Save 2nd Base

Y. GomesCCLEStarting C
J. PintoC/DHMINBenched
P. Goldschmidt1BARIStarting 1B
A. Craig1B/LF..BOSStarting OF
M. Adams1BSTLStarting UTIL
D. Ackley2B/LF..SEAStarting 2B
C. Owings2B/SSARIStarting SS
M. Carpenter2B/3BSTLStarting 3B
J. Schoop2B/3BBALBenched
M. Semien2B/3BCWSBenched
J. SeguraSSMILBenched
H. UrrutiaLF/DHBALStarting DH
A. EatonLF/CFCWSBenched
Y. PuigCF/RFLADStarting OF
B. HamiltonCFCINStarting OF
A. GarciaCF/RFCWSBenched
Y. DarvishSPTEXStarting SP
M. WachaSPSTLStarting SP
W. PeraltaSPMILStarting P
C. KluberSPCLEBenched
T. RossPSDBenched
D. HutchisonSPTORBenched
D. SalazarSPCLEBenched
H. SantiagoPLAABenched
C. MartinezPSTLBenched
M. HarveySPNYMBenched
A. BradleySPARIBenched
T. WalkerSPSEAInjured DL
A. ChapmanRPCINStarting RP
T. RosenthalRPSTLStarting RP
N. FelizRPTEXBenched

Dr. Stus' Slammers

M. WietersCBALStarting C
E. GattisC/LFATLBenched
E. Hosmer1BKCStarting 1B
B. Butler1B/DHKCStarting DH
M. Moreland1B/DHTEXBenched
S. Gennett2BMILStarting 2B
B. Dozier2BMINBenched
A. EscobarSSKCStarting SS
E. CabreraSSSDBenched
M. Moustakas3BKCStarting 3B
M. Dominguez3BHOUBenched
J. UptonLF/RFATLStarting OF
M. CabreraLFTORBenched
C. CrawfordLFLADBenched
J. HeywardCF/RFATLStarting OF
B. UptonCFATLStarting OF
N. AokiRF/DHKCStarting UTIL
H. RyuSPLADStarting SP
C. WilsonSPLAAStarting SP
J. TeheranSPATLStarting P
R. DickeySPTORBenched
I. KennedySPSDBenched
M. LeakeSPCINBenched
J. MejiaPNYMBenched
J. TurnerPCHCBenched
T. ChatwoodSPCOLBenched
G. HollandRPKCStarting RP
C. JanssenRPTORStarting RP
A. ReedRPARIBenched
J. VerasRPHOUBenched

The Instant Classics

S. PerezCKCStarting C
A. Gonzalez1BLADStarting 1B
M. Cabrera1B/3B..DETStarting 3B
A. Hill2B/3BARIStarting 2B
B. Zobrist2B/SS..TBStarting SS
N. Castellanos3BDETBenched
M. Sano3BMINBenched
K. Bryant3BCHCBenched
B. HarperLF/RFWASStarting OF
Y. CespedesLF/CF..BOSStarting DH
S. MarteLF/CFPITStarting UTIL
A. McCutchenCFPITStarting OF
G. SpringerCF/RFHOUBenched
O. TaverasCF/RFSTLBenched
G. StantonRFMIAStarting OF
C. KershawSPLADStarting SP
M. ScherzerSPDETStarting SP
J. FernandezSPMIAStarting P
Z. GreinkeSPLADBenched
C. ArcherSPTBBenched
J. CosartSPMIABenched
A. SanchezSPDETBenched
G. ColeSPPITBenched
A. CashnerSPSDBenched
K. GausmanPBALBenched
T. CingraniSPCINBenched
P. CorbinSPARIBenched
M. AppelSPHOUBenched
C. KimbrelRPATLStarting RP
J. HooverRPCINStarting RP


J. LucroyC/1BMILStarting C
B. Belt1BSFStarting 1B
A. Pujols1B/DHLAAStarting DH
J. Gyorko2B/3BSDStarting 2B
B. Lawrie2B/3BTORStarting 3B
K. Wong2BSTLBenched
J. Baez2B/SSCHCBenched
A. Guerrero2BLADBenched
J. ReyesSSTORStarting SS
J. PeraltaSSSTLBenched
I. DesmondSSWASBenched
P. Alvarez3BPITStarting UTIL
M. HollidayLFSTLStarting OF
A. JonesCFBALStarting OF
W. VenableCF/RFSDStarting OF
M. BumgarnerSPSFStarting SP
C. SaleSPCWSStarting SP
A. CobbSPTBStarting P
J. ShieldsSPKCBenched
A. WoodPATLBenched
Y. VenturaSPKCBenched
M. MinorSPATLBenched
M. CainSPSFBenched
I. NovaSPNYYBenched
A. HeaneySPMIABenched
M. MooreSPTBBenched
N. SyndergaardSPNYMBenched
K. UeharaRPBOSStarting RP
J. BenoitRPSDStarting RP
N. JonesRPCWSBenched

