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Week 23 2011 Mon 8/29-Sun 9/4

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
#11 (6-16)
#10 (8-14)
Consolation Game
RCs Reds
TOR@NYYBot 1Mark Teixeira 1-Run Single, Brett Gardner scores, pitcher Brett Cecil2-0
RCs Reds
TOR@NYYBot 7Mark Teixeira Strikeout, pitcher Jesse Litsch1-0
RCs Reds
TOR@NYYBot 8Robinson Cano Single, pitcher Jon Rauch2-0
RCs Reds
TOR@NYYBot 8Nick Swisher 2-Run Home Run, Robinson Cano scores, pitcher Jon Rauch3-0
PHI@MIATop 1Shane Victorino Out Omar Infante, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Anibal Sanchez3-1
PHI@MIATop 1Chase Utley Strikeout, pitcher Anibal Sanchez3-3
PHI@MIATop 1Michael Martinez Walk, pitcher Anibal Sanchez3-2
PHI@MIATop 1Ryan Howard Single, Michael Martinez to 3rd, pitcher Anibal Sanchez3-1
PHI@MIATop 2Raul Ibanez Out Omar Infante, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Anibal Sanchez3-2
PHI@MIATop 2Shane Victorino Strikeout, pitcher Anibal Sanchez3-4
PHI@MIATop 2Carlos Ruiz Single, pitcher Anibal Sanchez3-3
PHI@MIATop 2Wilson Valdez Single, Carlos Ruiz to 2nd, pitcher Anibal Sanchez3-2
PHI@MIATop 2Roy Halladay 1-Run Single, Wilson Valdez to 3rd, Carlos Ruiz scores, pitcher Anibal Sanchez3-1
PHI@MIATop 2Michael Martinez 1-Run Single, Roy Halladay to 2nd, Wilson Valdez scores, pitcher Anibal Sanchez3-0
PHI@MIATop 2Chase Utley Out Logan Morrison, pitcher Anibal Sanchez3-1
PHI@MIATop 3Ryan Howard Strikeout, pitcher Anibal Sanchez3-3
PHI@MIATop 3Hunter Pence Out Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Anibal Sanchez3-4
PHI@MIATop 3Raul Ibanez Out Gaby Sanchez, Anibal Sanchez, pitcher Anibal Sanchez3-5
PHI@MIATop 4Carlos Ruiz Out Mike Cameron, pitcher Anibal Sanchez3-6
PHI@MIATop 4Wilson Valdez Out Anibal Sanchez, pitcher Anibal Sanchez3-7
PHI@MIATop 4Roy Halladay Strikeout, pitcher Anibal Sanchez3-9
RCs Reds
PHI@MIABot 4John Buck Double, pitcher Roy Halladay5-9
PHI@MIATop 5Shane Victorino Single, pitcher Anibal Sanchez5-8
PHI@MIATop 5Michael Martinez Out Omar Infante, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Anibal Sanchez5-9
PHI@MIATop 5Chase Utley Strikeout, pitcher Anibal Sanchez5-11
PHI@MIATop 6Ryan Howard Walk, pitcher Anibal Sanchez5-10
PHI@MIATop 6Hunter Pence Out Bryan Petersen, pitcher Anibal Sanchez5-11
PHI@MIATop 6Raul Ibanez Double, Ryan Howard to 3rd, pitcher Anibal Sanchez5-10
PHI@MIATop 6Carlos Ruiz Walk, pitcher Anibal Sanchez5-9
PHI@MIATop 6Wilson Valdez Out Omar Infante, Emilio Bonifacio, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Anibal Sanchez5-10
RCs Reds
PHI@MIABot 6John Buck Single, Bryan Petersen to 2nd, pitcher Roy Halladay6-10
RCs Reds
