Save 2nd Base

Y. GomesCCLEBenched
M. Adams1BSTLBenched
A. Craig1B/LF..BOSBenched
B. Holt2B/SS..BOSBenched
B. Lawrie2B/3BOAKBenched
D. SantanaSS/CFMINBenched
M. Carpenter3BSTLBenched
J. Gallo3BTEXBenched
Y. PuigCF/RFLADBenched
B. HamiltonCFCINBenched
G. PolancoRFPITBenched
G. RichardsSPLAABenched
C. McHughSPHOUBenched
J. PeavySPSFBenched
Y. DarvishSPTEXBenched
M. WachaSPSTLBenched
D. SalazarSPCLEBenched
O. DespaigneSPSDBenched
D. PomeranzPOAKBenched
J. NelsonSPMILBenched
T. WalkerSPSEABenched
M. HarveySPNYMBenched
Z. BrittonRPBALBenched
A. ChapmanRPCINBenched
T. RosenthalRPSTLBenched

Dr. Stus' Slammers

E. GattisCHOUBenched
M. WietersCBALBenched
A. Pujols1B/DHLAABenched
B. Butler1B/DHOAKBenched
E. Hosmer1BKCBenched
M. Trumbo1B/LFARIBenched
B. Dozier2BMINBenched
S. Gennett2BMILBenched
A. SimmonsSSATLBenched
E. CabreraSSSDBenched
P. Sandoval3BBOSBenched
M. Moustakas3BKCBenched
M. CabreraLFCWSBenched
J. UptonLFSDBenched
S. ChooLF/RF..TEXBenched
B. UptonCFATLBenched
J. HeywardRFSTLBenched
J. TeheranSPATLBenched
I. KennedySPSDBenched
M. LeakeSPCINBenched
H. RyuSPLADBenched
M. StromanSPTORBenched
G. HollandRPKCBenched
K. UeharaRPBOSBenched
A. ReedRPARIBenched
L. HawkinsRPCOLBenched
C. QuallsRPHOUBenched

The Instant Classics

S. PerezCKCBenched
M. Cabrera1B/3B..DETBenched
A. Gonzalez1BLADBenched
B. Zobrist2B/SS..OAKBenched
J. Kipnis2BCLEBenched
M. Machado3BBALBenched
K. Bryant3BCHCBenched
Y. CespedesLF/DHDETBenched
S. MarteLF/CFPITBenched
B. HarperLF/RFWASBenched
A. McCutchenCFPITBenched
G. StantonRFMIABenched
G. SpringerRFHOUBenched
W. MyersRFSDBenched
C. KershawSPLADBenched
M. ScherzerSPWASBenched
Z. GreinkeSPLADBenched
H. IwakumaSPSEABenched
J. ArrietaSPCHCBenched
K. LohseSPMILBenched
C. ArcherSPTBBenched
H. AlvarezSPMIABenched
D. DuffySPKCBenched
G. ColeSPPITBenched
A. SanchezSPDETBenched
A. CashnerSPSDBenched
K. GausmanSPBALBenched
J. FernandezSPMIABenched
D. BetancesRPNYYBenched
C. KimbrelRPATLBenched


J. LucroyC/1BMILStarting C
C. Carter1B/DHHOUStarting 1B
S. Pearce1B/LFBALBenched
B. Belt1BSFBenched
K. Wong2BSTLStarting 2B
J. Baez2B/SSCHCBenched
J. ReyesSSTORStarting SS
I. DesmondSSWASBenched
N. Castellanos3BDETStarting 3B
K. DavisLFMILStarting OF
C. DickersonLFCOLBenched
M. OzunaLF/CFMIABenched
A. JonesCFBALStarting OF
H. PenceRFSFStarting OF
K. CalhounRFLAABenched
Y. VenturaSPKCStarting SP
H. NoesiSPCWSStarting SP
T. RossSPSDStarting P
C. KluberSPCLEBenched
M. BumgarnerSPSFBenched
C. SaleSPCWSBenched
J. ShieldsSPKCBenched
A. WoodPATLBenched
A. CobbSPTBBenched
J. deGromSPNYMBenched
H. SantiagoSPLAABenched
A. HeaneySPLAABenched
N. SyndergaardSPNYMBenched
M. CainSPSFInjured DL
M. MooreSPTBInjured DL
H. RondonRPCHCStarting RP
S. DoolittleRPOAKBenched

