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Week 3 2013 Mon 4/15-Sun 4/21

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
NYY@TORTop 1Brett Gardner Single, pitcher Josh Johnson-1-0
NYY@TORTop 1Vernon Wells Out Colby Rasmus, pitcher Josh Johnson0-0
NYY@TORTop 1Travis Hafner Strikeout, pitcher Josh Johnson2-0
RCs Reds
NYY@TORBot 1Edwin Encarnacion 1-Run Out Eduardo Nunez, Robinson Cano, Munenori Kawasaki scores, pitcher Ivan Nova2-1
NYY@TORTop 2Lyle Overbay Single, pitcher Josh Johnson1-1
NYY@TORTop 2Eduardo Nunez Out Josh Johnson, Maicer Izturis, Lyle Overbay to 2nd, pitcher Josh Johnson2-1
NYY@TORTop 2Ichiro Suzuki Strikeout, pitcher Josh Johnson4-1
NYY@TORTop 2Jayson Nix Out Colby Rasmus, pitcher Josh Johnson5-1
RCs Reds
NYY@TORTop 3Robinson Cano Strikeout, pitcher Josh Johnson7-0
NYY@TORTop 3Chris Stewart 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Josh Johnson6-0
NYY@TORTop 3Brett Gardner Single, pitcher Josh Johnson5-0
NYY@TORTop 3Vernon Wells Out Colby Rasmus, Brett Gardner to 3rd, pitcher Josh Johnson6-0
NYY@TORTop 3Travis Hafner Walk, pitcher Josh Johnson5-0
NYY@TORTop 3Lyle Overbay Out Maicer Izturis, Edwin Encarnacion, pitcher Josh Johnson6-0
NYY@TORTop 4Eduardo Nunez Out Jose Bautista, pitcher Josh Johnson7-0
NYY@TORTop 4Ichiro Suzuki Out Edwin Encarnacion, pitcher Josh Johnson8-0
NYY@TORTop 4Jayson Nix Strikeout, pitcher Josh Johnson10-0
NYY@TORTop 5Chris Stewart Single, pitcher Josh Johnson9-0
NYY@TORTop 5Brett Gardner Out Melky Cabrera, pitcher Josh Johnson10-0
RCs Reds
NYY@TORTop 5Robinson Cano Single, Chris Stewart to 2nd, pitcher Josh Johnson9-1
NYY@TORTop 5Vernon Wells Single, Robinson Cano to 2nd, Chris Stewart to 3rd, pitcher Josh Johnson8-1
NYY@TORTop 5Travis Hafner Out J.P. Arencibia, pitcher Josh Johnson9-1
NYY@TORTop 5Lyle Overbay 1-Run Walk, Vernon Wells to 2nd, Robinson Cano to 3rd, Chris Stewart scores, pitcher Josh Johnson8-1
NYY@TORTop 5Eduardo Nunez 1-Run Walk, Lyle Overbay to 2nd, Vernon Wells to 3rd, Robinson Cano scores, pitcher Josh Johnson7-2
RCs Reds
NYY@TORBot 5Edwin Encarnacion Strikeout, pitcher Ivan Nova7-1
NYY@TORTop 6Jayson Nix Single, pitcher Josh Johnson6-1
NYY@TORTop 6Chris Stewart Out Brett Lawrie, Edwin Encarnacion, Jayson Nix to 3rd, pitcher Josh Johnson7-1
RCs Reds
NYY@TORTop 9Robinson Cano Double, pitcher Darren Oliver7-3
RCs Reds
MIA@CINTop 1Chris Coghlan Double, pitcher Homer Bailey7-2
RCs Reds
MIA@CINTop 1Donovan Solano Out Cesar Izturis, Joey Votto, Chris Coghlan to 3rd, pitcher Homer Bailey7-3
RCs Reds
MIA@CINTop 1Giancarlo Stanton Strikeout, pitcher Homer Bailey7-5
RCs Reds
MIA@CINTop 1Joe Mahoney Strikeout, pitcher Homer Bailey7-7
MIA@CINBot 1Brandon Phillips Walk, pitcher Alex Sanabia8-7