PHI@MIABot 7John Buck Strikeout, pitcher Michael Schwimer5-10
RCs Reds
PHI@MIABot 10John Buck Strikeout, pitcher Michael Stutes4-10
BAL@TBBot 1Evan Longoria Single, Johnny Damon to 2nd, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie4-11
BAL@TBBot 3Evan Longoria Walk, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie4-12
BAL@TBBot 4Evan Longoria Walk, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie4-13
CLE@KCBot 1Billy Butler Double, pitcher Jeanmar Gomez4-15
CLE@KCBot 6Billy Butler Single, pitcher Jeanmar Gomez4-16
CLE@KCBot 7Billy Butler Walk, Melky Cabrera to 2nd, Alex Gordon to 3rd, pitcher Chad Durbin4-17
CLE@KCBot 9Billy Butler Double, Melky Cabrera to 3rd, pitcher Frank Herrmann4-19
RCs Reds
CIN@STLTop 1Jay Bruce Strikeout, pitcher Edwin Jackson3-19
RCs Reds
CIN@STLTop 8Jay Bruce Strikeout, pitcher Marc Rzepczynski2-19
RCs Reds
CIN@STLBot 8Lance Berkman Single, pitcher Bronson Arroyo3-19
CIN@STLBot 10Albert Pujols Out Brandon Phillips, Joey Votto, pitcher Francisco Cordero3-20
CIN@STLBot 10Matt Holliday Out Edgar Renteria, Joey Votto, pitcher Francisco Cordero3-21
CIN@STLBot 10Corey Patterson Out Brandon Phillips, Joey Votto, pitcher Francisco Cordero3-22
PIT@CHCBot 1Starlin Castro Single, pitcher Charlie Morton3-23
PIT@CHCBot 2Darwin Barney Walk, pitcher Charlie Morton3-24
PIT@CHCBot 4Starlin Castro 1-Run Single, Koyie Hill scores, pitcher Charlie Morton3-26
PIT@CHCBot 4Starlin Castro Stolen Base3-27
PIT@CHCBot 5Darwin Barney Hit By Pitch, Bryan LaHair to 2nd, Carlos Pena to 3rd, pitcher Charlie Morton3-28
PIT@CHCBot 6Starlin Castro Strikeout, pitcher Tony Watson3-27
PIT@CHCTop 9Jose Tabata Strikeout, pitcher Sean Marshall3-26
MIN@LAABot 3Howie Kendrick 1-Run Out Danny Valencia, Trevor Plouffe, Hank Conger scores, pitcher Kevin Slowey3-27
MIN@LAABot 4Vernon Wells Strikeout, pitcher Kevin Slowey3-26
MIN@LAABot 8Howie Kendrick Hit By Pitch, pitcher Alex Burnett3-27
MIN@LAABot 8Torii Hunter 1-Run Single, Bobby Abreu to 2nd, Howie Kendrick scores, pitcher Alex Burnett3-28
MIN@LAABot 8Vernon Wells 1-Run Single, Torii Hunter to 2nd, Bobby Abreu scores, pitcher Jim Hoey3-30
SEA@OAKTop 1Ichiro Suzuki Strikeout, pitcher Trevor Cahill5-29
RCs Reds
SEA@OAKTop 1Franklin Gutierrez Double, pitcher Trevor Cahill4-29
RCs Reds
SEA@OAKTop 1Dustin Ackley Strikeout, pitcher Trevor Cahill6-29
RCs Reds
SEA@OAKTop 1Mike Carp Strikeout, pitcher Trevor Cahill8-29
ARI@SFBot 1Aubrey Huff Strikeout, pitcher Daniel Hudson8-28
RCs Reds
SEA@OAKTop 2Justin Smoak Single, pitcher Trevor Cahill7-28
RCs Reds
SEA@OAKTop 2Miguel Olivo Out David DeJesus, pitcher Trevor Cahill8-28
RCs Reds
