W. RosarioCCOLBenched
M. Cabrera1B/3B..DETStarting IF
J. Morneau1B/DHCOLBenched
I. Kinsler2B/DHDETBenched
T. TulowitzkiSSCOLStarting IF
A. RamirezSSCWSStarting UTIL
J. Donaldson3B/DHOAKStarting IF
E. Longoria3B/DHTBBenched
M. CabreraLFTORStarting OF
M. HollidayLFSTLStarting OF
C. GonzalezLF/RFCOLStarting OF
M. TroutLF/CFLAABenched
C. KluberSPCLEStarting P
K. LohseSPMILStarting P
Y. DarvishSPTEXStarting P
J. VerlanderSPDETStarting P
C. WilsonSPLAABenched
G. GonzalezSPWASInjured DL

T. Frazier1B/3BCINStarting UTIL
J. Altuve2BHOUStarting IF
B. Dozier2BMINStarting IF
D. Gordon2B/SSLADStarting IF
R. BraunLF/RFMILStarting OF
C. CrispCF/DHOAKStarting OF
H. PenceRFSFStarting OF
G. RichardsPLAAStarting P
M. BumgarnerSPSFStarting P
A. SimonPCINStarting P
M. BuehrleSPTORStarting P
M. ScherzerSPDETBenched
J. LackeySPBOSBenched
H. IwakumaSPSEABenched
J. HammelSPOAKBenched
J. BeckettSPLADBenched
J. ArrietaSPCHCBenched

Fearless Fleas

F. Freeman1BATLStarting IF
A. Gonzalez1BLADStarting IF
J. Bautista1B/CF..TORStarting OF
R. Cano2BSEAStarting IF
B. Zobrist2B/SS..TBStarting UTIL
J. UptonLF/RFATLStarting OF
J. WerthRFWASStarting OF
L. LynnSPSTLStarting P
M. LeakeSPCINStarting P
A. WainwrightSPSTLBenched
S. KazmirSPOAKBenched
J. TeheranSPATLBenched
R. PorcelloSPDETBenched
H. RyuSPLADBenched
S. MillerSPSTLBenched
F. RodriguezRPMILStarting P
K. JansenRPLADStarting P

Butte County Big Foots

B. Moss1B/LF..OAKStarting OF
A. Rizzo1BCHCStarting UTIL
E. Encarnacion1B/3B..TORInjured DL
D. Murphy2BNYMStarting IF
H. RamirezSSLADStarting IF
A. Beltre3B/DHTEXStarting IF
Y. CespedesLF/CF..OAKStarting OF
C. GomezCFMILStarting OF
T. HudsonSPSFStarting P
J. ChavezPOAKStarting P
J. SamardzijaSPOAKStarting P
M. LatosSPCINStarting P
D. PriceSPTBBenched
J. CuetoSPCINBenched
J. LesterSPBOSBenched
S. GraySPOAKBenched
D. FisterSPWASBenched
J. HahnPSDBenched


B. PoseyC/1BSFStarting IF
E. Hosmer1BKCStarting IF
J. Votto1BCINStarting IF
M. Trumbo1B/LF..ARIBenched
R. Weeks2BMILStarting UTIL
A. Hill2BARIBenched
C. Headley3BNYYBenched
N. CruzLF/RF..BALStarting OF
C. GrandersonLF/CF..NYMStarting OF
G. StantonRFMIAStarting OF
Z. GreinkeSPLADStarting P
J. ShieldsSPKCStarting P
H. BaileySPCINStarting P
D. HarenSPLADStarting P
C. ArcherSPTBBenched
Y. GallardoSPMILBenched
M. EstradaSPMILBenched
M. PinedaSPNYYInjured DL

A. Pujols1B/DHLAAStarting IF
J. Abreu1B/DHCWSStarting IF
C. Davis1BBALStarting UTIL
P. Fielder1B/DHTEXInjured DL
D. Pedroia2BBOSStarting IF
M. BrantleyLF/CFCLEStarting OF
S. ChooLF/CF..TEXStarting OF
A. McCutchenCFPITBenched
A. RiosRF/DHTEXStarting OF
F. HernandezSPSEAStarting P
C. KershawSPLADStarting P
T. RossPSDStarting P
C. HamelsSPPHIStarting P
J. WeaverSPLAABenched
S. StrasburgSPWASBenched
T. RoarkSPWASBenched
W. PeraltaSPMILBenched
V. WorleySPPITBenched


J. LucroyC/1BMILBenched
V. Martinez1B/DHDETStarting IF
L. Chisenhall1B/3B..CLEStarting IF
P. Goldschmidt1BARIStarting UTIL
C. Utley2BPHIStarting IF
E. AybarSSLAABenched
N. Arenado3BCOLBenched
C. BlackmonOFCOLStarting OF
J. EllsburyCFNYYStarting OF
A. JonesCFBALStarting OF
Y. PuigCF/RFLADBenched
C. SaleSPCWSStarting P
A. SanchezSPDETStarting P
T. LincecumSPSFBenched
E. VolquezSPPITBenched
M. TanakaSPNYYInjured DL
C. KimbrelRPATLStarting P
G. HollandRPKCStarting P