RCs Reds
MIA@CINBot 1Jay Bruce Strikeout, pitcher Alex Sanabia8-6
MIA@CINTop 2Justin Ruggiano Out Jack Hannahan, Joey Votto, pitcher Homer Bailey8-7
RCs Reds
MIA@CINTop 2Rob Brantly Single, pitcher Homer Bailey8-6
RCs Reds
MIA@CINTop 2Nick Green Single, Rob Brantly to 2nd, pitcher Homer Bailey8-5
RCs Reds
MIA@CINTop 2Chris Valaika 1-Run Single, Nick Green to 2nd, Rob Brantly scores, pitcher Homer Bailey8-4
RCs Reds
MIA@CINTop 2Alex Sanabia Out Devin Mesoraco, pitcher Homer Bailey8-5
RCs Reds
MIA@CINTop 2Chris Coghlan Strikeout, pitcher Homer Bailey8-7
RCs Reds
MIA@CINTop 3Donovan Solano Out Cesar Izturis, Joey Votto, pitcher Homer Bailey8-8
RCs Reds
MIA@CINTop 3Giancarlo Stanton Single, pitcher Homer Bailey8-7
RCs Reds
MIA@CINTop 3Joe Mahoney Out Xavier Paul, pitcher Homer Bailey8-8
MIA@CINTop 3Justin Ruggiano Strikeout, pitcher Homer Bailey7-10
MIA@CINBot 3Brandon Phillips Error, Joey Votto to 2nd, pitcher Alex Sanabia6-10
MIA@CINBot 3Brandon Phillips Walk, pitcher Alex Sanabia7-10
RCs Reds
MIA@CINBot 3Jay Bruce Strikeout, pitcher Alex Sanabia7-9
RCs Reds
MIA@CINTop 4Rob Brantly Walk, pitcher Homer Bailey7-8
RCs Reds
MIA@CINTop 4Nick Green Strikeout, pitcher Homer Bailey7-10
RCs Reds
MIA@CINTop 4Chris Valaika Walk, Rob Brantly to 2nd, pitcher Homer Bailey7-9
RCs Reds
MIA@CINTop 4Chris Coghlan Walk, Alex Sanabia to 2nd, Chris Valaika to 3rd, pitcher Homer Bailey7-8
RCs Reds
MIA@CINTop 4Donovan Solano Strikeout, pitcher Homer Bailey7-10
RCs Reds
MIA@CINTop 5Giancarlo Stanton Strikeout, pitcher Homer Bailey7-12
RCs Reds
MIA@CINTop 5Joe Mahoney Out Shin-Soo Choo, pitcher Homer Bailey7-13
MIA@CINTop 5Justin Ruggiano Strikeout, pitcher Homer Bailey6-15
RCs Reds
MIA@CINTop 6Rob Brantly Double, pitcher Homer Bailey6-14
RCs Reds
MIA@CINTop 6Nick Green Out Homer Bailey, Joey Votto, Rob Brantly to 3rd, pitcher Homer Bailey6-15
RCs Reds
MIA@CINTop 6Alex Sanabia Out Devin Mesoraco, Brandon Phillips, Chris Valaika to 2nd, pitcher Homer Bailey6-16
RCs Reds
MIA@CINTop 6Chris Valaika 1-Run Single, Rob Brantly scores, pitcher Homer Bailey6-15
RCs Reds
MIA@CINTop 6Chris Coghlan Out Cesar Izturis, Joey Votto, pitcher Homer Bailey6-16
WSH@NYMTop 6Ian Desmond Strikeout, pitcher LaTroy Hawkins5-16
MIA@CINBot 6Todd Frazier Strikeout, pitcher Alex Sanabia4-16
MIA@CINBot 7Brandon Phillips 2-Run Single, Joey Votto to 2nd, Xavier Paul scores, Shin-Soo Choo scores, pitcher Jon Rauch7-16
RCs Reds
MIA@CINBot 7Jay Bruce Walk, Brandon Phillips to 2nd, Joey Votto to 3rd, pitcher Jon Rauch7-17
MIA@CINBot 7Todd Frazier 3-Run Double, Devin Mesoraco scores, Jay Bruce scores, Brandon Phillips scores, pitcher Jon Rauch13-18
MIA@CINBot 7Shin-Soo Choo 1-Run Double, Todd Frazier scores, pitcher Jon Rauch14-18