Diamond Outlaws

B. PoseyC/1BSFStarting C
D. NavarroC/DHTORBenched
M. Cuddyer1B/RFCOLStarting 1B
A. Lind1B/DHTORStarting DH
J. Lowrie2B/SS..OAKStarting 2B
A. Rendon2B/3BWASBenched
D. Murphy2B/3BNYMBenched
J. HardySSBALStarting SS
K. Seager3BSEAStarting 3B
E. YoungOFNYMBenched
D. SpanCFWASBenched
H. PenceRFSFStarting OF
N. MarkakisRFBALStarting OF
K. CalhounRFLAAStarting OF
J. WerthRFWASStarting UTIL
A. WainwrightSPSTLStarting SP
L. LynnSPSTLStarting SP
S. GraySPOAKStarting P
S. KazmirSPOAKBenched
D. FisterSPWASBenched
D. HarenSPLADBenched
M. GarzaSPMILBenched
M. EstradaPMILBenched
D. GeeSPNYMBenched
J. PaxtonSPSEABenched
J. KellyPBOSBenched
M. PerezSPTEXBenched
S. CishekRPMIAStarting RP
D. FarquharRPSEAStarting RP
J. HendersonRPMILBenched

RCs Reds

Y. MolinaCSTLStarting C
R. MartinCPITBenched
J. MonteroCSEABenched
M. Napoli1B/DHBOSStarting 1B
E. Encarnacion1B/3B..TORStarting DH
R. Howard1BPHIBenched
N. Swisher1B/RF..CLEBenched
R. Ibanez1B/LF..KCBenched
R. Cano2B/DHSEAStarting 2B
H. Kendrick2BLAABenched
E. AybarSSLAAStarting SS
T. TulowitzkiSSCOLStarting UTIL
Z. CozartSSCINBenched
R. Zimmerman3B/LFWASStarting 3B
A. Ramirez3BMILBenched
A. SorianoLF/RF..NYYStarting OF
R. LudwickLFCINBenched
D. JenningsCFTBStarting OF
B. RevereCFPHIBenched
J. BruceRFCINStarting OF
H. BaileySPCINStarting SP
M. LatosSPCINStarting SP
J. CuetoSPCINStarting P
J. QuintanaSPCWSBenched
A. BurnettSPPHIBenched
J. MastersonSPSTLBenched
H. StreetRPLAAStarting RP
J. AxfordRPPITStarting RP
T. WilhelmsenRPSEABenched
R. RomeroRPTORBenched


W. RosarioCCOLStarting C
W. RamosCWASBenched
J. Votto1BCINStarting 1B
V. Martinez1B/DHDETStarting UTIL
I. Davis1BPITBenched
C. Utley2BPHIStarting 2B
M. Prado2B/3B..ARIStarting 3B
N. Walker2BPITBenched
A. RamirezSSCWSStarting SS
J. RollinsSSPHIBenched
C. Headley3BNYYBenched
W. Middlebrooks3BBOSBenched
R. BraunLF/RFMILStarting OF
G. ParraOFARIStarting OF
C. QuentinLFSDBenched
J. LagaresCF/RFNYMBenched
A. RiosRF/DHTEXStarting OF
M. ByrdRFPHIBenched
G. PolancoRFPITBenched
D. OrtizDHBOSStarting DH
C. TillmanSPBALStarting SP
W. MileySPARIStarting SP
E. SantanaSPATLBenched
B. ColonSPNYMBenched
F. LirianoSPPITBenched
C. BuchholzSPBOSBenched
C. SabathiaSPNYYBenched
H. IwakumaSPSEAInjured DL
K. JansenRPLADStarting RP
B. ParnellRPNYMStarting RP
F. RodneyRPSEAStarting P

M. MonteroCARIStarting C
J. MauerC/1B/DHMINStarting DH
A. Dunn1B/DHOAKStarting 1B
P. Konerko1B/DHCWSBenched
D. Pedroia2BBOSStarting 2B
D. Uggla2BSFBenched
M. Scutaro2BSFBenched
D. JeterSS/DHNYYStarting SS
D. Wright3BNYMStarting 3B
A. EthierOFLADStarting OF
C. GrandersonLF/CF..NYMBenched
J. JayOFSTLBenched
M. KempOFLADInjured DL
J. EllsburyCFNYYStarting OF
A. PaganCFSFBenched
S. VictorinoCF/RFBOSBenched
T. HunterRF/DHDETStarting OF
C. BeltranRF/DHNYYStarting UTIL
J. ReddickRFOAKBenched
J. LesterSPOAKStarting SP
C. LeeSPPHIStarting SP
C. HamelsSPPHIBenched
J. LackeySPSTLBenched
T. HudsonSPSFBenched
R. NolascoSPMINBenched
M. MelanconRPPITStarting RP
J. JohnsonRPDETStarting RP
J. PapelbonRPPHIStarting P
J. GrilliRPLAABenched
C. PerezRPLADBenched


