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May 2016

Game2016 HittingFieldingFantasy
Wed 5/25LAD
Fri 5/27LAD
Sat 5/28LAD
Sun 5/29LAD
Mon 5/30LAD
Tue 5/31LAD
Total 4-2000-0000000000.000.0000000.00

June 2016

Wed 6/1LAD
Thu 6/2LAD
Fri 6/3LAD
Sat 6/4LAD
Sun 6/5LAD
Mon 6/6LAD
Tue 6/7LAD
Wed 6/8LAD
Fri 6/10LAD
Sat 6/11LAD
Sun 6/12LAD
Mon 6/13LAD
Tue 6/14LAD
Wed 6/15LAD
Thu 6/16LAD
Fri 6/17LAD
Sat 6/18LAD
Sun 6/19LAD
Mon 6/20LAD
Tue 6/21LAD
Wed 6/22LAD
Fri 6/24LAD
Sat 6/25LAD
Sun 6/26LAD
Mon 6/27LAD
Tue 6/28LAD
Wed 6/29LAD
Thu 6/30LAD
Total 16-12000-0000000000.000.0000000.00
Season 245.208101220026.269.3750057.40

July 2016

Fri 7/1LAD
Sat 7/2LAD
Sun 7/3LAD
Mon 7/4LAD
Tue 7/5LAD
Wed 7/6LAD
Thu 7/7LAD
Fri 7/8LAD
Sat 7/9LAD
Sun 7/10LAD
Fri 7/15LAD
Sat 7/16LAD
Sun 7/17LAD
Tue 7/19LAD
Wed 7/20LAD
Thu 7/21LAD
Fri 7/22LAD
Sat 7/23LAD
Sun 7/24LAD
Tue 7/26LAD
Wed 7/27LAD
Fri 7/29LAD
Sat 7/30LAD
Sun 7/31LAD
Total 15-9000-0000000000.000.0000000.00
Season 245.208101220026.269.3750057.40

August 2016

Tue 8/2LAD
Wed 8/3LAD
Thu 8/4LAD
Fri 8/5LAD
Sat 8/6LAD
Sun 8/7LAD
Mon 8/8LAD
Tue 8/9LAD
Wed 8/10LAD
Fri 8/12LAD
Sat 8/13LAD
Sun 8/14LAD
Tue 8/16LAD
Wed 8/17LAD
Thu 8/18LAD
Fri 8/19LAD
Sat 8/20LAD
Sun 8/21LAD
Mon 8/22LAD
Tue 8/23LAD
Wed 8/24LAD
Thu 8/25LAD
Fri 8/26LAD
Sat 8/27LAD
Sun 8/28LAD
Mon 8/29LAD
Wed 8/31LAD
Wed 8/31LAD
Wed 8/31LAD
Total 15-13000-0000000000.000.0000000.00
Season 245.208101220026.269.3750057.40

September 2016

Fri 9/2LAD
Sat 9/3LAD
Sun 9/4LAD
Mon 9/5LAD
Tue 9/6LAD
Wed 9/7LAD
Fri 9/9LAD
Sat 9/10LAD100-1000000000.000.000000-0.20
Sun 9/11LAD300-3000000000.000.000002-0.10
Mon 9/12LAD
Tue 9/13LAD
Wed 9/14LAD400-4000000001.000.000000-1.60
Thu 9/15LAD311-3000000001.333.333001-0.20
Fri 9/16LAD
Sat 9/17LAD000-00000000101.000.0000001.00
Sun 9/18LAD200-2000000001.000.000000-1.10
Mon 9/19LAD
Tue 9/20LAD100-1000000000.000.0000000.00
Wed 9/21LAD100-1000000000.000.000000-0.10
Thu 9/22LAD111-11001000001.0002.0000003.00
Fri 9/23LAD111-10011100001.0004.0000006.00
Sat 9/24LAD100-1000000001.000.000000-1.10
Sun 9/25LAD
Tue 9/27LAD200-2000000011.333.000002-0.10
Wed 9/28LAD100-1000000001.000.000000-1.10
Thu 9/29LAD111-10000100001.0001.0000002.00
Fri 9/30LAD100-1000000000.000.0000000.00
Total 17-10234.174101220026.240.3480056.40
Season 245.208101220026.269.3750057.40

October 2016

Sat 10/1LAD
Sun 10/2LAD111-10000000001.0001.0000001.00
Fri 10/7LAD
Sun 10/9LAD000-0000000000.000.0000000.00
Total 1-3111-10000000001.0001.0000001.00
Season 245.208101220026.269.3750057.40
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