RCs Reds
KC@BOSBot 1Mike Napoli 1-Run Out Chris Getz, Eric Hosmer, David Ortiz to 2nd, Dustin Pedroia scores, pitcher Ervin Santana14-19
RCs Reds
KC@BOSBot 3Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Ervin Santana14-18
RCs Reds
KC@BOSBot 8Mike Napoli Walk, Pedro Ciriaco to 2nd, Daniel Nava to 3rd, pitcher Aaron Crow14-19
OAK@TBTop 1Coco Crisp Walk, pitcher Roberto Hernandez15-19
RCs Reds
OAK@TBBot 1Desmond Jennings Strikeout, pitcher Tommy Milone15-18
OAK@TBBot 1Kelly Johnson 1-Run Out Chris Young, Evan Longoria scores, pitcher Tommy Milone16-18
OAK@TBTop 3Coco Crisp Strikeout, pitcher Roberto Hernandez15-18
OAK@TBBot 3Evan Longoria Double, pitcher Tommy Milone17-18
OAK@TBTop 5Coco Crisp Single, pitcher Roberto Hernandez18-18
OAK@TBTop 7Coco Crisp Walk, Andy Parrino to 2nd, pitcher Jake McGee19-18
RCs Reds
OAK@TBBot 7Desmond Jennings Single, pitcher Tommy Milone19-19
RCs Reds
OAK@TBBot 7Ryan Roberts 1-Run Double, Desmond Jennings scores, pitcher Tommy Milone19-20
OAK@TBBot 7Evan Longoria Strikeout, pitcher Pat Neshek18-20
CHC@MILTop 1Starlin Castro Strikeout, pitcher Wily Peralta17-20
CHC@MILTop 3Starlin Castro Single, pitcher Wily Peralta18-20
CHC@MILTop 3Anthony Rizzo 2-Run Home Run, Starlin Castro scores, pitcher Wily Peralta19-20
DET@LAATop 2Austin Jackson 1-Run Out Brendan Harris, Luis Jimenez, Jhonny Peralta scores, pitcher C.J. Wilson20-20
DET@LAATop 7Austin Jackson Strikeout, pitcher Dane De La Rosa19-20
DET@LAATop 9Austin Jackson Stolen Base20-20
DET@LAATop 11Austin Jackson Strikeout, pitcher Jerome Williams19-20
SD@SFBot 3Pablo Sandoval 1-Run Single, Angel Pagan scores, pitcher Eric Stults21-20
SD@SFBot 5Pablo Sandoval Single, pitcher Eric Stults22-20
SD@SFBot 5Buster Posey 2-Run Home Run, Pablo Sandoval scores, pitcher Eric Stults23-20
ARI@COLBot 1Eric Young Jr. Out A.J. Pollock, pitcher Brandon McCarthy24-20
ARI@COLBot 1Jordan Pacheco Out Paul Goldschmidt, pitcher Brandon McCarthy25-20
ARI@COLBot 1Carlos Gonzalez Out Eric Chavez, Paul Goldschmidt, pitcher Brandon McCarthy26-20
RCs Reds
ARI@COLBot 2Troy Tulowitzki Single, pitcher Brandon McCarthy25-21
ARI@COLBot 2Michael Cuddyer Out A.J. Pollock, pitcher Brandon McCarthy26-21
ARI@COLBot 2Wilin Rosario Out Gerardo Parra, pitcher Brandon McCarthy27-21
ARI@COLBot 2Chris Nelson Out Didi Gregorius, Paul Goldschmidt, pitcher Brandon McCarthy28-21
ARI@COLBot 3Jonathan Herrera Out Brandon McCarthy, Paul Goldschmidt, pitcher Brandon McCarthy29-21
ARI@COLBot 3Juan Nicasio Single, pitcher Brandon McCarthy28-21
ARI@COLBot 3Eric Young Jr. Single, Juan Nicasio to 2nd, pitcher Brandon McCarthy27-21
RCs Reds
ARI@COLBot 3Troy Tulowitzki Out Martin Prado, pitcher Brandon McCarthy28-21