B. McCannC/1B/DHNYYStarting C
T. d'ArnaudCNYMBenched
C. Davis1B/3BBALStarting 1B
M. Trumbo1B/LF..ARIStarting DH
J. Bautista1B/CF..TORStarting UTIL
J. Abreu1B/DHCWSBenched
I. Kinsler2B/DHDETStarting 2B
A. Cabrera2B/SSWASStarting SS
B. Miller2B/SSSEABenched
X. BogaertsSS/3BBOSBenched
J. Donaldson3B/DHOAKStarting 3B
C. YelichLF/CFMIAStarting OF
D. BrownLFPHIStarting OF
C. GomezCFMILStarting OF
B. BuxtonCFMINBenched
F. HernandezSPSEAStarting SP
J. NieseSPNYMStarting SP
D. PriceSPDETStarting P
K. LohseSPMILBenched
Z. WheelerSPNYMBenched
M. TanakaSPNYYBenched
J. De La RosaSPCOLBenched
S. MillerSPSTLBenched
T. WoodSPCHCBenched
U. JimenezSPBALBenched
M. PinedaSPNYYBenched
F. DoubrontSPCHCBenched
R. MonteroSPNYMBenched
S. RomoRPSFStarting RP
J. NathanRPDETStarting RP

C. SantanaC/1B/..CLEStarting C
W. CastilloCCHCBenched
R. DoumitC/LF/..ATLBenched
B. Moss1B/LF..OAKStarting 1B
P. Fielder1B/DHTEXStarting DH
J. Altuve2BHOUStarting 2B
J. Profar2B/SSTEXBenched
E. AndrusSSTEXStarting SS
H. RamirezSSLADStarting UTIL
A. Beltre3B/DHTEXStarting 3B
N. Arenado3BCOLBenched
M. TroutLF/CF..LAAStarting OF
N. CruzLF/RF..BALStarting OF
C. GonzalezLF/RFCOLStarting OF
M. BrantleyLF/CF..CLEBenched
S. StrasburgSPWASStarting SP
R. PorcelloSPDETStarting SP
D. SmylyPTBBenched
J. VerlanderSPDETBenched
J. PeavySPSFBenched
B. NorrisSPBALBenched
S. FeldmanSPHOUBenched
M. GonzalezSPBALBenched
D. StrailySPCHCBenched
M. HarrisonSPTEXBenched
A. GriffinSPOAKBenched
D. HollandSPTEXInjured DL
G. BalfourRPTBStarting RP
E. FrieriRPPITStarting RP
D. RobertsonRPNYYStarting P
J. WilsonRPPITBenched

mesa pirates

J. SaltalamacchiaCMIAStarting C
A. Rizzo1BCHCStarting 1B
T. Frazier1B/3BCINStarting 3B
M. Morse1B/LF..SFBenched
B. Phillips2BCINStarting 2B
J. Rutledge2B/SSCOLBenched
D. Espinosa2B/SSWASBenched
S. CastroSSCHCStarting SS
E. Longoria3B/DHTBStarting DH
P. Sandoval3BSFStarting UTIL
A. De AzaLF/CFBALStarting OF
J. HamiltonLF/CF..LAABenched
A. JacksonCFSEAStarting OF
M. BournCFCLEStarting OF
C. CrispCF/DHOAKBenched
L. CainCF/RFKCBenched
D. FowlerCFHOUBenched
A. HicksCFMINBenched
B. McCarthySPNYYStarting SP
E. StultsSPSDStarting SP
T. LincecumSPSFStarting P
P. HughesSPMINBenched
J. SamardzijaSPOAKBenched
J. VargasSPKCBenched
G. GonzalezSPWASBenched
A. OgandoPTEXBenched
J. GarciaSPSTLInjured DL
J. JohnsonSPSDInjured DL
B. CecilRPTORStarting RP
E. MujicaRPBOSBenched

Yankee Bombers

A. PierzynskiC/DHSTLStarting C
D. MesoracoCCINBenched
F. Freeman1BATLStarting 1B
J. Morneau1B/DHCOLStarting DH
M. Teixeira1BNYYBenched
J. Kipnis2BCLEStarting 2B
O. Infante2BKCBenched
A. SimmonsSSATLStarting SS
M. Machado3BBALStarting 3B
D. Freese3B/DHLAAStarting UTIL
A. GordonLFKCStarting OF
S. ChooLF/CF..TEXStarting OF
B. GardnerLF/CFNYYBenched
J. WillinghamLF/DHKCInjured DL
W. MyersCF/RF..TBStarting OF
J. ZimmermannSPWASStarting SP
J. LockeSPPITStarting SP
J. WeaverSPLAABenched
H. KurodaSPNYYBenched
W. ChenSPBALBenched
Y. GallardoSPMILBenched
T. MiloneSPMINBenched
B. ArroyoSPARIBenched
T. CahillPARIBenched
J. ChacinSPCOLBenched
B. MorrowSPTORBenched
R. VogelsongSPSFInjured DL
R. SorianoRPWASStarting RP
J. PutzRPARIStarting RP
G. PerkinsRPMINStarting P