dr. Stus' S..
ARI@SFBot 4Hunter Pence Out Cliff Pennington, Paul Goldschmidt, pitcher Ian Kennedy21-16
Dr. Stus' S..
ARI@SFBot 4Brandon Belt Walk, pitcher Ian Kennedy20-16
Dr. Stus' S..
ARI@SFBot 4Gregor Blanco Strikeout, pitcher Ian Kennedy22-16
ARI@SFBot 5Brandon Crawford Single, pitcher Ian Kennedy21-17
Dr. Stus' S..
ARI@SFBot 5Guillermo Quiroz Strikeout, pitcher Ian Kennedy23-17
Dr. Stus' S..
ARI@SFBot 5Angel Pagan Out Paul Goldschmidt, pitcher Ian Kennedy24-17
Dr. Stus' S..
ARI@SFBot 6Marco Scutaro Double, pitcher Ian Kennedy23-17
Dr. Stus' S..
ARI@SFBot 6Pablo Sandoval Out Didi Gregorius, pitcher Ian Kennedy24-17
Dr. Stus' S..
ARI@SFBot 6Hunter Pence Strikeout, pitcher Ian Kennedy26-17
Dr. Stus' S..
ARI@SFBot 6Brandon Belt Strikeout, pitcher Ian Kennedy28-17
Dr. Stus' S..
ARI@SFBot 7Gregor Blanco Single, pitcher Ian Kennedy27-17
ARI@SFBot 7Brandon Crawford 1-Run Double, Gregor Blanco scores, pitcher Ian Kennedy26-20
ARI@SFBot 9Brandon Crawford 1-Run Home Run, pitcher David Hernandez26-26
OAK@BOSTop 1Derek Norris Out Will Middlebrooks, Dustin Pedroia, Mike Napoli, pitcher Jon Lester26-27
OAK@BOSTop 1Coco Crisp Walk, pitcher Jon Lester26-26
OAK@BOSTop 1Seth Smith Walk, pitcher Jon Lester26-25
OAK@BOSTop 1Jed Lowrie Single, Seth Smith to 2nd, pitcher Jon Lester26-24
OAK@BOSBot 1Jacoby Ellsbury Strikeout, pitcher Brett Anderson26-23
OAK@BOSBot 1Dustin Pedroia Double, pitcher Brett Anderson26-25
OAK@BOSTop 2Brandon Moss Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester26-27
OAK@BOSTop 2Nate Freiman Out Jacoby Ellsbury, pitcher Jon Lester26-28
OAK@BOSTop 2Chris Young Walk, pitcher Jon Lester26-27
OAK@BOSTop 2Andy Parrino Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester26-29
OAK@BOSTop 3Coco Crisp Out Shane Victorino, pitcher Jon Lester26-30
OAK@BOSTop 3Derek Norris Out Dustin Pedroia, pitcher Jon Lester26-31
OAK@BOSTop 3Seth Smith Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester26-33
OAK@BOSBot 3Shane Victorino Strikeout, pitcher Brett Anderson26-32
OAK@BOSTop 4Jed Lowrie Single, pitcher Jon Lester26-31
OAK@BOSTop 4Andy Parrino Out Dustin Pedroia, Stephen Drew, Mike Napoli, pitcher Jon Lester26-32
OAK@BOSTop 4Brandon Moss Single, Josh Donaldson to 2nd, pitcher Jon Lester26-31
OAK@BOSTop 4Chris Young 3-Run Home Run, Brandon Moss scores, Josh Donaldson scores, pitcher Jon Lester26-30
OAK@BOSTop 4Nate Freiman Walk, pitcher Jon Lester26-29
OAK@BOSTop 5Coco Crisp Out Will Middlebrooks, Mike Napoli, pitcher Jon Lester26-30
OAK@BOSTop 5Seth Smith Out Jacoby Ellsbury, pitcher Jon Lester26-31
OAK@BOSTop 5Derek Norris Walk, pitcher Jon Lester26-30
OAK@BOSBot 5Jacoby Ellsbury Single, pitcher Brett Anderson26-31
OAK@BOSBot 5Jacoby Ellsbury Stolen Base26-32
OAK@BOSBot 5Shane Victorino 1-Run Double, Jacoby Ellsbury scores, pitcher Brett Anderson26-36
OAK@BOSBot 5Dustin Pedroia Single, Shane Victorino to 3rd, pitcher Brett Anderson26-37
OAK@BOSBot 5David Ortiz 1-Run Single, Dustin Pedroia to 2nd, Shane Victorino scores, pitcher Brett Anderson26-38
OAK@BOSBot 5Daniel Nava 1-Run Single, Mike Napoli to 2nd, David Ortiz to 3rd, Dustin Pedroia scores, pitcher Chris Resop26-39
OAK@BOSTop 6Josh Donaldson Double, pitcher Jon Lester26-38
OAK@BOSTop 6Brandon Moss Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester26-40
OAK@BOSTop 6Chris Young Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester26-42
OAK@BOSTop 6Nate Freiman Walk, pitcher Jon Lester26-41
OAK@BOSTop 6Andy Parrino Single, Nate Freiman to 2nd, Josh Donaldson to 3rd, pitcher Jon Lester26-40
OAK@BOSBot 8Jacoby Ellsbury Walk, pitcher Grant Balfour26-41
Dr. Stus' S..
PIT@PHITop 1Starling Marte Walk, pitcher Roy Halladay25-41
Dr. Stus' S..
PIT@PHITop 1Travis Snider Strikeout, pitcher Roy Halladay27-41
Dr. Stus' S..
PIT@PHITop 1Andrew McCutchen Strikeout, pitcher Roy Halladay29-41