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Week 25 2011 Mon 9/12-Sun 9/18

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
#8 (10-12)
#7 (11-11)
Consolation Game
MIL@CINBot 4Brandon Phillips Strikeout, pitcher Zack Greinke0--1
MIL@CINBot 8Brandon Phillips Strikeout, pitcher Tim Dillard0--2
MIA@WSHTop 1Emilio Bonifacio Strikeout, pitcher Chien-Ming Wang0--3
NYM@ATLTop 1David Wright Single, pitcher Brandon Beachy0--2
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LAA@BALBot 1Nick Markakis Single, pitcher Jered Weaver1--2
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LAA@BALBot 1Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 1-Run Triple, Nick Markakis scores, pitcher Jered Weaver2--2
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LAA@BALBot 3Nick Markakis Single, pitcher Jered Weaver3--2
MIA@WSHTop 4Giancarlo Stanton Strikeout, pitcher Chien-Ming Wang3--3
NYM@ATLTop 5David Wright Strikeout, pitcher Brandon Beachy3--4
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TB@BOSBot 5Adrian Gonzalez Strikeout, pitcher Jake McGee2--4
MIA@WSHTop 6Emilio Bonifacio Single, pitcher Chien-Ming Wang2--3
MIA@WSHTop 6Giancarlo Stanton Single, Emilio Bonifacio to 2nd, pitcher Chien-Ming Wang2--2
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TB@BOSBot 7Adrian Gonzalez Strikeout, pitcher Cesar Ramos1--2
MIA@WSHTop 8Emilio Bonifacio Strikeout, pitcher Tyler Clippard1--3
MIA@WSHTop 8Giancarlo Stanton Strikeout, pitcher Tyler Clippard1--4
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CWS@KCBot 7Melky Cabrera Single, pitcher John Danks2--4
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CWS@KCBot 7Melky Cabrera Stolen Base3--4
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CWS@KCBot 7Eric Hosmer 1-Run Single, Melky Cabrera scores, pitcher Jesse Crain4--4
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CWS@KCBot 8Melky Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Chris Sale3--4
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HOU@CHCBot 8Aramis Ramirez 1-Run Out Brian Bogusevic, Darwin Barney scores, pitcher Brett Myers4--4
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ARI@SDBot 1Jason Bartlett Strikeout, pitcher Joe Saunders3--4
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DET@OAKTop 2Alex Avila Strikeout, pitcher Guillermo Moscoso2--4
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ARI@SDBot 3Jason Bartlett 1-Run Out Aaron Hill, Paul Goldschmidt, Cameron Maybin scores, pitcher Joe Saunders3--4
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DET@OAKTop 5Alex Avila Strikeout, pitcher Guillermo Moscoso2--4
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DET@OAKTop 9Alex Avila Single, pitcher Josh Outman3--4
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DET@OAKTop 9Ramon Santiago 1-Run Out Josh Outman, Brandon Allen, Ryan Raburn to 3rd, Alex Avila scores, pitcher Josh Outman4--4
TEX@SEATop 1Josh Hamilton Single, pitcher Felix Hernandez4--3
PIT@LADBot 1Matt Kemp 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Brad Lincoln4-3
PIT@LADBot 2Matt Kemp 1-Run Single, Chad Billingsley scores, pitcher Brad Lincoln4-5
PIT@LADBot 2James Loney 2-Run Double, Juan Rivera scores, Matt Kemp scores, pitcher Aaron Thompson4-6
PIT@LADBot 3Matt Kemp Double, Dee Gordon to 3rd, pitcher Chris Leroux4-8
PIT@LADBot 3Juan Rivera 2-Run Single, Matt Kemp scores, Dee Gordon scores, pitcher Chris Leroux4-9
TEX@SEATop 4Josh Hamilton Strikeout, pitcher Felix Hernandez4-8
TEX@SEATop 9Josh Hamilton Walk, pitcher Steve Delabar4-9
STL@PHITop 1Albert Pujols 2-Run Home Run, Allen Craig scores, pitcher Cole Hamels4-16
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STL@PHIBot 4Hunter Pence Single, Chase Utley to 2nd, pitcher Chris Carpenter5-16
STL@PHITop 8Albert Pujols Strikeout, pitcher Joe Blanton5-15
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STL@PHIBot 8Hunter Pence Strikeout, pitcher Chris Carpenter4-15
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous4-15