Diamond Outlaws

B. PoseyC/1BSFStarting C
A. Lind1B/DHMILStarting 1B
Y. Solarte2B/3BSDStarting 2B
J. Harrison2B/3B..PITStarting SS
A. Rendon2B/3BWASStarting 3B
C. Gillaspie3BCWSBenched
C. GrandersonOFNYMStarting OF
B. GardnerLF/CFNYYBenched
C. CrawfordLFLADBenched
D. SpanCFWASStarting OF
J. WerthRFWASStarting OF
N. MarkakisRFATLBenched
N. AokiRFSFBenched
M. GarzaSPMILStarting SP
J. TurnerPCHCStarting RP
T. MaySPMINStarting P
A. WainwrightSPSTLBenched
S. GraySPOAKBenched
L. LynnSPSTLBenched
T. RoarkSPWASBenched
S. KazmirSPOAKBenched
D. HarenSPMIABenched
R. VogelsongSPSFBenched
K. KendrickSPPHIBenched
D. GeeSPNYMBenched
T. MatzekSPCOLBenched
J. PaxtonSPSEABenched
S. GreeneSPDETBenched
J. McGeeRPTBBenched
S. CishekRPMIABenched

RCs Reds

R. MartinCTORBenched
Y. MolinaCSTLBenched
E. Encarnacion1B/DHTORBenched
R. Howard1BPHIBenched
M. Napoli1BBOSBenched
N. Swisher1B/DHCLEBenched
J. Montero1BSEABenched
R. Cano2BSEABenched
H. Kendrick2BLADBenched
E. AybarSSLAABenched
T. TulowitzkiSSCOLBenched
Z. CozartSSCINBenched
A. Ramirez3BMILBenched
R. Zimmerman3B/LFWASBenched
R. LudwickLFCINBenched
R. IbanezLF/DHKCBenched
A. SorianoLF/RF..NYYBenched
B. RevereCFPHIBenched
D. JenningsCFTBBenched
J. BruceRFCINBenched
J. CuetoSPCINBenched
J. QuintanaSPCWSBenched
A. BurnettSPPITBenched
H. BaileySPCINBenched
M. LatosSPMIABenched
J. MastersonSPBOSBenched
H. StreetRPLAABenched
T. WilhelmsenRPSEABenched
J. AxfordRPPITBenched
R. RomeroRPTORBenched


C. RuizCPHIStarting C
W. RamosCWASBenched
J. Loney1BTBStarting 1B
V. Martinez1B/DHDETBenched
L. Duda1BNYMBenched
J. Votto1BCINInjured DL
C. Utley2BPHIStarting 2B
J. Panik2BSFBenched
M. Prado2B/3BMIAInjured DL
J. PeraltaSSSTLStarting SS
A. RamirezSSCWSBenched
J. RollinsSSLADBenched
J. Uribe3BLADStarting 3B
D. Freese3B/DHLAABenched
D. AckleyLFSEAStarting OF
M. SaundersCF/RFTORBenched
R. BraunRFMILStarting OF
A. RiosRF/DHKCStarting OF
E. SantanaSPMINStarting SP
W. MileySPBOSStarting SP
A. SwarzakPCLEStarting RP
M. GonzalezSPBALStarting P
D. KeuchelSPHOUBenched
C. TillmanSPBALBenched
W. ChenSPBALBenched
F. LirianoSPPITBenched
C. BuchholzSPBOSBenched
C. SabathiaSPNYYInjured DL
F. RodriguezRPMILBenched
K. JansenRPLADBenched
F. RodneyRPSEABenched
J. WrightRPLADBenched

M. MonteroCCHCBenched
B. SwihartCBOSBenched
J. Mauer1B/DHMINBenched
M. Cuddyer1B/RFNYMBenched
D. Pedroia2BBOSBenched
J. Gyorko2BSDBenched
D. Herrera2BNYMBenched
C. SeagerSSLADBenched
F. LindorSSCLEBenched
C. CorreaSSHOUBenched
C. McGehee3BSFBenched
D. Wright3BNYMBenched
C. Headley3BNYYBenched
M. Sano3BMINBenched
M. KempOFSDBenched
J. EllsburyCFNYYBenched
D. FowlerCFCHCBenched
A. PaganCFSFBenched
J. PedersonCFLADBenched
T. HunterRFMINBenched
J. LesterSPCHCBenched
C. HamelsSPPHIBenched
T. HudsonSPSFBenched
C. LeeSPPHIBenched
L. GilolitoSPWASBenched
M. MelanconRPPITBenched
J. PapelbonRPPHIBenched
B. BoxbergerRPTBBenched
J. BenoitRPSDBenched
A. BradleyRPARIBenched


