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Week 23 2011 Mon 8/29-Sun 9/4

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
#5 (13-9)
#4 (13-9)
Playoff Game
Go Pirates
TOR@NYYTop 1Jose Bautista Strikeout, pitcher CC Sabathia-1-0
Go Pirates
TOR@NYYTop 8Jose Bautista 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Rafael Soriano5-0
PHI@MIABot 3Gaby Sanchez Double, pitcher Roy Halladay5-2
PHI@MIABot 7Gaby Sanchez 1-Run Out Wilson Valdez, Michael Martinez, Omar Infante scores, pitcher Michael Schwimer5-3
PHI@MIABot 9Gaby Sanchez Strikeout, pitcher Michael Stutes5-2
PHI@MIABot 13Gaby Sanchez Hit By Pitch, pitcher David Herndon5-3
Go Pirates
LAD@ATLBot 1Michael Bourn Strikeout, pitcher Clayton Kershaw4-3
Go Pirates
LAD@ATLBot 2Alex Gonzalez Strikeout, pitcher Clayton Kershaw3-3
Go Pirates
TEX@BOSTop 3Ian Kinsler 1-Run Triple, Endy Chavez scores, pitcher John Lackey7-3
Go Pirates
LAD@ATLBot 3Michael Bourn Double, pitcher Clayton Kershaw9-3
Go Pirates
LAD@ATLBot 5Michael Bourn Strikeout, pitcher Clayton Kershaw8-3
Go Pirates
TEX@BOSTop 6Ian Kinsler 1-Run Out Darnell McDonald, Mike Napoli scores, pitcher Felix Doubront9-3
Go Pirates
TEX@BOSTop 7Ian Kinsler Single, Craig Gentry to 2nd, Mitch Moreland to 3rd, pitcher Matt Albers10-3
Go Pirates
LAD@ATLBot 7Alex Gonzalez Single, pitcher Clayton Kershaw11-3
Go Pirates
LAD@ATLBot 7Jose Constanza 1-Run Out Aaron Miles, Jack Wilson to 2nd, Alex Gonzalez scores, pitcher Clayton Kershaw12-3
Go Pirates
TEX@BOSTop 9Ian Kinsler 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Michael Bowden18-3
BAL@TBTop 5Adam Jones 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Jeremy Hellickson18-9
BAL@TBTop 5Mark Reynolds Strikeout, pitcher Jeremy Hellickson18-8
BAL@TBTop 7Adam Jones Double, pitcher Jeremy Hellickson18-10
Go Pirates
MIL@HOUTop 2Jonathan Lucroy 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez24-10
Go Pirates
MIL@HOUTop 5Jonathan Lucroy Strikeout, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez23-10
CLE@KCBot 5Alex Gordon Strikeout, pitcher Jeanmar Gomez23-9
CLE@KCBot 7Alex Gordon Single, Mitch Maier to 3rd, pitcher Rafael Perez23-10
CLE@KCBot 9Alex Gordon Strikeout, pitcher Frank Herrmann23-9
Go Pirates
CLE@KCBot 9Mike Moustakas Out Jason Donald, pitcher Chris Perez24-9
Go Pirates
CLE@KCBot 9Brayan Pena Out Lonnie Chisenhall, pitcher Chris Perez25-9
Go Pirates
CIN@STLBot 1Matt Holliday Single, pitcher Bronson Arroyo26-9
Go Pirates
CIN@STLBot 3Matt Holliday Strikeout, pitcher Bronson Arroyo25-9
Go Pirates
PIT@CHCTop 5Andrew McCutchen Walk, Alex Presley to 2nd, pitcher Randy Wells26-9
Go Pirates
PIT@CHCTop 8Andrew McCutchen Strikeout, pitcher Jeff Samardzija25-9
PIT@CHCTop 8Neil Walker 2-Run Home Run, Derrek Lee scores, pitcher Jeff Samardzija25-16
ARI@SFTop 1Willie Bloomquist Out Pablo Sandoval, Aubrey Huff, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-17
ARI@SFTop 1Aaron Hill Out Cody Ross, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-18
ARI@SFTop 1Miguel Montero Out Brandon Belt, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-19
ARI@SFTop 1Justin Upton Walk, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-18
ARI@SFTop 2Paul Goldschmidt Out Carlos Beltran, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-19
ARI@SFTop 2Chris Young Out Aubrey Huff, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-20
ARI@SFTop 2Ryan Roberts Out Pablo Sandoval, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-21
ARI@SFTop 3Gerardo Parra Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-23
ARI@SFTop 3Daniel Hudson Out Pablo Sandoval, Aubrey Huff, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-24
ARI@SFTop 3Willie Bloomquist Out Jeff Keppinger, Aubrey Huff, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-25
ARI@SFTop 4Aaron Hill Single, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-24
ARI@SFTop 4Justin Upton Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-26
ARI@SFTop 4Miguel Montero Out Eli Whiteside, Orlando Cabrera, Ryan Vogelsong, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-27
ARI@SFTop 5Paul Goldschmidt Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-29
ARI@SFTop 5Chris Young Out Orlando Cabrera, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-30
ARI@SFTop 5Ryan Roberts Out Carlos Beltran, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-31
ARI@SFTop 6Gerardo Parra Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-33
ARI@SFTop 6Daniel Hudson Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-35
ARI@SFTop 6Willie Bloomquist Single, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-34
ARI@SFTop 6Aaron Hill Out Pablo Sandoval, Aubrey Huff, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-35
ARI@SFTop 7Collin Cowgill Out Aubrey Huff, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-36
ARI@SFTop 7Miguel Montero Single, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-36
ARI@SFTop 7Paul Goldschmidt Out Orlando Cabrera, Jeff Keppinger, Aubrey Huff, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-37
ARI@SFTop 8Chris Young Out Andres Torres, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-38
ARI@SFTop 8Ryan Roberts 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-37
ARI@SFTop 8Gerardo Parra Single, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong25-36
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous31-35