SEA@OAKTop 2Kyle Seager Single, Justin Smoak to 2nd, pitcher Trevor Cahill7-28
RCs Reds
SEA@OAKTop 2Casper Wells Hit By Pitch, Kyle Seager to 2nd, Justin Smoak to 3rd, pitcher Trevor Cahill6-28
RCs Reds
SEA@OAKTop 2Luis Rodriguez Out Ryan Sweeney, pitcher Trevor Cahill7-28
SEA@OAKTop 2Ichiro Suzuki Out Brandon Allen, pitcher Trevor Cahill8-28
RCs Reds
SEA@OAKTop 3Franklin Gutierrez Out Hideki Matsui, pitcher Trevor Cahill9-28
RCs Reds
SEA@OAKTop 3Dustin Ackley Single, pitcher Trevor Cahill8-28
RCs Reds
SEA@OAKTop 3Mike Carp Out Jemile Weeks, Cliff Pennington, Brandon Allen, pitcher Trevor Cahill9-28
RCs Reds
SEA@OAKTop 4Justin Smoak Out Jemile Weeks, Brandon Allen, pitcher Trevor Cahill10-28
RCs Reds
SEA@OAKTop 4Miguel Olivo Out Kurt Suzuki, Brandon Allen, pitcher Trevor Cahill11-28
RCs Reds
SEA@OAKTop 4Kyle Seager Strikeout, pitcher Trevor Cahill13-28
RCs Reds
COL@SDTop 4Troy Tulowitzki Walk, pitcher Mat Latos14-28
RCs Reds
COL@SDTop 4Seth Smith 1-Run Single, Jason Giambi to 2nd, Troy Tulowitzki scores, pitcher Mat Latos15-28
RCs Reds
SEA@OAKTop 5Trayvon Robinson Walk, pitcher Trevor Cahill14-28
RCs Reds
SEA@OAKTop 5Luis Rodriguez Out Brandon Allen, Trayvon Robinson to 2nd, pitcher Trevor Cahill15-28
SEA@OAKTop 5Ichiro Suzuki 1-Run Single, Trayvon Robinson scores, pitcher Trevor Cahill14-30
SEA@OAKTop 5Ichiro Suzuki Stolen Base14-31
RCs Reds
SEA@OAKTop 5Franklin Gutierrez Out Cliff Pennington, Brandon Allen, pitcher Trevor Cahill15-31
RCs Reds
SEA@OAKTop 5Dustin Ackley Walk, pitcher Trevor Cahill14-31
RCs Reds
SEA@OAKTop 5Mike Carp Out Trevor Cahill, Brandon Allen, pitcher Trevor Cahill15-31
RCs Reds
ARI@SFTop 6Willie Bloomquist Single, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong16-31
ARI@SFBot 7Aubrey Huff Single, pitcher Daniel Hudson16-32
RCs Reds
ARI@SFTop 8Willie Bloomquist 2-Run Triple, Geoff Blum scores, Gerardo Parra scores, pitcher Ramon Ramirez21-32
RCs Reds
ARI@SFTop 8Aaron Hill 1-Run Single, Willie Bloomquist scores, pitcher Ramon Ramirez22-32
SEA@OAKTop 8Ichiro Suzuki Single, Luis Rodriguez to 2nd, pitcher Grant Balfour22-33
CWS@DETBot 1Victor Martinez 1-Run Single, Miguel Cabrera to 2nd, Austin Jackson scores, pitcher Mark Buehrle22-35
CWS@DETBot 3Victor Martinez 1-Run Single, Delmon Young to 3rd, Magglio Ordonez scores, pitcher Mark Buehrle22-37
CWS@DETBot 3Jhonny Peralta 1-Run Double, Victor Martinez scores, pitcher Mark Buehrle22-38
CWS@DETBot 6Victor Martinez Walk, pitcher Shane Lindsay22-39
CWS@DETBot 6Jhonny Peralta 2-Run Double, Alex Avila scores, Victor Martinez scores, pitcher Shane Lindsay22-40
CWS@DETBot 6Victor Martinez Double, pitcher Shane Lindsay22-42
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous28-51