B. McCannC/1B/DHNYYBenched
T. d'ArnaudCNYMBenched
J. Bautista1B/CF..TORBenched
J. Abreu1B/DHCWSBenched
P. Goldschmidt1BARIBenched
C. Davis1B/3BBALBenched
I. Kinsler2BDETBenched
D. Gordon2BMIABenched
A. Cabrera2B/SSTBBenched
X. BogaertsSS/3BBOSBenched
J. Donaldson3BTORBenched
C. YelichLF/CFMIABenched
C. GomezCFMILBenched
A. EatonCFCWSBenched
B. BuxtonCFMINBenched
J. SolerRFCHCBenched
F. HernandezSPSEABenched
D. PriceSPDETBenched
D. FisterSPWASBenched
Z. WheelerSPNYMBenched
M. TanakaSPNYYBenched
S. MillerSPATLBenched
M. PinedaSPNYYBenched
T. WadaSPCHCBenched
T. CingraniSPCINBenched
R. MonteroSPNYMBenched
S. RomoRPSFBenched
J. NathanRPDETBenched
J. SoriaRPDETBenched
N. FelizRPTEXBenched

C. SantanaC/1B/..CLEBenched
W. RosarioCCOLBenched
A. LaRoche1BCWSBenched
B. Moss1B/LF..CLEBenched
P. Fielder1BTEXBenched
J. Altuve2BHOUBenched
D. LeMahieu2BCOLBenched
H. RamirezSSBOSBenched
E. AndrusSSTEXBenched
A. Beltre3B/DHTEXBenched
N. Arenado3BCOLBenched
M. BrantleyLF/CFCLEBenched
N. CruzLF/RF..SEABenched
C. BlackmonOFCOLBenched
C. GonzalezLF/RFCOLBenched
M. TroutCFLAABenched
S. StrasburgSPWASBenched
R. PorcelloSPBOSBenched
B. ColonSPNYMBenched
W. PeraltaSPMILBenched
J. CollmenterSPARIBenched
B. McCarthySPLADBenched
J. De La RosaSPCOLBenched
J. VerlanderSPDETBenched
J. GuthrieSPKCBenched
D. SmylySPTBBenched
C. WilsonSPLAABenched
D. HollandSPTEXBenched
D. RobertsonRPCWSBenched
C. AllenRPCLEBenched

mesa pirates

J. SaltalamacchiaCMIABenched
A. Rizzo1BCHCBenched
T. Frazier1B/3BCINBenched
M. Morse1B/LFMIABenched
B. Phillips2BCINBenched
S. CastroSSCHCBenched
J. MercerSSPITBenched
K. Seager3BSEABenched
E. Longoria3BTBBenched
P. Alvarez3BPITBenched
J. MartinezLF/RFDETBenched
A. De AzaLF/CFBALBenched
J. HamiltonLF/DHLAABenched
L. CainCF/RFKCBenched
A. JacksonCFSEABenched
J. SamardzijaSPCWSBenched
P. HughesSPMINBenched
E. VolquezSPKCBenched
G. GonzalezSPWASBenched
C. YoungSPSEABenched
J. VargasSPKCBenched
J. OdorizziSPTBBenched
J. CosartSPMIABenched
J. DanksSPCWSBenched
T. LincecumSPSFBenched
K. GibsonSPMINBenched
V. WorleySPPITBenched
B. AndersonSPLADBenched
T. WatsonRPPITBenched
B. CecilRPTORBenched

Yankee Bombers

D. MesoracoCCINBenched
F. Freeman1BATLBenched
J. Morneau1BCOLBenched
N. Walker2BPITBenched
D. Murphy2B/3BNYMBenched
A. EscobarSSKCBenched
T. Plouffe3BMINBenched
M. HollidayLFSTLBenched
A. GordonLFKCBenched
S. SmithLF/RFSEABenched
R. DavisLF/CFDETBenched
C. CrispCF/DHOAKBenched
J. ZimmermannSPWASBenched
J. WeaverSPLAABenched
R. DickeySPTORBenched
A. HarangSPPHIBenched
J. HammelSPCHCBenched
C. CarrascoPCLEBenched
Y. GallardoSPTEXBenched
M. ShoemakerSPLAABenched
B. NorrisSPBALBenched
M. FiersSPMILBenched
K. HendricksSPCHCBenched
J. HahnSPOAKBenched
G. PerkinsRPMINBenched